Where does the future of Smartphone tech lead us?

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I have a very legit reason for asking this.. Everyone blog site is so focused on Htc and Samsung and LG and Sony.. With all of the the powerful specs.. Where do we go from here.. We already have news of a. Couple of manufactures already on the list for the next s4 processor.. The s4 800.. What about displays and features that are gimmicky but a viable candidate to become standard in the future.. The near future.. What about design and interfaces.. Maybe I’m crazy for posting this thread.. But I believe this is a very legit question.. We have yet to explore the true possibilities of what our phones can do.. And don’t get me wrong.. We have come very far.. I mean I myself love the graphics of Modern Combat 4 on my GS4 and N.O.V.A 3 ON my HTC One.. But with all that we invest in when it comes to Smartphones are we selling ourselves short..? Is it up to us, the consumer, on where the future of smartphone and tablet tech can lead us? Am I not paying attention to something that maybe you the reader has? If so.. Let me know.. In fact shout out below and let me know where you stand on this subject and if I’m behind or simply on the same page as you are..

  • Ryan Gails

    Honestly, I think that it’s all about what we endorse through consuming. If someone comes out with a phone with some ridiculous feature, we can either hop on board and then voice our opinions or refuse to allow that to become the norm. I’m sure that the major companies listen to those boards out there where people throw out viable ideas and do some research into whether or not that’s doable. I think that we need to voice our opinions and our desires for different things more loudly and possibly in different directions so that we are heard and maybe some OEMs will take our advice. Gotta support what we want and make it clear when we don’t want something that an OEM just forces on us. That’s my two cents

    • jerrbomb

      Yeah.. You do have a point.. And thanks for your two cents..

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  • Jim1984

    Well i was thinking the same question and just a few days back i found this app on internet http://www.mobogenie.com and i was forced to beilive that evolution is not far away.

  • NamelessTed

    I think you can kind of look at the laptop market to draw some parallels with the mobile market.

    When laptops first started coming out, and for quite a while after, the actual power/performance was really important. It was all about getting the most computing power possible in a smaller mobile system. Once laptops got to the point where “average” mid-range specs were “fast enough” for 80% of the consumer that was no longer the focus. At that point there were a handful of different focuses. The first being making laptops as affordable as possible for a wide range of customers. Then there was a focus on making them as small as possible. Now the two major focuses are getting the best battery life possible, and making high quality and well built laptops. The current craze is with higher priced “ultrabooks” which are just your standard laptop specs, but the build quality on those devices are generally really really nice. Much higher durability that crappy plastic builds of the past.

    With cell phones, it is extremely similar, but in some ways accelerated. Since the iPhone and HTC G1 it has been a huge race of getting the phones as crazy powerful as possible. We went from a 500MHz single core CPU to up to a 1.7GHz Quad core CPU in the matter of 5 years. Not to mention the rest of the specs that have been increasing like mad.

    Right now we are at the point where I think any current mobile chips on the market are “fast enough” for a vast majority of users. The HTC One is the best current example of the “ultrabook” focus on build quality. There have been a couple of phones with larger batteries that are focusing more on battery life, but not many. And now we are also seeing a focus on affordability with the Moto X.

    So, I think we will see a wider variety of phones coming out. There will still be expensive phones that focus on high build quality (HTC One), more phones focused on ruggedness (S4 Active), affordability (Moto X), battery life (MAXX phones, but hopefully everything will have this focus soon). I am also hoping that the Moto X will allow people to accept smaller screen sizes again at 4.3″. Some people prefer having a smaller display/phone (not thickness), just as not everybody wants to have a 17″ laptop.

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