What is your favorite ROM?

Posted Mar 27, 2012 at 1:38 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I’m about to install my first custom ROM on my Galaxy Nexus, which is your personal favorite? I’ve heard tons of great things about AOKP, which is the way I’m leaning, but I’d like your 2c!

  • AceoStar

    Will commenting on my own thread return 1 of my points? Test test :D

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      No clue, but I bet Clark took that out.

      My favorite rom is STOCK ICS.

      • AceoStar

        I’m loving stock ICS as well, but sadly the two things I want a ROM for are landscape docking and adding a 4th soft button.

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    Not sure about ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus, but I’ve been running Virtuous Primadonna (HTC One V port with ICS and Sense 4.0) on my phone few a few days now. camera and tethering are the only real issues so far (like most other ICS ROMs for the G2) but the ROM itself is stable, quick and great for an every day driver.

  • JoshJ47

    +1 for AOKP.I would recommend CM9, since its one of the most stable roms I’ve used, but right now AOKP definitely has more features. Even though you only want the landscape docking and adding another soft button, AOKP has an insane amount of features that I’ve found to be really helpful…such as the lock screen customizations

  • theDL

    For many devices, Codename Android. I use it on my Galaxy Nexus and it is amazing, and it keeps getting better and better.

  • Bryan Stoner

    I personally use GummyNex. I’ve used it for maybe a 2 months and have followed the upgrades. It’s very lean and very stable. Amazing battery life too. They’ve added customizable power widgets, soft button mods, performance tweaks, LED tweaks, battery tweaks, lock-screen tweaks, and a whole lot more.

    I would wait just a tad longer for 4.0.4 ROMs to come out. Make sure to flash 4.0.4 radios too! They are amazing!

  • orangestrat

    You really can’t go wrong with Cyanogenmod. I love it :)
    Peta Alphonso’s Bugless Beast is really good also, definitely the fastest, most stable and best battery life.

  • wicked4u2c

    As much as I wanted to like Cyanogenmod I must say it was pretty crappy. Their “stable” version was far from it, I get that bugs will always exist. It was a never ending battle with flashing nightlies and trying to get things to work. This was with the Samsung Fascinate, now I just stick to Stock 4.04 and rooted using Nova Launcher with Franco Kernel, runs like a dream without any BS.

  • Fahad

    At the moment it’s ICS Euphoria RC2.1, Crazy amount of depth to the rom and it’s stable. It’s not the fastest but than again that could be cause I just downgraded from a SGSII back to a Vibrant. All time favorite has to go to Bionix 1.3.1 amazingly well done, stable, and really quick even if it is still sitting on 2.2 =/

  • Stigy

    RIght now I am using gummyNex on the Galaxy Nexus and loving it. I switch between gummyNex and AOKP via Boot Manager and they both have awesome features.

    Waiting on my 4.0.4 gummyNex to use that as my primary.

  • Amromun

    For me I am using the Codenamedroid for my Galaxy Nexus its good stable and minimal other than that the stock ICS the Galaxy Nexus is not bad

  • Applaudable

    I’ve been on Villain Rom for years – I found one after trying many that gives the best battery life. I haven’t changed for 8 months now.

  • Max.Steel

    Old thread I know but anyone know what the best ICS rom for the T-Mobile G2 is? I used to run Virtous Quattro but it was very unstable.