What’s in your bag?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 12:29 pm in Threads > Assignments

As the name implies this is an opportunity to let the community in by opening your bag and sharing your everyday gadgets.

I enjoy reading these over at TheVerge.com and feel this would be a pleasure to have at AAM.com


I commute to work every day from the west suburbs of Chicago into Downtown taking the Metra Train. After about an hour on the train I have another 40 minute walk to my building which is equally painful in the hot days of summer to the bitter cold of winter. With this info I was looking for a bag which can be a companion to the work supplied laptop and laptop bag. The bag is slim, light, and visually pleasing.

Work Supplied Dell Latitude E6410 (Don’t want to talk about it — terrible quality) usually try to leave this at work.

New iPad (Wi-Fi 16gb)
I enjoy using this on the commute every day and it does essentially what I expect from a media consumption device. The “Retina” display really is as amazing as everyone says. I have wanted to buy an Android Tablet, but I have been waiting for the rumored Google Nexus Tablet 

Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) and iPhone 4S (T-Mobile | Factory Unlocked)
The phone models change every year as I always buy the newest Nexus and iPhone. Both offer great experiences and fill the gaps that each OS has. I have been using the Galaxy Nexus as a 4G hotspot on my commutes and it has been great.

Bowers & Wilkins C5s and P5s
Everyone has their preference when it comes to sounds. These have been the most pleasing to my ears to date. B&W offers great quality, sound, and looks in my opinion.

- Wacom Bamboo Stylus
- Charger Cables
- Spare Battery for Galaxy Nexus
- Microfiber Cloth

When all else fails and batteries run out I have been reading the 4th installment of the Eragon Series.

This seems to be my usually daily gadget bag which now sounds like too much stuff to be carrying

Share your gadget bags