Versus… Real World Device Choice.

Posted Dec 17, 2012 at 11:27 am in Threads > Opinions

It came to my attention that while we’re online and reading blogs, that a lot of OS and brands take shots at each other. More so between Android and iOS users. What has struck me as amazing is the fact that when I’m around friends and family, nobody could care less about what device anyone is using. Hell, I still have yet to receive a strange look for pulling out an android device. So my question here would be, have you had any adverse experiences while in the real world?

  • TheVoodoo


    - as guests, I’ve had hosts ask “oh come on, you guys still don’t have iPhones?”
    - I’ve had new acquaintances act as if I’m too poor to own an iPhone by remarks to the effect of Android making smartphones more affordable, when an iPhone is not practical for the budget.
    - and many more instances.

    The general treatment I get is ” pitty” and not “anger.”

    Of course, our closer friends don’t care.

  • sandy105

    yes ofcourse the ios folks have balked at me for htc one x and nexus 7 .
    infact they tell me iphone 4s and ipad mini is a lot better !!!

    i just smile when they giggle about whether its a iphone 4 or 4s :P
    as if its any better …

    • gmaninvan

      Really? Balked? I have had people ask me or ask my opinion or compliment my device but I have never had someone insult my choice to my face.

      That is just rude lol.

  • w5t1h7

    Always! usually with new ppl, usually thinking im too poor to affort an iphone, i just tell them if what they are using is an iphone1 or 4, they get awfully pissed off lol, old friends dont care(and i’ve made some end up comming to android)

  • Shay D. Life

    A lot of good points here. I guess I don’t receive the dirty looks from my friends since we all grew up where you’d be happy to have a prepaid when we were young. I my self had nothing against iOS until I started using Android. I jumped from Blackberry straight to the Moto Droid.

  • dpleus

    Among my friends, we are mostly Android users, so I don’t get any flack about it. But in my office, as soon as I suggest an Android device to a co-worker, all the Apple Fanboys start jumping on my case. I just retort with, “be an isheep if you want, I’ll take my open source, and freedom of choice.”

  • SGB101

    no iso users give me stick, not for a good few years, what i get now is the ‘wow look at he size of that’ talking about the note2.

    the note 2, is a funny beast, every one has a dig over size, then they say “giz a look of that daft thing” with in ten mins they are sold.

    ive never seen a conversion device like it. people rather Hate of Love it, the one that Love it, would love to convert. my local pub now has 5 new android note2 users, 2 ex iphone, and two new to smartphones, and an old windows mobile user.

    the note is a force to behold!!!!

  • Shay D. Life

    I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the Note 2. With that much “screenestate” one would be hard pressed to not like it.

  • Kaote

    I normally just tell people to use what works for them.

  • gavinb

    Most iPhone owners comment on the size of my phone (One X) and tell me it’s too big and they never want a phone that size as their phone is the perfect size. It will be interesting to see if they still think that when they have upgraded to the iPhone 5. I agree that iPhone build quality is better than a lot of Android phones (a case of the cheaper phones dragging down the average) but the top end Android phones are at least on a par.

    • Shay D. Life

      Fully agree. That’s been the biggest reason of people not liking android. The lower end devices are easier to purchase and make iPhone owners think they are all the same.

  • klcow92

    I have a lumia 920 and I am happy bout it, I do keep my galaxy tab 7 nearby for some android fun!!! that’s why I find these wars pointless, all ecosystems have their advantages and some do well in certain areas better than others. It all comes down to the user to choose.

    • Shay D. Life

      This is something that I’ve thought for some time now. I have worked in mobile sales, and I’ve always sold the customer whatever I thought worked for them and would be most comfortable. Thanks for your comment.