What Apps would you like to have from WebOs, IOs, or Windows Phone

Posted Dec 12, 2012 at 2:47 pm in Threads > Opinions

Being an android fan I am happy with the exclusive apps we have, but I also at times want certain apps we do not have.

What apps do you wish envy?

  • Xallies

    I personally want as silly as it may be “I am T-pain”
    No Auto-tune app on android makes the cut.

  • christiaangombert

    How about all integrated airplay in any video or audio app?

    • orangestrat


  • alexanderharri3

    Sometimes, the iTunes remote seems like a good dream for the music shuffle across the house/room. (While not using Pandora). It’ll never happen, but it would be nice.

  • nicotinemind

    Nokia Drive would be nice,you can download maps onto your sd card and not need a data connection while useing it.Nokia is making only Windows Phones at the moment,but sure would like to see it make some androids as well…

    • Xallies

      We can download our maps though in google maps.

      • nicotinemind

        Huh…You don’t sayDid a lazy google on it and thought not possible,so I dropped it.Gotta look into it again…

    • fenlon

      Here is the how to: h

      This has definitely come in handy in some rural areas I have to deal with.

  • dino13

    Well rather than an app i would love to have the action area of webOS. That’s kind what I miss the most. Or swiping through all open apps, that was also kind of neat. Other than that I don’t see me missing an app from webOS. None the less the worklfow in webOS was for me the most logical one.

    • Xallies

      i couldn’t agree with u more. I love the fact that you can upswipe str8 within the app and see the different windows open. The gesture in WebOs are what made it such a great OS

  • VerticalCobra

    A good email app from Google like the one on iOS. Right now, the email app is made by the phone manufacturer which makes is very inconsistent from phone to phone.

  • orangestrat

    The next paper/instagram hit. The devs who are doing the most innovative stuff are still doing it on iOS first and I really want that to change

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    I’d like a good stand-alone Outlook app from Microsoft. Don’t force me to integrate my phone contacts with my Outlook contacts but support my Outlook contacts and my phone contacts both (for prediction purposes). Don’t force me to merge my Google Calendar with my Outlook Calendar. Support ActiveSync and everything. And just work nicely. :-)

    Otherwise, I’m forced to use IMAP (which loses contacts and calendar) or some expensive app (like Touchdown).

    My current solution isn’t ideal but I run Google Calendar Outlook sync on a PC to merge my GCal and Outlook Calendars together and I use Kaiten (similar to K-9 but a premium fork of it by the guy who created K-9) for the email and I just lose contacts altogether.