What new or upcoming games are you looking forward to?

Posted May 19, 2012 at 2:02 am in Threads > Apps & Games

As the topic says, what game are you looking forward to trying? There’s been a lot of interesting TegraZone releases that have come up in the past few months along with a few intriguing ones that coming up soon.

Personally, I’ve been looking forward to Dark Meadow: The Pact for a while now. I’ve still got a little while to wait until it comes out for my little Tegra 2 device, but it looks like the wait will be worth while. The whole dark fantasy motif looks interesting, and I haven’t been disappointed with a game using the unreal 3 engine yet.

  • Himmat

    Dark Meadow is seriously over-hyped. Yes, the graphics are good (better on a Tegra 3 device), but the whole gameplay was rather repetitive on my iPad 2. And the fact that you have to spend to progress in the game at a reasonable pace, otherwise you’ll be entering rooms and collecting coins all the while. Which is dumb. And also no free movement.

    All in all, the game was a bummer. 2/5. I’m looking forward to Baldeslinger, Nova 3 and Mass Effect: Infiltrator within the next month or so :)

    • Jiltedae

      Well, that’s kind of disappointing. I was hoping that it’d be playable without constantly having to dip into an item shop. Maybe they’ll come out with a paid version that doesn’t require buying items. In the description, it states that it is the free version of the game which hints that there may be a paid version coming soon.

      Bladeslinger and Mass Effect: Infiltrator both look extremely interesting. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for ‘em.

  • Skobr

    Neuroshima Hex (any day now!)