What are your thoughts on the Motorola X Phone?

Posted Feb 01, 2013 at 3:47 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I personally think that this could be very, very cool. I love the idea of being able to get an unlocked, stock phone straight from Google to use on Verizon with my unlimited data plan. I have been super happy with my Razr Maxx and think that Google and Motorola together have the potential to do beautiful things. I do however think that Verizon charging $15 per month for an unlocked bootloader is beyond ridiculous.

What is everyone else’s thoughts on this phone?

  • Bryan Stoner

    I think it will a unique combination of materials, human interface techniques, and a standardized design layout.

    Materials: Bendable, durable, cost efficient.
    Interface Technique: Touchless gestures, further developed speech recognition, actions taken based on the environment
    Standardized design: Holo theme language will be better represented throughout the OS
    Hardware Features: Plentiful though with some trending setbacks (ie. lack of external sd)

    All these seem to fit the ubiquitous world Google is hinting at and striving to reach. And I really do hope all these come true ^-^

    That said I’m currently awaiting the news on the rumored Motorola X-tablet.

  • MC_Android

    I don’t expect a lot of new, experimental technologies on it, but my hopes are open, unlocked “Nexus” phone with a expandable storage. Specs that are on par with 2013 high-end phones are also expected. It will definitely be about the price as the original Galaxy Nexus that was sold on Google Play ($=>450?)

  • masterpfa

    Waiting to see, I am hoping that Google have some influence on the phones designs too. Never been a fan of the look of Motorola phones, but could be interesting times ahead.

  • SGB101

    Bulletproof phone! Why not ;o)

  • irishrally

    It sounds good so far. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how this stock android, google direct phone will co-exist with the Nexus phone, like which am I going to want each year. Maybe they will keep the N4 the N4, as in always a 4.x” screen and just update it every year like they will the N7 and N10, sticking to Nexus-like features. And then they can use the X to add different size screens, microSD cards, huge batteries, or other features that might not mesh in the Nexus line. I suppose it would be a little bit like if the original Motorola Droid was released in the Play Store unlocked at the same time as the Nexus One. Not sure how that would have changed things.

    I hope they can make rugged and decent looking like the Xperia Z but with even a bigger battery.

    Next Gen Nexus 4, or Motorola X?

    • Laurel laurel25

      I really hope that they stick with having the micro SD card slot and the larger batteries. I have a Razr Maxx (my first Motorola smartphone) and I love the battery life. I can’t imagine going back to a smaller battery that I might have to charge in the middle of the day.

      • fenlon

        I have the Razr, which lasts most days for me. I can’t imagine how great the MAXX must be. I agree that the death of the SD card would be a BAD thing.

  • CTown

    The latest rumors on this site claim a Kelvar backing and a Razor Maxx-like battery. There is no reason why Google would change the screen size, the fact that it uses on-screen buttons, or a Snapdragon S4 (since that is what the Razor HD and Nexus 4 use).

    From the rumors SO FAR (which are pretty scarce), I think that the Motorola X will be a re-branded Razor Maxx HD or something close to it but with a MUCH better camera.