Which Android Device you use ?

Posted Dec 13, 2012 at 10:01 am in Threads > Opinions

Hi all , I just wanted to know that which Android Device you use .

Please comment your Device name below .

  • Prasoon Tiwari 1

    I use Samsung Galaxy SIII and Note 800

  • kookeetree

    Samsung Skyrocket, ICS 4.0.4

    Toshiba Excite 10, ICS 4.0.3

    • Prasoon Tiwari 1

      Good Choice !

  • reyame

    Archos 28 2.2
    Pandigital Novel White 2.1(rooted)
    HTC Dream cyanogenmod 5

    I soooo wanna upgrade

  • golfpedaler

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – T-Mobile
    Google Nexus 10

    Neither is rooted…haven’t felt the need to do that yet. Every other Android device that I’ve owned I’ve rooted…BTW

    • Prasoon Tiwari 1

      Don’t root note 2 . I lost my Note 2 while Rooting and in India it costed me 37000 Bucks … Its just a show piece now

      • DrFaust

        I’ve got a Note 2, and I think the awful looking notification shade alone is enough to push me to Root the device and flash a new ROM, but I’m definitely going to give it a few weeks, for the kinks and bugs in the process and ROMs to get smoothed out, as well as for more support to arrive.

    • dino13

      That’s how I feel with my LG Optimus 4x HD. It has “only” ICS but I don’t see me really missing out on something.

    • gh0st665

      The only reason I root/unlock my devices is to create Nandroid back-ups and use Titanium Back-up. I get more use from the device with it rooted IMO.

  • mjhombre

    37,000 bucks? WTH! I am feeling a little better about shelling out $800 here in US.

    • Prasoon Tiwari 1

      But we have higher salary in India , agv salary in India is – 70,000 to 100,000 INR now dived it by 55 = $ 1272 to $ 1818 and Iphone cost in India = 55000 Bucks , In India hand made thing are much cheaper than eletronics , a Kite will cost you 2 cent’s :)

  • cliffordgreer

    I use an HTC Sensation 4G with CM9.

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    GSM Galaxy Nexus

  • jeshep

    Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 now. Had a Nexus S and MyTouch 3g previously.

  • LucenNox

    Nothing yet, I get my Nexus 4 on Christmas.

  • bdub

    Currently active between my wife and I:

    GS3, Gnex, Fire, TF300T

  • pol biswas

    Sumsang galaxy s 2 with ics.

  • gh0st665

    Galaxy Nexus , unlocked/rooted with Stock 4.1.1 (Stupid Sprint) and the Franco Kernel using Wheatley governor (phenomenal battery life!)

    Nexus 7 rooted/unlocked running 4.2.1 stock

  • Chris Lewis


  • HowlPendragon

    Currently on an Inspire 4G

    Waiting for the GS4 or something else to pop up :p

  • Thomas Biard

    I win with the oldest phone on the thread. Moto Droid X that I got on the day it was released. Just bought my third battery and waiting to get it in the mail.

  • MagikalTrev

    Currently using a Moto Bionic….On the edge about jumping ship with Verizon to grab a Nexus 4 and go to AT&T : |

  • SGB101

    Daily driver is Note2 and nexus 7.

    Other house phones in action are sgs3 (wife), one X (son), sgs1 (daughter) and two blackberry (other son and daughter)

    Retired ; G1, Hero, Desire, Xperia x10i, Desire hd, and Sensation XE.

    Think that covers it.

    • Prasoon Tiwari 1

      Nice Collection :P

  • Kaote

    HTC One S
    Transformer (101) – Seroiusly considering rooting it to JB.

    Have had some version on an android phone since the G1

  • Teebor

    Samsung Galaxy S with Jellybean 4.2.1 – utterly brilliant
    Samsung Galaxy S3 with Jellybean 4.1.1 – waiting on the official 4.1.2 from Samsung :( why u take so long!

  • justineats

    I use the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint and the ASUS Transformer Infinity Eee Pad!!!!!! Love them both!!

  • ndorrough

    HTC One S and Nexus 7. T-Mobile is taking its sweet old time pushing out 4.2 to the One S, but still very happy with both.

    Previous phone: Nexus One

  • surg3d

    Still rocking my good ol’ HTC EVO 3D :)

    Want a Nexus next though. Would love a phablet-sized one. We’ll see.

  • R_Leslie

    Samsung Skyrocket w/ CM10

  • MisterLee

    Nexus S 4G … yea i know time to upgrade =/

  • impromark

    Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 – THinking about venturing into the ROM workd and ICS-ing this otherwise reliable player.

    Acer A700 – my beloved tablet. Not the best in the world in any category, but I just can’t do without it.


    • kelltrash14

      Note II and a Nexus 7 (feels like the 7 is headed for retirement now that I have the Note…)

      • SGB101

        I know what you mean, I bought my 7 after my note2 and have hardly used it.

        I always wanted a smaller tablet (had an ipad2) but for me the note is the perfect size for tablet/phone combo. Even the 7 seems bulky after the note2.

  • dbcher

    Samsung galaxy sII WiMax (special Japanese version of the SII With Wimax and a faster proc)
    good enough phone but no custom roms at all.

  • chestont

    Samsung NS4G on running the immortal Bugless Beast ICS Rom on it. Patiently waiting to replace with a Nexus 4. Also using an unrooted Nexus 7 8gb.

  • champlification

    Droid DNA.

  • teacheronthego

    ASUS TF300…just added the keyboard dock. Well worth the money spent.

  • Guitaraholic

    Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 7 and a HP Touchpad running 4.1 ( if the Touchpad counts)!

  • iSpanish

    Galaxy S3 and Galaxy note 10.1

  • ordio

    Acer Iconia a501 (3g/4g model), Samsung Galaxy Tab (7″, original), Galaxy Note 2 (upgraded from Samsung Galaxy S1).

  • TheVoodoo

    Nexus 4.

  • josha14025

    HTC one x on AT&T

  • sm.komo

    I work for a FANTASTIC Verizon Premium Retailer and they let us use any phones in stock to demo them and see how they operate! I’m currently on the GS3, but I’m excited to try the DNA or Note II next!

  • jaysond

    have a few phones and tablets but my fab is the acer iconatab almost as good as my ipad except for incompatible apps

  • lou2cool88

    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for VZW and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Nicko01

    Droid 3 =/
    It’s just so slow. I wish there were more options for phones with keyboards. That was the primary reason I bought it.

  • jcbobea

    Nexus 7

  • uknowme

    This is being typed on my Nexus 7. My phone is a Evo LTE and my girlfriend uses a Photon Q.

    • Shawn Flanagan

      Nice to see I’m not the only one with that lineup. I have a Nexus 7 as my tablet. My phone is an Evo LTE, and my wife has a GS3. No dedication to manufacturer here: Asus, HTC, & Samsung.

  • wickedme

    GS3 now, I started my Android love with the Nexus One. Won’t ever go to any other os!

  • pikahatonjon

    nexus 4/galaxy nexus.
    im still using my galaxy nexus cus im waiting for my replacement RMA n4 to ship :C

  • Prasoon Tiwari 1

    +1 For Everyone

  • nicotinemind

    I have a cheap Huawei Ideos X5 Pro with ICS.My first android and have quite enjoyed the experience.Really thinking of getting a Nexus 7 32gb 3g after (or just before) christmas.Looks sooo fine:)

  • sandy105

    i use a htc one x and nexus 7 .
    and old optimus one because of all the dev support for it.also becoz it was my first android.
    i also use an old blackberry curve and a ipod touch for ios apps.

    my father uses an galaxy s2 and sister an htc incredible s.
    i lost an sony x10i,and sold my optimus 2x.

  • Danny Calderon

    i have a my touch 4g , getting a new phone by years end (hopefully a nexus 4),and have a Nexus 7

  • mcdan333

    Galaxy S3, rooted and running Cyanogenmod 10. Also a Galaxy Tab 2. And a Nook color.

    • mcdan333

      Just switched back to rooted stock Touchwiz 4.1.1 JB, thanks to Chainfire’s awesome tool Mobile Odin Pro. Between Mobile Odin, TWRP, CWM and Titanium Backup, switching roms is so easy. I might try out the CM10.1 nightly build today.

  • keyl10

    Nexus 7

  • Jonathan Hagberg

    Still use my Nexus One! Got an Asus Transformer tf300 too though.

  • Monsunami

    I have an LG L55C (Lg optimus Q).

  • scottryan78

    Galaxy Nexus with Codename Android. Best rom that I’ve had on it so far for battery life and stability.

  • LadyDi


  • scaarg

    Razr Maxx (International version, thanks for ruining a great phone Verizon) and a Nexus 7 3G.
    Both stock.

  • Nostril

    Nexus 4 16GB unrooted – I’m loving it! Also ordered a Nexus 10 32GB, so I can’t wait for that! I previously used an Evo 3D CDMA, which was alright.

  • Stig03


  • pmrich

    ASUS TF201 and Galaxy S2

  • Ezy03

    only nexus devices!

  • sonicdeathmunky

    Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100t Telstra Variant)
    Nexus 7 (rooted)

  • TheStig

    galaxy nexus!

  • Alec Waddelow

    Samsung Galaxy S2 (At&T version) running 4.1.2

    • Alec Waddelow

      And TF101

  • Brandon Thomas

    Toshiba Thrive

  • ryan003

    Still on an HTC Incredible w/CM 7.2 for my phone. ASUS Transformer Prime on JB 4.1 for the tablet.

  • Charlong666

    Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

    Eagerly awaiting the end of January when my Nexus 4 is supposed to arrive.

  • cduran1983

    The little one TF101! :D I planing to get a phone, but still deciding on what to get for Christmas.

  • BrotherBloat

    HTC Desire with Oxygen – time for an upgrade soon!

  • utsav911

    Xperia Arc HD !

  • BradleyRuiz

    Galaxy S 3

  • thymeless

    Original Xoom and Galaxy Nexus.

  • JonJJon

    Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Nexus 7 32GB

    I did have a Desire S but that is now my mum’s with a Sense 4 ROM put on it (still got to teach her how to do anything basic on it xP )

  • tkarel

    Motorola Photon Q from Sprint, free-of-charge on a new line of service. I got it for the wife but have been using it for a month and, believe it or not, actually like it.
    If you haven’t heard of it, no biggie. If you have one, though, please comment with what you like, what you don’t like, and how you fixed what you don’t like.

    I like the backlit, slider keyboard WAY more than I thought. Mostly because predictive text has come so far since I started using SWYPE. My wife excels at many things, but I can tell you now that a SWYPE interface would never work for her. She “came of age” on a physical keyboard and will really enjoy a big, backlit (yes she sometimes works in the dark, literally) keyboard.
    The native on-screen keyboards work OK. I haven’t used SWYPE on it much and don’t want to train it now that the sliding, backlit, physical keyboard (SBPK) has so much of my stuff.

    Second, the display is big AND gorgeous.

    Third and so on:
    - Solid feel and tight slide. The phone is weighty but not heavy. The slide is solid and hasn’t loosened a mm since I got it.
    - Not intimidating to an Android noob, but not too simplistic for a someone who has rooted an earlier Android phone without bricking it. I found that as I dug for tweaks and configs they were easy to find and worked as anticipated.
    - The Sprint-ware on it is minimal. It’s not a pure Android experience (angelic chorus swell-and-fade), but it’s not nearly as tedious and offensive as previous Sprint Android phones.
    - The SBPK has a solid software integration. Switch to it when your text message or Waze road update starts to get long and it doesn’t choke, cough, or even sputter. Sometimes it has a problem, but that’s usually when I’ve got a lot of apps running or something.

    Downside. Integral battery, 4GB total memory. For some people these are deal-breakers and I understand that. And there’s no way to fix that. But my wife doesn’t care about the battery and memory and many potential Android-users won’t care either.

    Overall, the Photon Q makes a good transition for people accustomed to sliders who want a bigger, clearer screen on a phone that does more and does it better.

    As Mr. Bean said; “Well, that’s what I think.”

  • Scottm

    My first smartphone was the OG Droid.
    Then I moved on to the Samsung Fascinate.

    Now I am on the Droid Razr MAXX. (not the new HD) It does everything very well. No need for any upgrades for me at this time.

  • StabMasterArson

    Originally had a Galaxy S Vibrant, then upgraded to the HTC One S this past summer. Rooted it and updated to CM10 and am loving it. Hoping to pick up a Nexus 7 in the very near future.