What’s better? Ignorance or knowledge?

Posted Mar 29, 2012 at 7:16 pm in Threads > Opinions

We’ve all heard the old trope, “Ignorance is bliss.”

I’ve been a bit frustrated at the android community lately, and not just the masses who barely know what android is. I’m including power users, like those who use this site. Everyone has been up in arms about 4.0.3, 4.0.4, 4.0.5, etc.

People have argued that Google should live up to the “promise” of the nexus devices and update simultaneously, and always before other devices.

I am firmly in the nexus camp. I got the Nexus One within the first week of it coming on sale, and yes, I got it because it would be updated. I recently got a Galaxy Nexus, also because I know it will be updated. Not because of a promise, or even necessarily because of the name, but because I knew it would be used by those at Google and others who make the apps and programs I would use. Importantly I didn’t get the Verizon version, even though I live in the states, I imported and then quickly flashed the Yakju factory image. I knew, like with my Nexus One that I was using what they were using, separate from any carrier. When I do recommend android (and that isn’t always), I recommend the Nexus line, but I do mention how CDMA versions aren’t quite standard, but I’m confident that they would have a good experience with the devices.

Now, everyone inside and outside of the community hears the comparisons to the iphone update cycle. They come out and they hit all versions of the handset. They don’t mention how earlier handsets (3GS) don’t actually support all features, but it carries the same number and therefore it is the same upgrade.

Android obviously has a huge number of handsets out. and now there is even a pretty large number of Nexus devices, N1, NS, GN, but also NS CDMA, GN CDMA, and don’t forget the N1 for At&t.

I have a big issues with the idea of simultaneous updates. The only true promise of simultaneous updates is that you will only get the updates as slowly as possible.

As an example, imagine that 4.0.4 is ready and available for the GSM galaxy nexus (should be easy, this is the case), what you are hearing is Verizon folks being angry and yelling on the internet. They feel that they should also have the update. it is a great injustice that their version isn’t ready.

Now imagine that the 4.0.4 update is ready for GSM devices, but won’t be pushed out. why? because Google decides to be so considerate that they won’t release it until everyone’s devices is ready for it, including Verizon customers, including nexus S 4g users, maybe even including Nexus One users. what you hear is basically just me being so angry at the quiet and jealous folks who are essentially keeping me and many others from getting a perfectly good update.

now the thing to realize here is that all of the previously angry folks where cursed google for release-to-some-and-not-all won’t actually get their devices updated any sooner or any later. nothing changes for their update. It isn’t somehow magically sped up because group A’s update wasn’t released.

Now think about Google. don’t they realize that things would be so much easier if they just put out one phone each year? that they would get less complaints and hexes thrown their way if they just dumbed down the release cycle? sure, they wouldn’t be innovating as often or as quickly, but they wouldn’t be stirring up ill will from a business stand point.

I’d say at that point they would simply following the footsteps of apple. they might lose my business, but who am I? I’m the rare consumer who chooses to pay more for my phones, buying them off contract or importing them. I try to understand how my money reinforces the systems that I buy into. I don’t agree with the way carriers operate here in the states, I don’t agree with the control that apple has over its products, I do appreciate when a product seems to cater to such a small intelligent group like developers. I’m such a small demographic that I am basically worthless.

But it looks like Google and their Nexus line is aimed squarely at people like me. I hope their direct store comes back, I will absolutely buy my future devices there. I hope that they eventually have enough sway to break out of carrier’s strangle-hold and push VoIP directly via data only channels to handsets through their already forgotten Google voice gizmo 5 acquisition.

And I will absolutely forgive them if they upgrade a device before mine. I’ve chosen carefully enough that i’m sure it will be updated by someone, Google or Cyanogen, for the next year or two.

I look at all of the articles and comments crying foul about updates and fragmentation and I consider like I consider the rest of the internet. This isn’t actually about blissful ignorance. The internet carries too many rumors and information, the blissful ignorant are off somewhere else, doing things IRL. The internet is full of those who think they know everything, and are so so so angry all the time.

Ignore them. go on with your life and remember that your phone isn’t all that important.

I’d like to hear if others agree or disagree. I’ve yet to hear a good informed argument of how we were all betrayed by an + 0.0.1 upgrade or lack there of.

tl:dr – why the hell are you so mad?