Voice Actions – Trying to get a complete list

Posted Dec 12, 2012 at 3:07 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I am trying to get a handle on everything we can with voice actions. I have seen and used most of the obvious ones like:

Getting Directions
Searching the web
make Calls
Write a not
Make an appointment
set an Alarm
play Music (artist, song, or album. no playlist though which would be a nice addition later.)

I am wondering about some of the lesser known ones like “do a barrel roll”, or any of the other ones that seem to be popping up with every new update.

Is there something that works better than Google’s

  • jonstle

    Does no one else like voice actions as much as I do?

  • jonstle
    • heynomi4u

      Thanks for the link.

      • jonstle

        I have tried out most of the things in the article and they all work. That is what happens when I get too much free time.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Thanks for the thread and link!! :)

  • Chris Lewis

    there is a youtube video that has a good list. Cant remember it tho

  • jonstle

    I have seen a few videos out there but few things really seemed to cover much more than the basics.

    • Chris Lewis

      Ill never remember all the commands, its just too much!

      • jonstle

        Me neither, seeing the complete list there are a ton. I generally like them for when I am in the car so I can start some music, make a call, add an appointment, or get some basic information (weather report, distance to destination, etc…)without having to mess with my phone.

        Have it set up so activating Bluetooth in the car activates voice search/actions so I can do it all from the steering wheel.

        My only wish is that it would read more of the information back to you that it currently does.

  • mr 1338

    new ones i remember:
    “whats this song”
    “post to google plus”

    • jonstle

      “Whats this song” is nice and handy.

  • jonstle

    Saw this article today and there are some new features that I did not know about.


    Hope it provides some useful information for some of you… It did for me.