Where do we see the winners?

Posted Dec 11, 2012 at 10:13 pm in Threads > News

Does any one have an idea on who wins every day? or where it is posted?

  • Xallies

    There should update their (Coming Soon) or have a link to a page or something

    • Xallies


  • jeshep

    All of the winners announced so far can be found on the “25 Days of Tegra” page. Look up near the top of the page at the “countdown” bar; boxes with each day represented by either an avatar, ‘x’ icon, current day graphic, or number icon. The avatars are the winners (only two announced at the time of this post).

    • jeshep
      • dino13

        Well the site has not been update for days. Have they already picked more then the first two winners?

        • Trean

          Yeah I was originally thinking there would be like a few days to a week delay but the third day of Tegra was 9 days go.

          • dino13

            Seems like it. It would be great if anyone from the android and me team would take part at least in some of the discussions here in the threads.

  • zacks2art

    Yes!!!! I would love to see some winners!!!!!!! Maybe they did the competition before Tegra Shipped all the goodies and they wait to announce until the product actually arrives…. Who knows thats a wild guess…

  • mydnightsorrow

    It’s 12-12-12 & the 12th day of giveaways so let’s make it someone’s lucky day shall we?

    • decker

      You nearly posted this at 12pm CST, that would of been perfect.

      • Xallies

        He did at 12:12

        • decker

          OHHHHH SNAPPPPPPP!!!!!

          • decker

            And his current rank is 12.

          • Trean

            quick freeze his account… i guess a screenshot would suffice too

  • Xallies

    Still no update. Weird. Perhaps I will make a new user name “coming soon”

  • Trean

    Day 3 still says coming soon. Wow this is unexpectedly long delay

  • dbcher

    I still can’t find the links to the winners, but I figure I am not one of them

  • LadyDi

    Hope I win!!

  • Samar

    I guess, all names will be revealed on 25th as Christmas Gift. :)

    • TheVoodoo

      That would actually be fun! Imagine waking up on Christmas day to find out that you won one of the wonderful devices. It’ll be really fun.

    • dino13

      Well that would make Sense (thanks HTC)

  • mernen

    I certainly wish A&Me were clearer on some rules. Not only on when the winners would be announced, but also for how long each pool would be open – is it just the first 24 hours? Or are you still good after that?

    • http://builditrightcomputers.com Allan Tribe

      I’m pretty sure it is just 24 hours. Although I’m not sure what time zone they are using. Probably pacific time.

      • mernen

        Seems like they’re closing threads now, and yesterday’s already off… I’m pretty sure I saw some running for over a day before, though, which is why I asked.

  • rond

    I don’t even see the first 2 days of winners. Have they removed them also? Hope it isn’t some type of deal where you have to claim your prize in x hours or you lose it.

    • Stig03

      i was thinking that toooo

  • Stig03

    i hope i win!

  • Ezy03

    i want the one x

  • TheStig

    it hasent update in a while :(

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    Keep calm people. Keep calm. The winners will be posted.

  • Teebor

    Chill peeps, its stuff being given away for free. It comes when it comes :)

    I for one would like to say thanks to the staff of this website for doing a giveaway

  • BrotherBloat

    it’s a great giveaway – I think during the run-up to Xmas, it’s perfectly normal for the announcements to be slightly delayed :)

  • kelltrash14

    Yeah, no reason to sweat. You probably shouldn’t depend on winning an item for under the Christmas tree =)

  • rewagner

    Late xmas gifts? :-D