What specifications do you expect in “The Next Galaxy?”

Posted Apr 16, 2012 at 5:25 am in Threads > Opinions

Now that we know “The Next Galaxy” will be introduced to the world on May 3rd in London, what specs are you looking for in this new flagship device from Samsung? The Galaxy S II, it’s predecessor, is a beast of a phone, and it is safe to assume that Samsung will unveil an upgraded, more modern, even BEASTLIER mobile device that will be coveted the world over. Are you planning on purchasing this highly anticipated smartphone, or will it take a minor miracle for you to even consider a purchase? I’ve been anxious to take the temperature of the community on this one so please sound off, I want to hear from you!

  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    My two wishes:

    1. Battery larger than 3,000 mAh
    2. Exynos 5250

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      If they end up going with the 5250, I’ll likely end up selling my Note. My only issue would be trying to adjust to a smaller screen size.

    • Ps3y3Ops

      I wish I had a genie so I could make those two wishes come true! Talk about an iPhone killer!

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        iPhone 5 is coming later in the year, so I’m sure Apple will go with a new A6 CPU based on Cortex-A15.

  • jeffb34

    My wishes are:

    5250 – First smartphone with a Cortex-A15 CPU which will hopefully improve battery life and performance like ARM has been saying.

    4.5 or larger screen – I currently have a LG G2x which has a four inch screen; I find the screen size to be too small now.

    SMOLED screen – This is pretty much a given that the phone will have a SMOLED screen. I want SMOLED because after having a LCD screen on my current phone I miss the OLED screen on my old Nexus One.

  • kilmas

    my wishes is:
    1. Exynos 5250
    2.over 3000 mha battery
    3.1080p screen
    4.12 mp camera

    i hope on may 3 that they announced the galaxy tab 11.6 too.i am in a marked for a android tablet,and i have been waiting for the galaxy tab 11.6 to be announced

    • Bpear96

      1080P that would just be pointless, one the 720p Display on the galaxy nexus already has a dpi higher then 300, the human eye can’t tell the difference from anything higher then 300. Unless the screen is substantially larger there is no need to go higher then 720p, and would just be a waster of processing power, and space (phone would have to render at 1080p which uses my CPU/GPU power, and apps would need to be larger to be optimized for 1080p..)

      But yeah i want a SMOLED+HD display, exynos 5250,over 3000 mah, Improved camera (MP are not everything :P) SPEN, Polycarbon case (like Lumia 900 and one x) I think thats it :D

  • cwjones4

    along with the Exynos 5250 (i’ll be very disappointed if this isn’t included) and a battery that gets me through a full days use, i would really like to see S-pen integration. the premium suite video samsung released for ICS for the note has some amazing features, and I would love to see it adapted to the GS3!

    Also I hopesamsung has a feature similar to HTC where you can take video and still photos at the same time!

    • Ps3y3Ops

      The S-pen integration idea is quite intriguing…I like it!

    • sethoscope

      Nexus can do stills while shooting video.

  • Stigy

    I honestly don’t care about the size of the battery as long as it can last me a full day on a single charge (with normal usage) on 4G without worrying about being near a charger.

  • dh33r4j

    4.6 SAMOLED+ HD
    Menu Button
    MicroSD support
    2500 mAh Removable battery(I’m being very rough about this)
    Exynos 5
    Bluetooth 4.0
    2 GB RAM (Samsung announced their RAM over a year ago, I expected to see it in the S II. It will definitely make it this time)
    8 MP Zero shutter lag cam with great low light capture. ( Samsung had been working on this)
    A couple more of features… could be anything.. maybe the finish? of the waterproof coating.
    Rest will be the standard stuffs.

    This will be the Galaxy S III. Take my word for it.

    • Ps3y3Ops

      Wow…I hope you’re even half right! The mere thought of such a phone makes one start to hyperventilate with excitement :p

    • xsynth

      Agree with the majority, except for the Menu Button.

      The whole point of the menu button being removed from ICS is to make it obvious when there is something else in the (overflow) menu. If it comes back, then it’s back to the guessing game of is there or isn’t there something else hidden here.

    • Louis

      Don’t really like the idea of another menu button. I’d prefer a phone without the capacitive keys(more room for the screen) but other then that your comment pretty much sums it up! Can’t wait to see it!! :D

  • Yonas


    • Yonas

      and an S pen would be a bonus.

  • david

    I don’t think we’ll see S pen integration….as they will want to keep that a Note thing…..the galaxy note 2 will be a galaxy s3 type phone with over 5″ screen and S pen.

  • Kezi

    I really don’t care about specs, to me specs are pretty much dead now. I just want a device that’s as beautiful as stock ICS, smooth as IOS, customizable and can still be used with one hand.

    • david

      U can pretty much forget the use with 1 hand thing….even the galaxy s2 @ 4.3“ is tough on 1 hand. Odds are this phone will have a bigger screen.

  • Kezi

    4.3 inch is good, anything bigger is bad. I don’t wanna have to dial a number with both hands

    • Ps3y3Ops

      I think the GNex screen is still comfortable at 4.6 in. I sure do enjoy it for watching movies and playing the majority of games. I think the GNote is a bit too much for me, though.

      • Kezi

        I don’t have big hands (although not tiny either). I am currently carrying a 4 inch original SGS. Going to something like 4.6 inch is too much of a jump for me I think. But hopefully I will get used to it. Anyway you should do an article about how OEMs should still make high end medium sized android phones.

        • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

          I honestly don’t think it will be as bad as you’re thinking. I went from 3.2″ to 4.0″ to the Note which is 5.3″. When I first got it I was pretty overwhelmed, yet in awe about the size. After the first few days, I tried flashing a rom on my Nexus S and wondered how I could ever use a phone so small.

        • don

          they do … in a case the ssgs2 t-mobile t988 and the samsung blaze same phone and that the blaze is shape like a Gnexus its alot shorter then the orginal t-mobile t989

  • Wes Campbell

    I love everyone that has posted on here…. makes me hopeful for the human race… there’s more people that hyperventilate over sexy phones than just me… :D

    • Ps3y3Ops

      I admit…I’ve secretly drooled as well…:p

  • Bryan Stoner

    4.75″ screen
    ~7mm thick
    2250mAh battery
    Exynos 5250 (of course)
    1280×800 HD Super Amoled Plus Display
    16GB/32GB internal storage (no option for removable sd)
    8mp Zero shutter lag back facing camera / 2mp front facing camera
    No capacitive touch
    A super sexy coating

    What my wish would be:
    Full sized USB port! YEAAAA
    and a Micro USB! YEAAAA

  • Brian Milligan

    I have been really pleased with my sgs2 so anything over and over that phone will be a bonus. Since installing the ICS ROM the phone freezes and drains the battery, so if they fix that and improve the camera, speed etc, then I will be a happy chappy. I hope there’s an option to revert to the ICS home launcher instead of having to use TouchWiz.

  • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

    I think it will have 720p resolution, with a screen of 4,7 inches. It should have USB OTG support (with a microUSB port), like Galaxy S II, a microSD card slot, a mini or micro HDMI port, uniform body, the same gorgeous screen as the S II, 2 GB of RAM (although 1 GB of RAM would be enough), zero shutter lag camera, at least 32 GB of internal storage, the latest Exynos 5 SoC and a very, ridiculous, extra-large battery that could help the phone last 2 days under heavy usage.

    • Ps3y3Ops

      Seems to me that you just described a modern “flagship” device! Who wouldn’t want a phone like that…not counting fanbois/fanfemmes.

      • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

        Yeah, I put in it everything I would want from a smartphone in this very moment. I would also love if the micro USB, the micro HDMI, the headphone jack and the power port could be covered somehow to be protected from dust. I forgot to put in a headphone jack.

  • ghost5

    I would like to see

    Exynos 5250
    720p Super Amoled Plus Display (4.3″+)
    1GB of RAM
    32 GB of storage
    8 MP rear camera
    A massive battery

    I would bet my house on the phone having 4 out of the 6 listed above but I’m still unsure about the processor, and who knows what size battery it will have.

    It will make sense for them to use the 5250 processor to be able to compete with Apple and any new flagship android devices that will be released later in the year.

    The screen will be at least 720p but hopefully not any more. 1080p seems pointless and overkill and if they went with a resolution of more than 720 but below 1080 it will cause all sorts of problems when using different apps with the non standard resolution.

    I’m running the original SGS with a measily 369mb of ram. I don’t know if a phone ever starts running out of memory with 1GB inside it – I can’t imagine so – but if it came with 1.5gb / 2gb then it future proofs us some more.

    I’m hoping for big internal storage. I’m not too fussed about a SD card. It’s handy and I use mine a lot but it is a slow link in any phone. There are too many dodgy / slow / incompatible cards out there and I can see more and more manufacturers not including them.

    I think 8MP is about right for a smart phone camera due to picture size. Couple that with a good sensor and you can get great pictures. Remember more MP doesn’t mean better pictures.

    I’m hoping for some miracles in energy use which will mean that the processor, screen and wireless adaptors use next to no power and the phone will have a small battery and be wafer thin (not likely) – otherwise just chuck a massive battery in there so it will easily last all day.