Which Is Your Favorite Keyboard?

Posted Dec 07, 2012 at 11:09 am in Threads > Opinions

Old School IBM Keyboard

One of the great things about Android is that we have a plethora of keyboard options available to us. We are leaps and bounds ahead of iOS and Windows Phone on this front. Mind you, they have nice stock keyboards but you get what they give you and you have very few options and control over influencing how those keyboards work.

What keyboard do you use? Are you a swiper? Are you a poker who pecks (heh, I had to be careful there)? How do you like your keyboard?

  • Brandon Thomas

    I love SwiftKey. Trying flow now, b but wish it worked in landscape mode

  • Thomas Biard

    I Swype. It came with my phone and I can’t imagine using anything else. A while back I bought SwiftKey when it was on sale, but I have no need to switch. Swype is awesome because I can type with one hand while otherwise occupied…I don’t even need to look at the phone.

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      I used to absolutely LOVE and swear by Swype. However, I’m really growing fond of the new Nexus 4 keyboard. It has very similar Swype functionality. The engine is a tad behind Swype but what keeps me on this instead of going back to Swype is that this uses the built-in speech recognition engine. I hate that Swype can’t use the built-in engine for this but instead uses the Dragon whatever engine. That thing is terrible compared to the built-in Android Speech Recognition engine!

      • Thomas Biard

        Interesting. I have never had a problem with my Swype speech recognition, however I only use it to send texts. It took some getting used to while trying to enunciate properly, but when I am able to upgrade my device, I look forward to Google Now with all the voice recognition features.
        I do know Swype is improving because they now have so much competition with stock keyboards and apps like SwiftKey, so maybe that will cause Swype to really step up their game.

    • Jeffdwisc

      +1 for Swipe. I am trying the new swiftkey flow beta and I am finding that the pattern recognition of swipe is better. We will see how it ends up though when it is formally released.

    • DroidPower

      Also love Swype. Tried some of the other options, but decided the Swype that came with the phone worked out the best! Just a personal opinion though.

  • heynomi4u

    I use SwiftKey. Just downloaded the Flow, but haven’t tried it out yet.

  • jonneves

    Swype! No doubt about it.

  • Charlong666

    I’ve used quite a few different keyboards during my time with android; sense keyboard, stock android, swype, swiftkey, and a few others that are older. I have to say that swiftkey 3 is by far the best one so far. Might try out swiftkey flow though soon…

  • rc213

    Loving Swiftkey Flow so far but they need to add a user dictionary that can be backed up and synced.

    • heynomi4u

      I agree. A user dictionary will be a great addition. I started using the flow today and while I am still learning to use it, I must say that I absolutely love it. The fact that I can just type sentences without lifting my finger is amazing. I still have issues spelling words with double letters and non-english words. I’ll watch their tutorial video and hopefully that should sort out a few things for me.

  • scaarg

    I use this badass:


    It’s the same one on JB 4.2 and has the gesture typing, suggestions and everything you see in the Nexus 4. I just can’t believe its free. The full app it’s more customizable but you get a lot with the free one.

    • gp126904

      Same here, stock Android 4.2 keyboard FTW!!!!

  • http://jwtear.blogspot.com/ cutiyar neriman

    Stock Keyboard in Jelly Bean.

    • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

      I love the stock keyboard too. I’ve gotten so used to it that I can find my way around it pretty quickly.

  • _AjD

    I love Swype for my TF201 – when I’m not using the dock but I’ve never really liked it on a phone, it just takes up so much screen space.

    I do a lot of emails so being able to read and edit large sections is important to me – which is probably why I’m still using a G2 with the physical keyboard.

    Perhaps my problem would be a non-issue with a 5″ screen – but I’m hesitant to make the jump to something without a physical keyboard.

    I realize I’m getting off topic – but anyone have thoughts/experience with the transition?

    • tanman888

      I agree about the physical keyboard point. Do you find swype on say a 10″ tablet a lot more cumbersome and slower? THat’s based on my limited experience.

      • _AjD

        I don’t think it will ever be as fast as a real keyboard. With the latest ver. you can choose from multiple sizes for the keyboard and I’ve found the smaller size (which takes up <the lower 1/4 of the screen) to be much faster than the full size (Swype) – trade off a bit less accurate.

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    I’ve experimented with quite a few different keyboards ….from swype, stock keyboard, better keyboard 8 and swiftkey to name a few. Presently I’m using swype.

  • exilis

    Tried a few but keep gravitating back to swiftkey, have never quite taken to anything else yet. It’s the first thing that gets installed on any device

  • kookeetree

    Split keyboard user here. I use the app called “Thumb Keyboard” for my tablet. The app gives you nice amount of customization. I love it and worth every penny I paid.

    • Martyac

      Yes Thumb Keyboard is the best. I use it on my phone and note 10.1. I used to use swift key but after trying TK I was mad that I even wasted my time with SK. Easily the best 3rd party keyboard out there.

  • tanman888

    Still stuck on Swype here too.
    No desire to move on to anything else yet.

  • lou2cool88

    The 4.2 stock keyboard is great. I also really loved Swiftkey and think Swiftkey Flow looks like it adds all of things I love about Swype to all of the things I love about Swiftkey.

  • pol biswas

    Multilingual keyboard is the best one it gives you the ultimate customization.

  • tris_r

    Swiftkey, phone and tablet! Plus I just learnt that it can now speak Aussie.

    I tried Swype but didn’t find it as quick to pick up and getting to symbols and numbers wasn’t as easy.

    Can’t wait for my Nexus 4 to try the new keyboard.

  • chestont

    Swiftkey has been great for me. I’ve done Swype several times and always switched back because it wouldn’t run very well on my NS4G. Now that Swiftkey Flow is in beta I’ve been trying that out. Love it for when I want to type one handed on my phone. Still prefer to type with two thumbs in portrait like a giant Blackberry on my Nexus 7.

  • sandy105

    i really like the stock 4.2 keyboard on my nexus 7 and use swype on my optimus phone

  • redraider133

    I actually really like the stock keyboard in 4.2 I love the swype like features and google has really done a good job with it. I have also downloaded the new swype flow and will try that as well.

  • gh0st665

    Swiftkey on both my phone & tablet.

  • Prasoon Tiwari 1

    I love Swiftkey for my Phone and Stock Keyboard for my Tablet .

  • da9el

    swiftkey 3 is pretty good. now i’m trying swiftkey flow!

  • Laurel laurel25

    I really like Smart Keyboard Pro.

  • acidone

    SwiftKey is the only one for me.

  • decker

    I’ve never tried swiftkey. Will have to give it a try. I use stock ICS keyboard on my Sony X10

  • digvijaya07

    swiftkey Is Excellent

  • TheVoodoo

    I use, love and recommend SwiftKey; and practically force-install it on all friend and family devices making coverts out of them.

    I’m now trying SwiftKey flow, which seems promising, but redundant since SwiftKey is already so extremely quick and convenient to type with due to its amazing to next-word prediction as well as error-correction capabilities.

  • kr.ray.kaushik

    Try usig S PEN of NOTE 2 with writing pad keyboard in android..!!!!! Love it..!!

  • tervijawn

    SwiftKey really improves upon the stock Android keyboard, especially in terms of accuracy and speed. I’ve tried GO and A.I. but they seemed to slow down the whole process of typing while trying to load the keyboard app.

    If there’s one app you’re going to spend money on, make sure its SwiftKey. I’ve had iOS users tell me that they would put it on par with the iPhone keyboard – some even prefered it.

  • rewagner

    Stock in JB works for me…but love my Keyboard/docking bay on my TF201…does it all for me.

  • w5t1h7

    swiftkey for phone, stock for tablet :) love the big keys, anyone knows a nice tablet keyboard with nice keys? the ones i’ve tried all have small ones

  • alexanderharri3

    Hi, As many of you have tried or used SwiftKey Flow more (or stop using it due to issues), can you share your thoughts on how you’ve liked/disliked after getting more practice with the app?

    I’m trying to compile a list from the greater community to submit to SwiftKey so they can improve their product. I’m using a thread to compile our thoughts:

    You may leave a comment here (supporting the OP) or over in my summary thread linked above. I’ll find them either way — but will only be able to edit the summary thread with updated feedback from the community.

    They are great developers, so any help we can give them from the community will aid them in making Flow as great as if not better than Swype (especially by making it on the Play Store).