What was your first android device and which version ??

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my first device was a mid range lg optimus one.
android devices only started late in india;no g1 or nexus one :(
having been using blackberry and symbian phones ,this was my first android and full touch phone.and i was completely blown away.
it arrived with froyo 2.2 and i still remember how impressed i was ,because android was truly smart by then ..!
and since then i ve bought or recommended only android :)

i have seen 2.1 eclair to 4.2.1(jelly bean) .and android sure has come a long way.

optimus one -froyo 2.2

  • Kaote

    I started with the G1, preordered

    Upgraded to the Nexus One, still one of my favorites

    Currently use the HTC One S – TMO variant, patiently waiting for a JB update.
    and Use an ASUS Transformer 101 – looks to be stuck on ICS, but still a great tablet.

    • Bpear96

      Root and Bootloader unlock and your One S and TF101 Lack-of-JB troubles will be gone.

  • redraider133

    HTC droid eris. 1.5 my how android has come a long way since then.

    • Dradien

      Likewise, started with a Droid Eris. Now rocking myself a RAZR. And you couldn’t be more right, Android has come a long long way, it’s actually sort of silly.

  • Rix

    I had the g1 in white – dont remember the android version but i got it a week or so after launch in the UK.

    I remember it updating a few weeks later.

    Dropped it and the screen smashed, managed to get an HTC Hero cheap but i missed the hardware keyboard on the G1

    Touchscreen typing became really easy once i got my desire which i still have.

  • sandy105

    sadly g1 and nexus one didnt make to our country :(

  • nicotinemind

    On my first android,the Huawei Ideos x5 pro.Came with Gingerbread,had to update to Ice Cream Sandwitch via SD-card.Really impressed and probably hooked for life.Have my sights on a Nexus 7…

  • Bpear96

    HTC G1, –> Samsung Intercept (piece of sh*t) –> LG Optimus V –> HTC Sensation –> Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 (this is when my Rom flashing addiction began, it was not severe prior to owning this phone) –> Now I have the HTC One XL (snapdragon s4 model) and I really do like it.

    • Bpear96

      I only had the HTC sensation for a couple weeks, the locked bootloader was killing me. And i quickly became envious of the S2 exynos SoC, Amoled Screen, and dev community.

  • Thomas Biard

    Motorola Droid X. Originally came with Eclair (2.1), then was one of the first Android devices to get an OTA for Froyo (2.2) and then was def the first to get the Gingerbread (2.3) update. Still going strong rooted running stock android 2.3

    • fenlon

      Ahh, the good old days. I just gave mine up earlier this year. I was running Vortex ROM and definitely squeezed some more life out of it.

      • Thomas Biard

        Nice, I’ve already burned through my standard batter, my ext life battery, and i have another on the way now!

        • sandy105

          u sure love ur droid x :)

          • Thomas Biard

            That’s right i do haha. Took my case and screen protector off after the first year and have just been toting around my naked phone ever since. This phone is super solid. I have no need to change phones. I have tons of want to change phones, just don’t have the money.
            I’m also waiting for my Prepaid Carrier to start offering LTE so I can get a newer LTE phone. Right now I can only use 3G phones.

  • ldouglas64

    I came to the Android platform from Blackberry and don’t plan on going back. My first (and current) phone is the Motorola Droid Pro. Not the greatest in the world but at the time it was cheap and I wasn’t sure about Android. Next phone will definetly be better. Just have to wait another 5 months til it’s time to upgrade on my Verizon contract and see whats available then.

  • Matthew

    HTC Desire, it was a really great phone, i have now given it to my brother. But before doing that i rooted it. I currently have a galaxy note, which is also rooted and running paranoid android.

    • sandy105

      paranoid is an excellent rom for note !

  • _AjD

    I started with the G1 (which I still have)> rooted and moved to Cyanogen (ver 4 thru 6) when the updates stopped coming.

    Then I moved on to the G2 which I also rooted and installed CM 7 and it’s still a solid device for my daily use.

    Next I’m getting a ???? – I love the physical keyboard and no one is really making good devices with them currently. I use Swype occasionally on my Asus TF201 but not sure how I feel about it on a smaller screen.

    Perhaps I’ll win something in the 25 days of Tegra and my problem will be solved.

  • thymeless

    Motorola Xoom on Honeycomb 3.0. It was an interesting ride waiting for the SD card to work, the 4G upgrade to finally roll out. Then you had to mail it off for 7-10 days while they did the 4g upgrade. Finally rooted and installed ICS. Need to update the ROM again now.

    It’s been good robust hardware, even if slow to get updates, and now out of the update loop entirely at 4.1.2. I’ll be relying on community support here on out for updates and improvements.

    Lots of life left in the Xoom still.

    • sandy105

      yup it was bad they didnt push out 4.2 for xoom and nexus s

  • chestont

    Cdma HTC Hero. And it came with 1.6 Donut. At the time I had no idea what that meant and when I disabled sense(you know, back when you could do that) I was utterly confused.

  • golfpedaler

    G1…Android 1.1…Awesome phone for it’s time…

  • dbcher

    droid x
    in my opinion it was the device which really pushed Android devices into being a viable competitor in the smartphone market

    • sandy105

      yup droid x brought android to the forefront.

      • gp126904

        I praise the droid x for really bringing a ton of users to Android, but with the birth of the X came the birth of the original MotoBlur which imo was the worst UI of all time! I hated the first versions of Blur, but thankfully Moto has made blur as close to stock as we are going to get so I praise them for that as well!

  • gp126904

    My first was the OG Moto Droid, I was so amazed by that phone when it first came out. It really put the first iphone to shame, and it started out on eclair I believe because I remember getting so excited when the froyo update was released. Then went to a HTC Thunderbolt, and will prolly never use another HTC device ever again, then returned back to my roots with a Droid Razr Maxx (running 4.1 via CM10) and love it!

  • sylvan

    I got a HTC Magic AKA T-Mobile MyTouch 3G. Came with Android 1.6 (Donut)! I ended up rooting ti and putting CyanogenMod on it to get to Gingerbread.

  • smwinn7

    Started out with the Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint and moved to the HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T then a short trip with Motorol Droid Bionic (until Moto broke the radio) now I’ve got the VZW Galaxy Nexus

    Epic stayed stock for awhile with ADW EX launcher(I must say I hate TW) then was on CM7 alpha builds because even without GPS it was better than samsung’s ROM

    Inspire was CM7 from Day 2

    Bionic stayed stock with ADW EX Launcher

    GNex has been CM the whole way

  • scaarg

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro.

    It takes you more time to say its name than the phone’s life. It had 2.1 Eclair but luckily I found a way to put Gingerbread in it. It’s my first hack and I haven’t stopped since then.

    It’s still working, though. My brother uses it.

  • sm.komo

    My first Android was a My touch 3G, I almost got the G1, but my wife talked me into a touch screen. After that I went Verizon and never looked back!

  • friendlyfire

    HTC Droid Incredible. It was spectacular, my first phone after the gen 1 iPhone. Haven’t gone back since. Love the customization that I am able to achieve with android.

  • Charlong666

    HTC Hero with Android 1.5.

    I can’t imagine using something like that again though haha.

  • josha14025

    moved from an iphone 3gs that I was never real happy with to my One X this past spring. patiently waiting for Jelly bean.

  • yurma415

    Samsung Galaxy S3 on ice cream sandwich, but updated to jelly bean. i want to swap for a nexus 4 though.

  • JonJJon

    I got the HTC Desire, which was faulty so many times that HTC just gave me a free upgrade to the Desire S. I rooted that and put every Desire S ROM I could find at XDA on it through its life. It now has a very fast smooth Sense 4 ROM on it and I have given it to my mum (now got to teach how to use it hehe) I have moved onto the Samsung Galaxy S3 and absolutely loving it, will keep stock ROM for a bit then will slap some custom ROMs on it in the future :-)

    I gave the Nexus a pass this time round, didn’t fancy it. Will definitely get one though at some point, probably will be my next phone.

  • lou2cool88

    My first android was a Droid X and it came with Froyo skinned with Moto-blur. It was such a new and exciting phone for me coming from my Blackberry Storm. I remember first coming across customization and flashing ROMs. I was s nervous about bricking my phone but I really wanted to get rid of Blur. Now I’ve had a Thunderbolt and a Nexus since then.

  • ndorrough

    Nexus One was my first. I also thought the notification orb was nifty.

    • sandy105

      it was a nice phone ..indeed

  • kelltrash14

    Droid incredible. I wanted a Nexus One so bad and this was the closest I could get on Verizon. Was a great phone…I sure miss it a lot more than the Thunderbolt I had after. Started on 2.1.

  • dcds

    Motorola Milestone (GSM version of original Droid). It came with 2.0.1 (I think), and then shortly after that received 2.1 Eclair.

    Unfortunately, I dropped it and the screen shattered. I immediately bought a Nexus S and went Nexus-only ever since (GNex now). Couldn’t be happier.

  • nimslake

    HTC Aria 1.0 5years ago. Man waited forever for next HTC One X and it’s worth it. The changes were like going from Human to Superman in 1 great leap! :-)

  • jeshep

    T-Mobile MyTouch 3G with Android 1.5 (gave to son who cracked the screen a year ago, still works though he uses a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze with CM10)

    Samsung Nexus S with Android 2.3 (just gave to daughter who uses it constantly now with 4.1)

    LG Nexus 4 with Android 4.1 (now with 4.2)

  • destinydmm

    My first device was the OG Droid and Eclair (2.0). I got me into the world of rooting, theming, beta testing and more. The first ROM I ran on it was Cyanogen MOD. But as I dung deeper into Android I began to beta test the Dark Edge UI and it was awesome. I started to use Photoshop to make my own icons, beautiful widget themes (which I have to redo b/c of the update to 5.0), and more. I’m still a n00b in PhotoShop but it was a new experience for me to see how intense all this rooting stuff could be.

    I still have it. I think I have it running on it still. I let my son use it as a WiFI device and mp3 player (who needs an iPod), LOL.

    It was great times fro Android & its community. And the Nexus devices have really brought Android back to that exciting time, IMHO.

  • mydnightsorrow

    Started with the og DROID. Been on a binge ever since. I have had the og Inc, thunderbolt, sgs fascinate, DROID bionic, sgs 3, RAZR hd, HTC 8x because why not lol. I also have a xoom and the note 10.1.

  • fratch73

    my first was a pandigital white ereader and with some really easy hacks it was awesome it got me hooked.

  • heynomi4u

    I started with an HTC Desire HD in 2011 and I got my Nexus 4 in mail today. Oh and I also bought a Touchpad during it’s $100 sale and installed CyanogenMod on it!

    • sandy105

      yeah most touchpad are running cyanogenmod now ..:)

  • tanman888

    My first experience of Android came at the hands of a HTC Desire that was Telstra branded (Australian telco). It originated with Eclair which was updated to Froyo as soon as it was available and unfortunately did not get passed Gingerbread.

    Some mates have it rooted running a customised ICS OS. Still looks like its in perfect working order despite its age.

  • Mephisto

    First and current smartphone is HTC Inspire HD, was running 2.2 now running 2.3.3.
    Also have Acer A500 Iconia Tab, with 4.0.3. Very much in love with it, rarely use my desktop now.

  • ifightforuser312

    Xperia X8 and 1.6 donut!

  • pol biswas

    My first android was LG P – 500 with froyo 2.2.

  • dacatalyst41

    Verizon OG Droid on launch day. Unfortunately….never ran a custom rom though.

  • Fiasko

    T-Mobile MyTouch 3G with Android 1.5 —> HTC Sensation —-> Nexus 4

    So far I have rooted everything except my Nexus 4, but that is only 3 days old. Thanks again Bruce for making that Sensation last so long.

  • thr970

    Evo 4g through its many upgrades, rooted and still presently running Ice cream sandwich->Samsung s3

  • Jmburks42

    My first was the HTC Hero running android 1.5

  • Auzo

    Started with the EVO 4G on Froyo, then the EVO 3D on gingerbread(i think) and currently the EVO 4G LTE on JB.

    Its not that I love HTC or anything, but on Sprint there aren’t a ton of “top of the line” Androids and the Samsung entries always came out a little later and since I have the patience of a toddler I would go with the EVO.

  • linkinmark5

    Vzw Droid 2.0..ugh…but it was a trend setter

  • gavinb

    HTC Desire with froyo. It was a tough little bugger, I dropped it quite a lot and it survived with only minimal damage.

  • isa007

    my first Android device was an Orange San Francisco (ZTE BLADE). It ran on android 2.1. I was really impressed how smart it was, compared to the Samsung Jet s8000 I had before (this was already a smart phone!). when I had the blade for a few months I heard from my brother that he had rooted his one and put a 2.2 custom rom on it. I was fascinated and did the root stuff myself. I went even further by installing a 2.3 custom rom (cyanogenmod). later Android 4.0 and even 4.1 found their way to my blade as custom roms until I bought my current galaxy Nexus :-)

  • SGB101

    G1, 1.0, was buggy as hell, wasnt till the cup cake update, that i decided that it was better bet than iphone.

    wife had the iphone 3g, at the time, and for a while, it was looking pretty good, then game cupcake then doughnut , and im still here, with the note2

    we have came along way

    .the only version of android ive not used is Honeycomb.

    • sandy105

      i wish i could have seen the early builds of android ,but the earliest i ve seen is 2.1 eclair ..
      by then it was pretty polished and unique

  • gh0st665

    My first Android device was an HTC EVO 4G (WiMax) running Froyo and Gingerbread soon there after. Eventually, it was Rooted and flashed with CyanogenMod. When Sprint announced they were abandoning WiMax, I upgraded to a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Teebor

    My first was a Samsung Galaxy S (I still have and use it)
    Pretty sure if came with Froyo but was upgraded to Gingerbeard pretty soon.

    After that I have put custom roms on it and now run Jellybean ;)

  • sandy105

    so mostly everyone rooted their first android,,nice !!
    and droid x and g1 seem to be the first device for a lot of people..

  • BrotherBloat

    My first one was HTC Desire with atrocious O2-branded early version (2.0 maybe?). I’ve had it for 2.5 years, in which time it saw an OTA update to 2.2… I recently rooted it to the newest Oxygen, as the built in app space was absolutely ridiculously low, to the point where just the built in apps’ updates would eat it all – no way could I have anything else installed… :/

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    Samsung galaxy 3 running android 2.1 eclair.

  • Guitaraholic

    I had a HTC wildfire and a HTC Desire both running 2.1 eclair when I got them :)

    I ended up running MiUi on the Desire for over 12months before I got my SGS3

  • isa007
  • justineats

    My first was the Samsung Moment with the slide out keyboard….loved it. Before that was a simple flip phone no real operating system. Been uber happy with Android and am now back with Samsung with the S3!

  • klcow92

    Galaxy Tab 7 (p1) and waiting for a Nexus 4 to come by soon :P

  • jamal adam

    My first device is my Nexus 7

    • sandy105

      you got on the android trail with the best possible device i think.:P
      by jelly bean android was simply the best.

  • tommydaniel

    Samsung Moment. Android 2.1.

  • mckeed

    I had an Sprint HTC Hero with Android 1.5

  • http://about.me/LuisOTorres taz88ny

    Sprint HTC Evo 4G
    I think it came with Android 2.2 on it.

  • Logan Edwards

    Samsung Captivate running 2.1. Promptly rooted and installed 2.2 through 4.1, until I recently sold it. It was used as a backup device, when I bought a Galaxy Nexus. Sold both of those and am now running on a Nexus 4. I have a hard time recommending anything else…

    • sandy105

      yes galaxy nexus >>nexus 4 nice

  • securifirm

    Samsung Moment…stuck on 2.1. Rooted and installed cyanogenmod to get the latest and greatest android

  • zippyioa

    I really wanted a G1 but I was stuck in contract when it was released. I had to wait until Mid 2009 to start my android addiction, since then I’ve had:

    HTC Hero on cupcake (upgraded to Donut)
    HTC Desire on eclair (upgraded to Froyo)
    LG Optimus 2x on gingerbread (upgraded to ICS)
    Samsung Galaxy S3 on ICS (upgraded to Jelly Bean)

    Galaxy Tab (wifi and 3g)
    Motorola Xoom (wifi only)
    ASUS Transformer TF300T

    • sandy105

      nice !!

  • kenny1428

    1st android phone was a samsung epic 4g Galaxy S.

  • kinkate18nic

    Galaxay Y :)

  • cduran1983

    HTC Aria here :D

  • Wayne Winkler

    My first experience was the G1 but my first device that I owned was Motorola Droid

  • ordio

    My first Android was the galaxy s1. Now I’m on the Note 2 and love that. Going from eclair to jb on my sgs1 was awesome and was great to see the upgrades.

    Before that I was on the htc touch (bell). Took some getting used to when I went to the sgs1 but was definitely worth it.

  • GuyWithDogs

    Original Motorola Droid, purchased on first day available. I was playing with it in the store and showing it to my wife, and she wanted one as well. So we left with two.

    • sandy105

      yup i bot the first android in my family,now everyone uses one

  • DrFaust

    I started with a Droid X, running eclair I believe, but shortly updated to froyo, which was great. Eventually gingerbread hit it, and my phone went bat**** insane, randomly rebooting and launching apps multiple times daily. That’s what drove me to the world of rooting and roms, but even that couldn’t hold me off long, before I bought a used Galaxy Nexus on ebay.

    That phone was great, but recently it also went insane, but in a different way. The charging port suddenly started drawing too much power, it melted the ends of 3 different chargers, created a burning smell, and heated up a car chargers end hot enough to leave a blister on my finger. I thought about fixing the charging port myself, but I had an upgrade that’d been sitting around since may, and I really wanted a Note II…

    So that’s what I currently have, waiting for some decent roms to come around so I can clean up Samsungs clutter in the notification shade.

  • piyushb

    Android 2.1

  • Rockstar323

    OG Droid was my first. Droid Incredible made me fall in love with Android and customizing my phone.

  • Laurel laurel25

    The Incredible. I don’t remember what the original operating system was on it. I think either Eclair or Froyo.

  • mlynch01

    Started with the OG the G1 baby! I rooted that bad boy and put so many different roms on it and it started my love affair with Android. I actually still have it and will keep it forever lol. From that I went to the myTouch 3G Slide to the G2 (loved this phone as well!) then bought an old HTC HD2 and put ICS on it and have that phone still as a backup device running Jellybean now. From that phone I went to HTC One S, sold that and bought a Nexus 4 which will be the phone for me for the next 2 years (as long as LG’s build quality holds up) I really enjoy it!

  • cms5423

    I started with the OG Droid on Verizon. Android 2.0! ha

  • pliu.2014

    The first one is the HTC vivid
    i think it is great

  • nebelriss

    My first device was a HTC Desire with android 2.1.
    After e while i unlocked the bootloader and installed oxygen rom.

  • LadyDi

    My first was the G1 on whatever it was running one year after it’s initial release. Been Android Happy since!!

    • LadyDi

      I still have that G1 and I’ve sold every Android device after. I would love to get time and energy to “root it” and try the upgrade on the XDA forum.

      • sandy105

        Yup even my first android is there with me .and I keep trying new ROMs on it

  • da9el

    my first device was a htc desire running 2.1. i did really enjoy all the updates all the way up to 2.3.x :p

  • TheStig

    HTC hero <33

  • pmrich

    I started late. My first is my current TF201.

  • http://jwtear.blogspot.com/ cutiyar neriman

    My first one was at 2010 when i got lg gt540 from denmark , i thin android version was 2.1 eclair.

  • Stig03

    Htc hero android 1.5

  • Nicko01

    Like a lot of other people, I started with the OG Droid, which I modded as heavily as possible. I ran several different custom ROMs, installed modified kernels to overclock to 1.3GHz from the stock 550MHz, and at one point I had a kernel that sent some data over USB to put the PS3 into service mode for modding. After using and abusing that phone for quite a while, I bought the Droid 3 because I still love physical keyboards. Unfortunately, this phone isn’t nearly as nice as I expected and has lots of problems, so hopefully I’ll upgrade soon to a quad-core 1080p “superphone.” I’m hoping one is released soon with an SD card so I can expand the storage space to 64GB because I’m basically the digital equivalent of a hoarder.

    • sandy105

      nice ,and yup not having sd card sucks .

  • rvetsch

    HTC Nexus One, First stock later then CM and other.