What Android Keyboard do you use?

Posted Dec 17, 2012 at 11:46 am in Threads > Apps

I use Swype on my original Galaxy S, but I am getting tired of it lagging behind on JellyBean. It takes a solid 5 seconds for the keyboard to even load (let alone respond), and although I LOVE the Swype vs stock “tap” keyboard, I’m hunting around for alternatives.

A&M is a great community, so I expect a ton of variations on this answer, but I’ll ask anyways:

- Which keyboard do you use?
- What version of Android do you use it on?
- What phone do you rock?
- Pros/Cons of that keyboard?

  • TheVoodoo


    - its predictive next words are fantastic
    - its error correction works very well
    - it supports the above features in several languages

    I have used it on several devices and ROMs. It’s the second app I install after Google Voice.

    • taketheleap

      I never miss a chance to reference xkcd:


    • pikahatonjon

      i too, use swiftkey. however, sometimes the skin annoys me ( its so cluttered compared to stock) so i bounce between
      and keymonk ( kinda like swype)


      keymonk has my vote for the most functional/aesthetically pleasing keyboard. the devs just need to make it a bit more tweakable and fix up its swype algorithm otherwise, its the predictive texting is top notch xD

    • MC_Android

      Does anyone else get annoyed that you can’t seem to edit the smileys in Swiftkey? I made the switch from SmartKeyboard and the fact all their emoticons have noses just annoys that crap out of me. After I swipe to quickly add one, I have to manually remove that annoying nose. lol someone please tell me I’m not the only crazy person! :)

  • sandy105

    swype for phones and default keyboard for nexus 7..

  • TheVoodoo

    SwiftKey for Tablets provides a very highly usable feature that splits the keyboard in landscape mode and puts each half by one of your thumbs i.e. bottom-left and -right.

  • Brandon Thomas

    i’m using swiftkey for tablets and swiftkey flow.

    I’ve tried a few, and even the thumbs keyboard, but i have smaller hands so it doesn’t work out very well.

  • Jeff Pan

    Swifkey Flow and
    SwiftKey tablet version.

  • fenlon

    Swiftkey on a Razr Stock ICS 4.0.4
    I have tried other keyboards, but Swiftkey keeps bringing me back. The only complaint I have is there is no “.edu” button option, which is a pain since I work at a school. Minor problem though.

  • thymeless

    It varies what I use depending on how much i have to “type”.

    For short things, whatever keyboard is currently set, usually the default Android.

    I like Swype for larger chunks of typing, but it doesn’t work everywhere.

    I like the Speech to text that comes with Dragon, or Android, but it works even fewer places than the Swype. But I think this has good potential for portable devices.

  • taketheleap

    Wow. I expected SOME variation, not a slew of “use SwiftKey” posts.

    I may have to look into SwiftKey after all.

  • JonJJon

    - Which keyboard do you use? Jelly Bean Keyboard by VLLWP https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jlsoft.inputmethod.latin.jelly.free&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5qbHNvZnQuaW5wdXRtZXRob2QubGF0aW4uamVsbHkuZnJlZSJd

    - What version of Android do you use it on? Android 4.1.1 Touchwizzerfied (With Nova Launcher atm)

    - What phone do you rock? Samsung Galaxy S3 international version

    - Pros/Cons of that keyboard? It is the lovely stock look of Android 4.1/4.2 keyboard, it is very responsive and very rarely ever lags down. The predictions could be better but they are adequate enough for my typing style and accuracy. It does have pro options but I like that you can very comfortably use the free one with no adverts of messages bugging you wit all the functionality you might want from a keyboard for typing without all the flair and tack-on other keyboards might have.

    • JonJJon

      Clearly using a real physical keyboard is a problem for me that paragraph is terrible, a revised version is below:

      - Pros/Cons of that keyboard? It has the lovely stock look of the Android 4.1/4.2 keyboard, it is very responsive and very rarely lags down when you type quickly on it. The predictions could be a bit better but they are adequate enough for my typing style and accuracy. It does have a paid/pro version but I like that you can very comfortably use the free version with no adverts or pop up messages bugging you. It has all the functionality you might want from a keyboard for basic typing without all the flair of skins and tacked-on features that other keyboards might have.

  • pol biswas

    Try out Multilingual keyboard
    1.word predictions work fantastic.
    2.it support multilanguages.
    I am using it on my sumsang galaxy a 2 .version 4.0.4.

  • A.Woodbury

    Stock 4.1.2 keyboard
    1. Has swipe
    2. Nice stock feel
    3. Pretty good predictions

  • Nostril

    Stock Android 4.2 keyboard. It is just so responsive for tap typing, and swiping works well too for easy one handed use, and of course it matches the Holo theme perfectly.

    Another interesting keyboard that I used on my old Evo 3D is Keymonk Keyboard. It is a multi-touch swiping keyboard, and actually works pretty well! I would give this one a look!

  • LadyDi

    Swiftkey on both the phone and tab. I tried Flow, I thought it was so pretty watching the neon line. Then my thumb went numb using it, so I went back to Swiftkey 3. This app corrects my hashtags on Twitter at least. I love it.

  • KingCrow02

    I just use the standard Android keyboard

  • kinkate18nic

    Swype …on Android 4.0.4..and am loving it…………….:D

  • jamal adam

    I use SwiftKey along with SwiftKey Flow Beta

  • MisterLee

    SwiftKey is what i use… and i love it. I’ve just about convinced every Android user around me to switch to it.

  • BrotherBloat

    I’m a big fan of SwiftKey :)

  • dino13

    I would love to use SwiftKey or something similar that uses Swyping, but since I type in 3 different languages I just use the standard LG Keyboard. Well if you don’t have a credit card then it get’s even harder to find good apps.

  • marcus1518

    I love the Swifkey Flow

  • Vitti

    SwiftKey is the best keyboard app out there, period. I am currently trying out SwiftKey Flow Beta. I think it blows Swype out of the water, as I could never use Swype before. Either version of SwitftKey is great. It basically learns from how you type and the predictive text is amazing. It also inserts spaces for you, so you can essentially just type and not stop. There are two mode for different styles of users.

    Don’t really have anything bad to say about it. I use SwiftKey exclusively.

    I have a GSII running Jelly Bean (not rooted).

  • smwinn7

    Swiftkey 3 all the way, i tried out flow for a couple days and I can’t wait for it to get rolled into the main Swiftkey keyboard

  • nicotinemind

    I’m happy with ICS stock board,I’m a poker,need no extras.Did try out Swiftkey 3 and found no need for it,even got me a little paranoidvtelling me that it will remember my texting.

  • Paleogirl2003

    I was using swype for three years, now I’m using Swift Key Flow

    I do miss swype for the editing keyboard and some of the punctuation shortcuts but the one thing I do like about swift key is that it uses the built in speech to text engine instead of dragon

    Android 4.1.1 vzw Galaxy Nexus

  • Zach Stewart

    Even thought I am on 4.1, I have flashed 4.2. Having the chance to slide to put out words is awesome.

  • taketheleap

    Ok, so first, thanks everyone for replying: I dropped a +1 for everyone on this thread.

    Second: I just installed SwiftKey Flow, based on a ton of recommendations, and I’ve had it for all of 5 minutes and I already like it better than Swype.

    More responsive, faster, loads quicker.

    Good call, A&M community.

    You all get a gold star.

  • klcow92

    Android 4.2 stock keyboard is awesome. with swipe features :)

  • Trean

    I use the native JB keyboard for everything except terminal/connect bot tasks. For those I use hacker keyboard because of tab completion and arrow keys.

  • http://about.me/LuisOTorres taz88ny

    Swiftkey, it has brilliant predictive text.

  • chestont

    +1 for Swiftkey. I’ve been using the Swiftkey Flow Beta for a little while too and I have been seriously impressed with that as well. The ability to trace from word to word is impressive and generally accurate.

  • cduran1983

    Well here is my own list.
    - Which keyboard do you use?
    Swype, Swiftkey, Hackers Keyboard.
    - What version of Android do you use it on?
    - What phone do you rock?
    None (Nokia 2330 Classic),
    - What tablet I rock?
    the little TF101
    - Pros/Cons of that keyboard?
    I love the layout of Swiftkey on tablet :P
    Oh and I love how Swype worked on a stolen HTC Aria

  • phor11

    When I first got my DroidX, I was a swype junkie.
    But before there was an easy root method for the phone, swype released an update to their beta product with all kinds of new features. However, you couldn’t install the beta on any phone that had swype pre-installed without root. So I was stuck with the old version and a new case of keyboard envy. :D

    Luckily around that same time, Google had an android market sale and was practically giving away both Swiftkey and Slide-it for $0.10 apiece. So I picked up both and swapped between them for several months before settling on Swiftkey.

    However, once I replaced my DroidX with a Nexus4 I haven’t really had reason to install any additional keyboards. The Jellybean keyboard is really good.

    Has anyone tried out both the Jellybean keyboard and the Swiftkey Flow beta? Any reason to make the swap?

  • taketheleap

    Jesus, I feel like I’ve been missing out, not having SwiftKey installed.

  • cms5423

    I just use the stock Android Keyboard. Ever since ICS, I’ve been very happy with it

  • pol biswas

    There is new keyboard name Kii keyboard tryout this is better than swype and swiftkey.

  • tkarel

    On the Motorola Photon Q I use the built in slider keyboard. I had an HTC Evolution 4G before this phone and enjoyed Swype on it. Thought I’d use it on this phone, too. But the size and build of the backlit physical keyboard on this phone combined with the excellent predictive text make other text input methods non-starters.
    Also, I’m _not_ a Chinese gynecologist. I have thumbs of normal size and dexterity, one of is still bent funny from when I was a lineman on the high school football team.
    Having trouble finding the right Android device for a friend who wants more than a cellphone but hates to lose the physical keyboard? Consider the Photon Q.

  • Alec Waddelow

    Between stock 4.2 keyboard, and swiftkey 3

  • sonicdeathmunky

    On Jelly Bean I use the stock keyboard with it’s “swipe” ability. I find the prediction works great, and that the stock keyboard works the best for changing based on the type of input (email address, password etc).

  • lou2cool88

    I use the new stock Android keyboard on Jelly Bean 4.2 but before, I’d use Swype and Swiftkey interchangeably.

  • Daniel Hakimi

    Stock JB right now. I’ve done Swype, Swiftkey, Swiftkey flow for stints. Tried a couple of others briefly,

  • PegS

    Swiftkey for my phone. For my tablets I’m using Ultra Keyboard still (which as swipe technology built in, but not the same work prediction as Swiftkey), until the Swiftkey tablet version puts arrow keys back on the main keyboard.

    • Mteezey

      Stock jb keyboard on nexus 7 and smart keyboard pro on phone. Purchased swiftkey but the lack of skins and themeing options is a no for me.

  • Ryan Gails

    I’m currently using Swiftkey Flow Beta on an AT&T SGSII running stock 4.1.2. The word prediction is great but I rarely use it. Just about the only reason I am using it is because for some reason my Swype beta keeps forgetting my dictionary even with the connect feature activated.

  • christiaangombert


    I have an HTC Desire Z. I used to run android 2.3, now i’m on 4.2 (custom rom by Flinny). I have tryed all sorts of on screen keyboards (stock 2.3 keyboard, htc sense 2.3 keyboard, jellybean stock keyboard, Swype and Swiftkey). After a while I decided that nothing beats the hard keyboard.

    The only downside of this slider keyboard is that the phone needs to be in landscape, some apps don’t have a landscape mode.

  • KingCrow02

    Stock android JB

  • adeel

    is there any keyboard that can be used as a anagram solver too. I mean as I type tha anagram and it gives me suggestion for it