Week 3 suggestions for #thenextinstall

Posted Apr 12, 2012 at 3:21 pm in Threads > Apps & Games

Ok the last couple weeks kind of sucked for awesome new apps, but I still think we can find some cool apps to suggest if we keep looking. Here are the results for the first week and the 10 new suggestions for week 2: URL

Do the following if you want to participate in this experiment and play along:

  • Find an app with less than 100k installs
  • Come up with a one or two sentence pitch that encourages users to install it
  • Submit your suggested app in the comments below or this thread

Also still working on the scoring system to determine which app wins. Right now I’m just looking at installs, clicks on this site, coverage on other sites, and review scores.

Still looking for suggestions on how to improve the format. Maybe weekly prizes to the users who suggested an app would help encourage participation.

  • Terrance Wickman

    Little Stars for Little Wars 2
    The game is beautifully simple while requiring strategic mastery.

  • rashad360

    Silent Time Lite
    Flexible and intuitive way to schedule your phone to be silent. Exceptions can be made for selected contacts. Set it and forget it.

  • LKuech

    Storage Analyser (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.levelokment.storageanalyser)

    Beautiful and clear User interface (ICS themed). It looks awesome on both, my phone and my tablet.
    It does also show the content of the .android_secure folder.
    It can read system partitions (optional).

    Perfect, if you need to free some space on your sdcard or another partition.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks for the suggestion. I normally use DiskUsage, but I will check this out.

      • LKuech

        The same for me. I also was using DiskUsage before, but I love the details of StorageAnalyser and the ICS look.
        The fact the I can directly see the content of .android_secure is great… That I see the icons of installed apps in \sdcard\Android\data is a great way to see folders related to apps that no longer installed.

        sorry for the double post… I have to get used to your new system ;)

    • christian

      not installing on my phone, keep getting “cannot install on sd-card”

      • LKuech

        @Taylor Wimberly
        The same for me. I also was using DiskUsage before, but I love the details of StorageAnalyser and the ICS look.
        The fact the I can directly see the content of .android_secure is great… That I see the icons of installed apps in \sdcard\Android\data is a great way to see folders related to apps that no longer installed.

        @christian: It seems the app prefers to be installed on the sdcard. I guess you have problems to move other apps to the sdcard as well, right?!
        Did you try to unmount the sdcard (in the settings of your phone) before you install the app? This will force the app to be installed locally. I had the same problem in the past with a defective custom rom. The only way to install bigger games from the play store was the trick to unmount the sdcard. I guess it is not app related…

  • cactuscaper

    Destitute gunner sp…. THE BEST MECH
    GAME EVER….graphics rule..great game play

    • cactuscaper

      *destroy gunner sp

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        There are like 5 different games called Destroy Gunner. Can you post the link to the one you are talking about?

        • cactus caper

          “Destroy gunner sp free” try it first, I was able to get the pro edition free on applanet.com but who knows if its still there

  • bolanrox

    to piggy back on this weeks top pick: Joaquim Vergès’ other app minimal twidget looks pretty cool as well.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I agree. Will list it next week.

  • cactus caper

    “Immortal dusk” for the person who beat the game destinia comes this game that in its infantile v 1.0 ..same concept, well call it destinia 2. great game but guy moves too quickly..not too bad..it will be fixed soon I’m sure..

  • Stigy

    Fetch Notes – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fetchnotes.notes

    Twitter style note taking with hashtags as categories. Best part is the simplicity and availability on all platforms – Android, Windows, OSX, Ubuntu and even a web interface!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks! Already had this on my short list for next week, but will say you suggested it.

      • Stigy

        Thanks Taylor – love the work you guys do! Keep it up!

  • vijaygopal1234
    • bolanrox

      downloaded it today. definitely will give plume a run for its money. for a no frills client Boid is top notch.

  • Raptor

    Battery snap. A must on every phone

  • JB

    App: Big Text SMS Reader
    URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=bigtextsmsreader.android
    PITCH: Displays your texts in a big font so you can read them without reading glasses. Designed for 50+.

  • kazahani

    Live Bookmarks: Simple folder for your desktop that synchs your bookmarks and organizes them all for you. One click to all your bookmarks from the home screen!


  • http://www.lifequill.com Canterrain

    Do you like to cook? Then you should install pepperplate. It’s a beautiful app that keeps track of all your recipes. Including ingredient list, directions, and pictures. It works great on tablets, and syncs up with the website (pepperplate.com) and idevices. Did I mention it includes planning and shopping tools? Try it, it’s great.

  • Joe D

    Note Monger
    Refreshingly straight forward note taking, does what it says. Real time saver, easy handling, no nerve wrecking start-up hype.
    ICS and small devices + new features keep coming in.


    • Christian

      Nice tip looks a bit oldish but seems vry useful, thnx Joe

  • Raptor

    Remember famous Norton Commander on almost all DOS PCs in 80th? In 90th and after this was the Windows Commander and in our times the Total Commander both by Christian Ghisler which reproduced NC and improved it tremendously. I have 4 copies of different background simultaneously working on my multimonitor PC and this is the second program after a firewall me and my friends always install. I literally can not live without it, my productivity goes to zero. lol
    Well, for Android there are several analogs of that handy utility, but one of the nicest is probably the Ghost Commander which specifically great in landscape mode.

  • Eric Wrye

    EVA (also Evan & AVX) – The free version may have too many installs, but the paid version is still low…
    The absolute most comprehensive voice assistant (siri-like) app for Android. This app does the job of about 10 other android apps and can be completely controlled by voice. It is not a “talk to my phone like it’s my friend app” but rather is a “let me fully control my phone and do things I never thought possible by voice” app!

  • captfoss


    Simple home screen widget that allows you to build a photo collage by moving, sizing, and rotating images loaded from your gallery.