What games from IOS would you like to see on Android?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 11:37 am in Threads > Apps & Games

I know it’s kind of an old game, but I really loved playing Tilt to Live on my old iPod Touch and would love to see One Man Left port the game to Android. It was the one game that I just kept going back to over and over. So simple and yet so engaging with hilarious achievement unlocks and fun big band style music. Check out the trailer and see what we’re missing.



What about you? Any IOS exclusives that you wish you could play on Android?

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    Infinity Blade, but I know it will never happen. :(


  • justin Poirier

    I was a big fan of the call of duty Nazi zombies game on iOS, that would be nice to have.