We need colours!

Posted Oct 10, 2012 at 7:40 pm in Threads > Opinions

Android needs colours. I’m looking at the HTC 8X and Lumia 920 and I am so jealous.

This is a simple design differentiator that would immediately catch consumer attention but most makers have yet to realise this. Samsung just slaps colours onto their handset… no thought, no aesthetics, just paint pink and white onto their galaxies and call it a day. Moto is usually just black and white too. The new LG Nexus? Yeap, standard issue black and white too.

Seems like everyone is intent on just aping Apple :/

In my book, only Sony has been doing it well. HTC is much improved too, the 1X series was black/white but at least it was well-designed. Other than that, there’s nothing much else. Maybe its a US thing? You guys can’t help but follow the standard iPhone black and white?

I know some boring business folk have a jihad/crusade/inquisition against colours. That’s fine… just release colours alongside the usual ones! Look at the Lumia series, colours everywhere but a black one to go with the stiff suits.

I don’t know. I love Android but this year, I’ll probably get the Lumia.

Unless Google surprises me with a yellow Nexus or something.

  • walker

    It’s because it’s always been a safe choice to choose monotone colors. Colorful options are most likely going to direct towards a younger audience or female consumers. Black and white are the extremes on each side of the scale. Gender specific colors are not a smart option. Thus Samsung will choose subtle, unisex colors. Just like PSP released black and whites first before the red and blue.

    But if you’d considerate it, Samsung S3 is now or will be released with Blue, White, Grey, Black, Red, Brown and Pink. The truth is, not everyone likes fluro colors.

    If you hold the color of a phone as a priority in contrast to its functions, then maybe and alternative choice should be made.

    • ionorov

      The problem with Samsung is that they look just that little bit tacky. IMO, they still haven’t learned how to effectively incorporate colours in their designs. They just slap it on and hope for the best.

      Maybe times are changing… taking the train, I regularly see office folk with colourful cases on their iphones, though I grant you that these are usually the younger crowd.

      I didn’t mean to say that function is not important, just that its about time we moved away from the boring grey/black/white we see everywhere.

      • walker

        True, I agree that Samsung has been just picking any old color and slapping it on. For example, the Garnet Red. Don’t even get me started on. They have a natural soothing UI, that’s supposed to have this watery, liquid feel. It’s very serene and gentle. However, all the sudden… it’s invaded by an intrusive, explosion color that’s strong and eye catching.

        Asus had a little expo demonstrating the experimentation that their designers went through for their choices of color for the Zenbook, Transformer Prime, Nexus 7 and PadFone. Their taste for color blended quite well. I loved it to the point where I was drooling at all the colors besides the monotone. It’s sad that they only chose the Champagne Gold and the Amethyst Purple for the Transformer Prime.

        Here’s the link.

        Ah… If only the Nexus 7 had the nice metal material (like the Zenbook and TP) and released a range of changeable covers. Hell they could have done well in the accessory department.

        • ionorov

          Oh wow… some of those colours would be fantastic with the spun-metal finish.

          You’re right… shame about the nexus 7 not having options… though its probably to keep costs down.

          • walker

            As much as Asus’ designers tried, I think it was Google who ultimately chose the colors and material. As you might as seen, Asus did try and range of different materials, like the black metallic one roughly similar to the Zenbooks. But I guess they were trying to emphasize “Google” instead of the signature Asus style.

            But then again, I think if they used better materials, they could have pushed the prices a bit without affecting the consumer’s interests since spun metal look would have given off a more sleek, “premium” touch.

            Would have loved a light blue spun metal Nexus 7. Where art thou?!

            Hope Google learns something, because the great designs can give off a strong impression than a logo sometimes. Such as the classic ipod and their circular scrolly thing.

  • redraider133

    I agree. I like the variety of choices and also like the designs of the lumia 920 and 8x. I think samsung is getting close to it with the variety of colors they have but the other manufacturers seem to stick to either, black, silver, or white.

    • ionorov

      They need to do better than just slapping the colours on though. Its not about painting the plastic, putting on gloss and calling it a day.

      Look at the HTC 1X and Xperia T. Now those are colours done well, properly integrated into the design… instead of just painting everything white and matching it with chintzy silver.

  • Mix

    For the most part companies play it safe with neutral colors as they are usually easier to sell. I can’t think of a TV/Computer screen that has come in anything besides black or white?
    Red TV bezel anyone?

    I find people customize how their phone looks by using different color cases but seeing a bright yellow or blue phone can be pretty sweet sometimes, just not for everyone.

    • ionorov

      That’s true but a phone isn’t the same as a monitor is it. They do different things and as a result, we have different emotional links to them.

      Sort of like how I might paint my house white, but insist on a blue mini-cooper with yellow racing stripes *shrugs*.

      • Mix


        Some people like to express themselves in different ways (I have a pair of neon green and grey shoes) but I think phone companies try to take the easy route with color options as selling1 million yellow phones, I would think, is not as easy as selling 1 million black phones.