When the Smoke Clears…

Posted Aug 27, 2012 at 11:32 pm in Threads > Opinions

The battle between Samsung and Apple will rage on for some time to come but at some point the loss of money (especially the fall in Samsung’s share prices) will force Samsung to back down.

So if you were the head of UI design at any other manufacturer than Apple, what would be your alternatives to Apple’s patented features?

For instance what new thing would you do to replace double tap to zoom, pinch to zoom and end of page bounce for example?

  • Bpear96

    Google/AOSP has already taken care of end of page bounce in Gingerbread (somewhat) and the rest in ICS/JB With the afterglow effect on most pages when you scroll to the end, but the stock gingerbread launcher did have somewhat of a bounce back, at end of app drawer. ICS fixed that with a more of a 3d animation, that curves the app page back vs bouncing back.
    I really don’t know about pinch to zoom, double tap.. I thought we had this debate couple years ago when android first added pinch to zoom, and people found it was ok, and apple didnt really invent it. But i guess if i had to, i would use something similar to what samsung did, where you put two fingers on screen, and tilt phone backwards/forwards “motion zoom” then i guess just a zoom icon on button, to replace double tap.

    Checkout this article http://www.theverge.com/2012/8/25/3268609/how-google-has-avoided-apples-patents-trade-dress-other-claims shows some ways google has mostly avoided much trouble with apple.

    • h0ruza

      Yes the answer would be to stick to stock android but in all honesty I don’t believe Samsung will simply put out there phones without putting there stamp on the UX. There wasn’t anything stopping them using stock alternative yet they took the risk and chose to assimilate Apple’s methods. Creating S Voice must have cost them money yet the did so when Google Voice search is superior in every way.

      Its a crying shame but that’s the nature of these manufacturers and for the average Joe the UX is the first and only thing after the physical looks of a phone that will make them see the difference between HTC, Samsung or anyone else’s phone.

      • Bpear96

        Well im pretty sure there new UX doesnt infringe at all or nearly as much (zoom method is questionable i guess, but thats in AOSP) They use afterglow effect, dropped the boxy icons (for the most part, but so did the S2 Ui) S Voice is actually just a rebadged https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vlingo.phoenix&hl=en with maybe some slight improvements.

        Samsung seems to have had there Galaxy S3 designed by lawyers, not inspired by nature. They really did try there best to not infringe this time around, and to my eyes they havent much. But like you say maybe SVoice, but that could be argued that its not really a Samsung application entirely.

  • redraider133

    well there wasn’t because they weren’t getting sued left and right. I think they are going to see that they are more protected using stock and may go that route. I can’t really see them completely designing a new UI it just seems like that would take years and essentially would go from having a decent skin to a WIP for years to come and I do not think samsung wants to go back that route almost putting them where they were years ago with their awful skin until they finally got it right. I guess only time will tell what samsung will do. Losing $$ can be a big influence on forcing a company to change. They do not want to continue to be tied up in all these lawsuits.

  • http://reverenddak.straycouches.com reverenddak

    The whole thing is a racket. It’d be like Ford not letting Chevy use a steering wheel on their car designs. Certain touch screen “concepts” are intuitive because they’re natural. Pointing is natural, all cultures point. Stretching a ball of dough to make pizza: Pinch/zoom. I don’t know about “double-tap” to though? Who does that? Windows & MAC OS both use Double-click to launch an application, why someone would double-tap to zoom doesn’t make sense to me. But makes even less sense to “patent” it.

    • h0ruza

      I’ve always thought why double tap instead of single tap? Tap a body of text to resize to the screen dimensions…. Done

      As for pinch to zoom… in nature I pinch to get chased by a girl not to zoom. It just so happens that its a nice action so it works.

  • shaun76

    End of page bounce has already been solved with the glow. Pinch to zoom and double tap are tough. I think the next evolution will be some sort of motion gestures – like wii remote movements, or maybe pinch and zoom ABOVE the screen.

  • h0ruza

    Yes there is the end of page bounce glow alternative but why should progression end there?
    I’m dual booting CyanogenMod 9 and ressurection remix for my jelly fix and both have the tv screen off animation which never fails to look cool. The ressurection remix version has some finer touches that that adds that extra something and that’s what I like about android.
    Like the hardware its constantly moving forward and refining.
    What if when you reach the end of screen and instead of the glow the screen content had a ripple effect sent in the opposite direction much like in the matrix when neo comes back to life in that corridor and everything bows out. It could hold that effect until you take your finger off the screen then it would return to the natural shape but with a eased ripple sent in the opposite direction. This could be gentle or stronger depending on the speed at which your finger was moving or how far your finger went past the end of page. I think that would be jaw dropping but would it be considered a bounce or a release of energy?