Whats the status on a potential Nexus 10 2nd-Gen?

Posted Sep 25, 2014 at 8:07 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Okay so I have the Asus Infinity Tablet TF700…its horrible, barely usable due to its lag. I also own the Nexus 4 and love it (though it has some annoying bugs), and bought the Nexus 7 for my mother and its awesome.

So im looking to get a new tablet, 10 inch, nothing smaller…but the Nexus 10 is still a first generation, i guess technically i could get a Samsung w/e tablet but i just really like Nexus, i like the Vanilla Android OS, updates first and i like using the tech Google themselves have a part in.

So is everything regarding a Nexus 10 2nd Gen rumor? Is there anything that we know for sure that hints strongly at a update (gen 2)? Any time table?

Thanks guys/gals!

  • daveloft

    None. But there should!d be a Nexus 9.

  • M3rc Nate

    Disappointing…i can understand how maybe a 9 inch screen tablet is friendlier to peoples lives than a 10 inch…but I really prefer the 10 inch form factor. I love the Nexus 7, but to me its a great on the go tablet, great for students and travelers and people who lightly use their tablet, but i like the 10 inch because I use a stand to watch movies on it, i like a more laptop experience with my tablet.

    That you guys know of, besides a nexus tablet, what is the go-to favorite 10 inch tablet on the market right now (Android duh)? The Samsung Tab S?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Nick Sarafolean

      Out of the 10-inch tablets on the market, I’d say that the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 takes the cake. It’s got plenty of bloatware, but that big, gorgeous screen makes up for any problems.

  • Meatier

    I have a Nexus 10 that I still use every day. It has aged quite well, the screen is great and it’s perfect for media consumption, the exynos processor which is outdated now for gaming but I’m not much of a gamer anyway. I wouldn’t even consider buying a Samsung tablet because of the bloated software, I’m addicted to pure Google. I will certainly consider upgrading to the rumoured HTC Nexus 9.

    • M3rc Nate

      Yeah, im not shocked to hear that about the Nexus 10, I looked them up to see what they cost used (along with a Nexus 7 used) and I was surprised to see such great prices…but it made me think, well…if they for real tell us there isnt going to be a Nexus 10″, that the Nexus 9 is the new “big tablet” size for them, i think i would rather save the $130 for the Nexus 9 which will be brand new and cutting edge spec wise.

  • Ed S

    i still have an Asus TF700. It is so slow that I bought an iPad Air. I hate to say this, I am very happy with my purchase and impressed as well. The Asus TF700 is as slow as my old Apple II GS that had dial up internet.

    I never thought I would ever own an iPad.

    Also, I had to buy a new laptop last year. It was an easy decision not to spend any more money on Asus products. I bought a Sony Vios and am loving it. Thanks Asus!

    • M3rc Nate

      Its so sad…so freakin sad cause the TF700 is STILL high end by todays standards! Its got a quad core, a 1920x1200P screen, all the specs are great…except what makes it so freakin slow, with such horrible lag, which from what i understand is the RAM or something. If it wasnt laggy, i would use it every day and still be 100% satisfied with it and its specs. Such a freakin waste of money, i wish someone had sued cause its unusable.

      Yeah i did a little research on the Samsung tablets especially the S….not interested at all for that exact reason. Their apps look lame and bloated and it just makes me love Vanilla Android more.

  • http://www.androidandme.com Nick Sarafolean

    As of right now, pretty much nil. That HTC Nexus tablet is supposed to be eight or nine inches (I haven’t checked those rumors in a while) but essentially, the 10-inch Nexus line is dead. Which is quite possibly the saddest thing in the Android world because 10-inch Nexus tablets really need to be a thing again.