What Game do YOU want to see?

Posted Sep 02, 2012 at 11:05 am in Threads > Games

Hey guys, so i’ve been talking extensively with my team and really want to get into developing a game for the mobile platform. So my question to everyone is simple: What kind of game would YOU like to play? Do you want an adventure based game? Side scrolling? RPG? Horror? Sound off on your thoughts. I’d prefer not to hear turret defense since there are about a hundred other ones out there as it is.

Once we start development I really want to be involved with the android community, So I will try and post progress with you guys here to get feedback.

So just remember,
What game would YOU like play?

  • skugern

    I’m a big fan of RPGs with a linear story line and a few/several non-linear story lines.

    Make it shiny and make it fun, the rest will follow.

    • shadowxof

      RPGs are one of the first ideas I suggested since I have a hard time finding one on Android that keeps my attention.

  • Himmat Singh.

    I don’t know, any game will do. I just have a bias towards graphically rich games, be them racers, platformers, shooters, RPG or side-scrollers.

    An adventure game to the tune of Horn would be awesome!

    • shadowxof

      Are you saying you only play graphically impressive games? I agree Horn is setting a standard though haha.

      We’re playing around with the idea of a Horror based game but I need more feedback overall

      • Himmat

        I shudder at the thought of it, but yea that’show it looks like. Before I pick up a game, it has to have absolutely good graphics…gameplay is next. I judge a game by it’s cover…though I know that’s folly. Hah, for the record, I think I’ve played almost all Tegra games, known for their graphics.

        I’m not a fan of horror, but Dead Space was a pretty good game on Android. I might play it if it’s action-adventure or a shooter, but not likely otherwise.

        Anyway, what kind of a budget are you guys looking at? How big a team? Are you guys aiming for retro graphics, or fairly high-end ones?


        • shadowxof

          The budget is nearly non existent although if we needed help we do have a possible publisher candidate. We are a team of about 3 to 4 people and we’ll probably try to use somewhat higher end graphics. We want to tackle this game using Unreal as well

  • Dustin Earley

    I am a huge fan of all things horror, and it kills me that there are no good horror games on Android.

  • jeremy

    id like to see a good quality platformer like mario, mega man, sonic etc.

  • orangestrat

    I’m totally hooked on bastion right now, i would want to see something with a story like that. Or at least a similarly sexy narration track. Android is flush with quick, small package games like angry birds or cheese man, and shooters like dead trigger; what its missing is games with stories like sword and sorcery or machinarium. We definitely don’t need more tower defense.

    • XanLoves

      I agree. I like narrative story telling in games (dunno why…).
      Bastion was amazing.

      “Dear Esther” has captured me in a way I never thought possible… there is no point to the game… but the guys calm voice telling a story you have to piece together is somehow rewarding.

      I’m also drawn to classic/retro/8/16bit graphics. All of kairosoft’s games are fun. Game Dev Story especially so. I’ve downloaded McPixel only because of the shitty graphics. I have no idea what it’s about.

      I also want a good light graphics mmo. Something like Realm of the Mad God, done well for android. It may only be possible via wifi which may alienate people from mobile gaming.

      You’d have to do specific tests on each type of these games to see if there is a market for them obviously, and not just one or two people on this forum.

      What ideas have you come up with then? If you had a few finals it would be better to put it to a vote, that have a bunch of differently minded, not very creative people shout things at you…. MORE BLOOD, BETTER GRAFFIX etc.

      Good luck.
      Don’t screw-up ;)

    • shadowxof

      Love your thought. Pretty much speaking my language. And we want a big story focus as well

  • Laurel laurel25

    This will probably sound lame, but I would love to have Spyro the Dragon for my phone! I loved that game and used to play it non-stop. I would probably get nothing accomplished, ever, if I had it on my phone!

  • shadowxof

    So far this is probably my favorite suggestion. I think the consensus we came across may have been a platformer with elements of horror and possibly rpg elements. I’ll fill you all in when we have a full idea drawn out.

  • orangestrat

    One of my all time favorite games is descent Freespace. It has as much story as a space dogfight will get and it melds a whole bunch of diverse, interesting strategies. That would be a cool, if expensive, project to port over

  • h0ruza

    I want to see Black & White2 on android. http://lionhead.com/black-and-white-2/

    It’s something you could pick up and put down from time to time but all those spare moments amount to a lot of game play.

  • Befickeelp

    I want to see Puzzle & Dragons English!!! >_<