What are your expectations for Android in 2013?

Posted Dec 27, 2012 at 6:02 pm in Threads > Opinions

I think it’s safe to say that our favorite green robot has grown up a lot. This year especially. We have seen a lot of improvements. Though something might see it differently. Especially with carriers and the slow to move standards on OS updates. With Jellybeans setting the bar, 5 inch displays becoming a standard, but and tablets finally starting to take shape, what do you think 2013 will hold for the little green guy?

  • jamal adam

    I think that 1080p screens are going to be the standard along with quad-core processors and hopefully battery life will improve. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is going to set the standard once again with a lot of improvements and not just speed improvements and fixes but some real changes that will make Android even better and more mature and polished. 5 inch screens will be a standard with flagships coming to the top 4 carriers from HTC, Samsung with it’s Galaxy S IV and Note III, Motorola with it’s “X phone”. I would like to see HTC come around and grow stronger and produce a tablet, and perhaps a Nexus phone.

    • Will Cali

      Some of the Best After Christmas Sales on Android Tablets are at a site called TabletSprint — the Novo 10 Hero is available at $219 — possibly the best 10-inch tablet available this year under $300, and features a High Resolution 1280×800 IPS screen, 16GB Memory, a strong Battery(8000 MHz) and Dual Core processor with Quad Core GPU, both front and back cameras, MicroSD Memory Card slot with unlimited storage, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System, Google Play preinstalled with access to 400K+ Apps, MicroUSB port for connection to printers and other electronic devices, HDMI – to view personal videos and to download movies and watch in Full 1080p (HD) on to a large screen TV, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and an option for 3G/4G connection. It’s also a great gaming device with its high resolution screen and motion sensor. The manufacturer, Ainol Electronics received a “Best Tablet of the Year” award at CNET Consumer Electronics Show 2012.

      Another tablet released in December is the Novo 7 Legend — may be considered the first “$100 TABLET” worth buying from any major brand, with features that include a quality screen display, MicroSD storage, Android 4.1 O/S, Google Play, a MicroUSB port, and a processor good enough to handle 3D games — Plus WiFi, Ethernet and 3G/4G Connection –

      TabletSprint also includes $25 in some nice Bonus Apps with all tablets they carry – including an Office Suite, and Shadowgun, one of the most popular gaming apps this year; and also bundles in pretty amazing perk — free 3G/4G wireless service with 500MB of free data every month with full internet access & VoIP voice calling.

  • thymeless

    Screen res will continue to trickle down to the smaller devices, but that’s hardware, not Android.

    More and better apps. An increase in gaming in particular.

    Likely also a greater integration of notifications+Now-type features+Grouponish offers for revenue streams. I think there’s a lot of potential between NOW and Notifications in combination to predict things you’d be interested in as you transit the city, travel, and even for news, events and life management.

    Privacy intrusions and data breaches, particularly with the content NOW type apps will store about users.

    Android will become an even bigger target for malware, ransomware, spam.

    The biggest hindrance to android and all portables is still battery technology.

    Touch on the desktop will flop, at least as long as keyboard and mouse is the primary input. It’s interruptive to workflow, messes up the screen, at odds with large screens and their viewing distances as well as ergonomic sitting posture and typing distances. “touch” as gesture (Kinect/Leap Motion style) has potential.

  • g1user

    I think 5 inch displays for sure, 1080p as a standard and quad core. I can’t wait for what this year will bring!

  • pliu.2014

    More use of motion sensing like wave control
    less space between the screen and the edge of the phone
    2 day batteries
    Less manufacture bloatware (Stock android takes up some of the features from bloat ware)

    • gmaninvan

      ooh this would be cool. The only loss in the advent of touchscreens has been the loss of the hover over action. This would bring that back.

  • masterpfa

    Better battery management
    Less manufacturers skins more of a move to user controlled launchers/features.
    HTC being able to produce a world phone
    More and more Android ,manufacturers sticking 2 fingers up to the carriers and not being held to ransom.

    For the world to wake to the IPhoney cack and realise that there are other more than capable phones out there.

  • Oscar Ortega

    I sense something magical and revolutionary :)

  • reyame

    i think finally good quality android tablets under $200. as in people on tight budgets can walk in a Walmart and pick up a budget tablet and not worry to much about the quality of their purchase.

    hell maybe just maybe i could buy a Coby/Archos/Some other brand tablet for myself and not regret it.

  • sonu

    ps3 will come seen in android

  • sonu

    fpse making ps3 emulator

  • jerrbomb

    I totally agree with everyone.. And how bout giving android users an more of an option on expandable memory?

  • deluxe92

    Everything here make sense and what I hope and expect for 2013 is better battery life (via battery management or battery size)

  • laxus00

    im excited for the next android