What do you want to see in Key Lime Pie?

Posted Dec 07, 2012 at 12:07 pm in Threads > Rumors

Image via: Manu Cornet with Creative Commons

It’s all but official that the next version of Android will be called “Key Lime Pie”. However, there’s very little known about what that version will actually include. Since we don’t have rumors, let’s speculate!

What would YOU like to see in Key Lime Pie?

  • heynomi4u

    I’d like to see a Tasker like service built in the core Android system.

  • kelltrash14

    1) Make the hoaxed about Project Roadrunner real =). Through getting better systems at cracking down on standby drain causes for Android…average users don’t know/have the inclination to figure out what app is draining their stuff, and it really should be prevented in general, or at least trigger warnings. Also other innovative methods would be great, just was thinking about this when I get the mom call about why her phone is dying too fast (again)

    2) People app could be improved quite a bit with social network integration, somewhat like Sense still does and the other mobile platforms are expanding in. Basically just catchup in that department

    3) Better stylus integration into AOSP. It’s probably about time to have a Nexus with a stylus, too. There’s a growing fan base there and having AOSP support for it could help it take off more.

    4) Google now will almost certainly get an update, but I think a lot of us would really like a better hands free experience built in. I do not want Siri, but I want a way to do basic commands *with feedback of some sort* in a completely hands free or one-two touch manner. I can send a text now, sure, but I can’t receive and hear them on command and respond appropriately (without using a 3rd party)

    5) Cloud save support for games (again, catchup time there)

    6) Built in theme engine support (it’s about time, and been spoken of/hoaxed about before, too)

    I guess that’s my wishlist. Surprises are great too, as long as they work!

    • kelltrash14

      Wording can be a pain sometimes…it is less reliable now than it used to be on that command. I actually say much the same thing, send text, name, then a little pause and say message. I just tried send text, text, and send sms and all go to the correct function. Now if you were trying with google voice set as your text message there were/are some bugs that make it work not at all and just go to a search. What device/sms method are you using?

      • kelltrash14

        Darn, I thought for sure you were experiencing the google voice bug from the description. It would act like it was working and then just throw up search results. They seemed to have fixed that very recently though, as in the last week or two. I tried a few scenarios just now with voice and regular messaging app and all worked. I admit to being a bit baffled.

        I haven’t had any experience with an HTC on Jellybean to compare (that poor neglected thunderbolt..), though I can’t find any similar examples of other DNA owners reporting the problem. Perhaps try fiddling around with the google now settings to make sure it’s got everything enabled and is able to search the relevant apps (people and messaging, I suppose). Past that, perhaps clearing app data and resetting the “Launch by Default” option inside settings/apps/messaging. Worth trying, at least.

    • gh0st665

      Project Road Runner I am hoping is the truth in the lie. Out of all of the updates that were mentioned in the hoax, this is the only one that wasn’t completely foolish.

      Also, Google NOW does need some further improvements.

    • Nostril

      Yes! Themes! I love stock Android, and I feel like other UI’s cover over stock Android’s beauty. It would be great to implement these UI’s as themes so that they can be reverted to stock. Also, as long as Holo Dark remains the only stock theme, then Nexus devices will always have a black face. Maybe introduce Holo Light with theme support and a white Nexus device? :p

  • Dradien

    5 is already there, it’s up to the app devs to take advantage of.

    • orangestrat

      So is #2

  • rc213

    Some sort of Gamecenter and having all my saves autosave to the cloud like on iOS.

  • scaarg

    I’d like to see Google Now everywhere (well, you can’t see it ), taking everything under its charge.
    Also, I’d like a Google Task app since I use it a lot. Improved word prediction in keyboard, More uniformity in colors (clock app is red while the system is everything blue) and serious bug fixes.

    Mostly, I’d like Google to fix its desing issues. Just to be on par with other OS in terms of good design and consistency.

  • ranwanimator

    Meringue and not Whipped Cream.

    Seriously though.
    I’d like the ability to turn off things that I don’t use or don’t want running. It’s always bugged me that maps runs in the background all the time. Same with Google + and Google Now. Give me the option to completely turn those things off if I don’t want to use them.

    • zerosix

      I’d give you 10 upvotes, if it was possible. I get root access JUST TO REMOVE TRASH. That drives me crazy.

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        Actually, you can disable Maps from running in the background:

        Settings -> Google -> Location Settings -> Let Google apps access your location

        You’ll see better battery life if you do this.

        • zerosix

          I can’t do that because of Ingress :)

    • kelltrash14

      Sounds nice, but unlikely. It would be against their interest to make it too easy to turn off their services. I’m ok with it as it is, I forget sometimes it can be hard to get rid of that stuff unrooted because I always am…figure a lot of us are the same anymore.

    • ldouglas64

      I agree.

  • NealJ777

    I would really like the “Set Timer” to set a real timer instead of an alarm.

    Right now, if you say “Set timer for 10 minutes” it sets an alarm for 10 minutes into the future. It does not set an actual countdown timer. :(

    • Alec Waddelow

      Yes! I would much rather have it set a timer than an alarm.

    • s_rob

      i almost threw my phone at the wall when i used the “timer” for the first time.

  • dino13

    What I would like to see a stable version, to which Google would hold on for a longer period of time. And rather of releasing a new Android version with every new feature it would be much better to integrate new features to the existing version. This would help limit the fragmentation. Just imagine Microsoft releasing the service packs as individual versions of Windows!

  • SGB101

    100% productivity should now go to trimming the fat out the os, making it as efficient as possible. Battery life, battery life, battery life.

    • kzlife

      THIS! Hoping to have a phone which doesn’t die after a day..

    • jonstle

      Top of my list as well!

  • KingCrow02

    Root access, better battery life, up rez apps for tablets, and some tweaks to notifications.

  • Jeffdwisc

    I think a feature that would allow you to rotate the screen orientation through touch would be nice. I envision touching with multiple fingers and then rotating them to do this.

    Having the screen rotate on me while laying down is always a pain. Also this could be useful for some games.

    • Smartass

      That is brilliant. I never knew i wanted this so bad till i read your comment…
      Hits top of wishlist for me!

      • cliffy223

        This would be nice I was get a little annoyed when showing a picture and the phone isn’t sure what is the best way to show it. So I end up making the phone do a dance to get the picture to show correctly.

  • MC_Android

    Project Roadrunner. Have a consolidated customization center manufacturers can use to store their crappy skin overlays like Sense and Touchwiz – especially touchwiz. Let it be the user’s choice to run them or not.

  • chestont

    The ability to access bookmarks from multiple gmail accounts in Chrome. Its frustrating to only access my main gmail account bookmarks but not my school gmail account bookmarks in Chrome or the bookmarks widget.

    • kelltrash14

      Ha, while they’re at it, could they please make Chrome the best browser to match it’s desktop version? All the people making fun of its current slowness make me sad..

  • redraider133

    Maybe a little bit of project roadrunner like in the rumors to make updates come quicker and allow the skins to be put in this.

  • orangestrat

    If they only announced that twitter and facebook were making holo apps, I’d be okay with that. I’m really happy with jellybean. More than anything, I just want the rest of the ecosystem to catch up. They apparently need to update the android developer documentation because there’s a boatload of great features that nobody is using, like cloud backups and the actionbar on 2.2/2.3.

    Since they’ll never take their foot off the gas, I want them to get the gallery set up for syncing like the people app, though that would depend on everybody keeping up. I’d also love to see a T9 dialer and a CRT screen-on animation.

  • doublin

    I’d like to see key lime pie being the latest android version for a longer period of time and make the updates as an integration of it.
    I’d like to see a better stock keyboard,with skins, better prediction and a bunch of customize options,many of them found in other keyboard adopts that are out there.
    Also I’d to like to see swipe gestures system!

    • doublin

      I forgot!
      CRT screen-off and screen-on animation.

  • r90a22

    I wish I could lay down on my side and my screen would stay in landscape mode.

    • RogerSpruce

      You can force landscape mode in the settings. You could also orient your phone so that it’s upside down while you’re on your side.

  • gavinb

    Anything that can happen with battery life and the speed of updates for other manufacturers. Android’s UI is really good since ICS but still lacks consistency across some core apps. Someone above suggested Tasker style control being built into the phone, which would be awesome, especially if they made the UI more understandable.

  • Logan Edwards

    I’d love to see something that let’s me use my Android device as a PC replacement. With the built in Bluetooth capabilities, pairing peripherals would be a cinch. Also, with wireless display technology being built in, I could see this being a reality. Would be nice, if maybe a screen/tv optimized UI was released for these purposes such as sharing media or doing work (word processing) or editing photos. These devices are powerful enough now to handle much of these tasks.

  • dino13

    I would love to see them work with Canonical on the integration of Ubuntu. http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android
    This on every Android device would be great!

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      TOTALLY agree here!!!

  • DroidPower

    When we turn on the phone, a splash screen that shows the Android robot taking bite out of an Apple. : )

  • nsnsmj

    I’d mainly just like to see a good backup system like what Apple has. I wish I didn’t have to use an app like DataSync, Titanium Backup, or MyBackup Pro just to be able to back up games saves and app data. Other than that I’m happy with everything else in Android.

    Of course, I still want to see improvements to Google Now/Voice Search, and I also want Google to implement the stock AOSP browser (which they happen to make) features, like Quick Controls, into Chrome.

  • Guitaraholic

    I’d love to see some better cross application integration in Stock Android like the smart sharing in the new TouchWiz versions :)

  • da9el

    the amount of screens should be adjustable from 1 to 6 instead of only 5. an integrated e-book reader would be fine as well and the option to reboot the phone when you hit and hold the power-off button!

  • kzlife

    Better folders in stock KLP just like Samsung’s TouchWiz. I want the folders in the app menu, not on the home screen. This is what’s keeping me from switching to stock rom :P

    • orangestrat

      Eew god no. The app drawer on stock is a beautifully uncluttered haven. Touchwiz is an example of doing it wrong. How about you learn how the alphabet works (or the homescreens) and don’t expect me to deal with tabs and buttons surrounding my apps.

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        Or have both as options! :)

        • orangestrat

          That almost always means having an extra button that might as well be labeled “+ Clutter”. I don’t think we need more than one place to put apps in folders.

          • kzlife

            Do you like argumenting and trolling around like an ass?
            Everyone has their OWN opinion, if you don’t like others opinion and can’t stand not to criticize everyone, then you shouldn’t be on the internet.

        • kzlife

          Agree! :)

    • dino13

      Well with LG it’s preatty ease to work with folders. On the other side creating a folder with TocuhWiz is a pain in the ass. I have no idea why take TouchWiz for anything as an example, it’s not even really customizable.

      • kzlife

        I’ve only tried stock ICS (And the versions before it) and touchwiz, that’s why I didn’t take other brands as an example :P

  • decker

    Simple app scripting baked in. Please please please

  • christiaangombert

    Full multiple user accounts support. Would be handy on tablets that are used by several people in the house.

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      Isn’t this already there with the Nexus 7? Or am I mistaken and thinking of something else like the Kindle HD?

    • dino13

      This implemented into jelly bean. Nexus 10 uses this from the start.

  • jaysond

    why don’t they focus on improving 1 instead of making new ones everyday

  • jaysond

    it’s making people that manufacture tablets and phones have a hard time making everything compatable,if they buckled down and just made a really good one with no bugs I’d love it

  • cliffy223

    It would be nice to see Key Lime Pie as version 4.2 instead of 5.0 that way manufactures can catch up with at least their top selling phones.

    *Also I would like to see more improvements to the mobile play store to integrate with their online version. I would really like to download apps from my phone to be on my tablet. (*disclaimer I only have a phone an no tablet yet, so if this can be done please let me know)

    • dino13

      Probably it can be done over the webpage of the playstore. Just like you would do it on your pc. Not an ideal solution but at least something.

      • kelltrash14

        Not with just a few clicks it can’t I’m afraid….you can go down your list of apps and pick out which ones to put on there, but it’s time consuming. A devices page with an improved interface where you can drag and drop “my apps” to devices at will and perhaps even organize/categorize them could be nice. I do tire of setting up my productivity/shopping/games folders every time I switch devices/launchers

  • TheVoodoo

    A lot of things, but here is one easy improvement that I think will somehow get ignored.

    Allow toggling of settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness when clicking the setting tiles in the new settings drawer–currently they link to their respective setting sections. Touch and hold should take one to the actual setting sections.

    This is already implemented by the CyanogenMod team in CM10.1.

  • Prasoon Tiwari 1

    I want to see a real finger print screen un-locker

    • fenlon

      You must not watch Mythbusters

      • jonstle

        Oh but I do! LOL

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        Did they prove that you can’t have a secure fingerprint reader? Or did they prove that existing ones sucked? Or something else? I haven’t seen that episode.

    • Chris Lewis

      That would be soooo Sick!

  • thr970

    The idea that Google could make it so more devices could be updated quicker, there was a crazy rumor that said that Google was going to do something like that but was only a hoax. I have been lucky enough to have phones that the manufacturer quickly updated them.

    • tanman888

      Agree that updates should be more timely and efficient across all compatible devices. It is exciting to hear of the new features updates to the OS can bring, but the excitement can wear thin as months go by.

      Whether it’s the manufacturer’s fault (still hoping and waiting for Jelly Bean on the Galaxy Note) or possibly Google’s fault, the general public do some times get impatient in a world where devices get old fairly quickly.

  • craigtut

    I’d like to see google add a switch that would turn on and off the manufacturers skin and features. That way when an Aosp update comes out people could update faster and just have the skin turned off till the skin gets updated.

  • zolikaaa666

    I want smoother working!!!!…Jelly Bean is smooth too…but there are still lagging…so we need smoothig!!!

  • Daniel Hakimi

    Well, it might not make any sense, but that magical battery life extension project would be nice.

  • Daniel Hakimi

    I want unified messaging. Including SMS, unified with desktop and tablet. That’s my number one desire.

  • KennyL

    I wish that with KLP Google would mandate that all phones MUST remove physical buttons (go to software) or it won’t be certified. That and they all have wireless charging. Before you dismiss it as a gimmick, you need try it. The people who have it on the Lumia 920 seem to love it.