What would you do for a Transformer Prime?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 2:39 pm in Threads > Opinions

This ought to be interesting!

  • http://www.DollarTechCheck.com Theolonious

    *aught. If playing mind games, the least you could do is use proper grammar.

    But the things I’d be willing to do for a Transformer Prime….I’d go as far as to say Gabe Newell. (I hope that subtle suggestiveness is approved of in this forum)

  • Bryan Stoner

    Play Asteroids on the Atari 2600 for 48 hours straight.

  • orangestrat

    I made this promise on droid-life’s version of this contest, but If I win it from A&M I’d do the same. My main computer is a 3+ years old HP netbook. Clearly the TFP would become the most powerful computer I own, by a significant margin.

    If I won the TFP, I would use it to film myself lighting the HP on fire and throwing it off a building, and then send the video to A&M and/or nvidia for promotional purposes.

    More usefully, I would do a review of the tablet as my main computer and post it in these forums :)

    • orangestrat

      I could also probably arrange to have it run over by a monster truck shortly after it crashed to the concrete below. If that would help.

  • ranwanimator

    I’d kill a man.

    J/k I already have one. Though I would like to have the dock. So maybe I just need to rough someone up for that.

  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    Hmmm, this might be a good idea for a future contest… Ask people to do stupid stunts to win a Prime…

    • orangestrat

      Infinite stupidity for the TF infinity?

  • antonio14reyes

    I would tell Chuck Norris that I’m tougher than him! Hopefully its worth it though :/

    • tnnm

      Oh yah? Well I’d say it to Gary Busey and he’s far more crazy and 5 years younger than Chuck Norris – thank God he’d have a heart attack if he chased me because of the all the drugs he’s done.

  • euio

    i would post a comment

  • danferan

    I’m with euio. I’m not sure I could really answer such an obviously rhetorical question…but I do think the Transformer Prime is a wonderful device.

  • http://iwiz-vicky.blogspot.com bagarwa

    Oh, I’m joining all the android forums which are offering this beast in contest; even though I don’t like creating new accounts.