who do you want to see come out with the next Nexus?

Posted Jan 16, 2013 at 12:16 pm in Threads > Opinions

There aren’t many rumors going around other than your run of the mill rumors You know, the ones like the Moto X? lets back track just a little and reflect on the Nexus 4. Wait, there isn’t much to reflect on is there? I’m not bad mouthing Google’s decision to pick an OEM who obviously wasn’t prepared for the demand of Google’s flagship device. Both parties dropped the ball and now both of them are paying for it dearly. the point is, hopefully we can put the Nexus 4 woes behind us and focus on what is to come next. I remember when many people and many OEMs were scared that Google’s Acquisition of Motorola would mean automatic favoritism when it came to the Nexus brand. Now, we are either wishing the did pick Moto (favoritism or not), or gone with someone else who could’ve handled this (Google is to blame too) much better. So who does Google have in mind now? Or better yet, who are they in talks with? I for one wish that it was HTC once again, but i don’t think it will happen this time around. So i’ll go for something a bit more realistic and say that its going to be Motorola, but i wish to see HTC or even Sony take the reigns this time around.

What do you think?

  • DrFaust

    I’ve always been fond of Motorola build quality so I would welcome a Nexus device from them. Sony seems capable of making a great Nexus device too, but I haven’t actually spent any time with any of their phones.

  • jerrbomb

    i definitely hear you on that, Motorola could definitely come out with a great Nexus Device.

    • jamal adam

      I think that Motorola will be working on the X phone what was rumored. On the other hand, I feel an HTC Nexus would be really nice, it’s been to long since the Nexus One. Sony is another great company to make the Nexus and seeing the Xperia Z, makes it a welcome option. On the whole, I think that there should be multiple options for the Nexus from multple companies. It would offer us more options, which is always a good thing, especially since they would all have stock Android and would get updates.

      • jerrbomb

        I agree which i totally thought Google would do this time around, except only release the Nexus 7, the Nexus 10, and the Nexus 4 i guess we all have hopes and dreams, but isn’t google supposed to be doing what apple isn’t doing, which iis catering to what we want? Maybe i’m wrong and correct me if i am, but its kind of frustrating from time to time.

        • jamal adam

          I guess one of the things we have to understand is that Nexus smartphones are not making a huge profit for the OEM’s when they are being sold for $299. OEM’s want a larger profit margin, to make money which is why flagships cost $499+. This might make some companies be a hesitant. Another might be that Google looks for a company that is make strides in new technology and has interesting ideas that they might feel would be worth putting into the Nexus device and for that reason they pick a one company over another. It’s Google’s flagship device and so it makes sense why they would want to just have one that sets the standard for the rest to follow. Hopefully we see more Nexus smartphones from a variety of OEM’s. Perhaps all of this is a build up to something greater, who knows. I guess we have to wait and see.

          • jerrbomb

            That does seem logical when put that way…

          • jamal adam

            Glad to hear that makes sense. I felt like I was rambling on about random stuff when writing it lol

  • uknowme

    I really want HTC for the next one. I didn’t have the original Nexus and I am looking forward to getting sucked into the Nexus fold with the next phone. I have never heard anyone complain about the original.

  • jerrbomb

    The original Nexus was amazing.. HTC’s form factor was original.. not about looking this one or that one.. HTC set itself and the Nexus brand apart from all others. i hope that HTC can indeed come back and show us loyal Android fans why we want a Nexus. they would make Android OS even more worth it.. but this is me being biased i guess.. lol.. we all have hopes and dreams right? lol

  • Ryan Gails

    I’d definitely be down with a Moto Nexus. If they could make something aesthetically pleasing like the RAZR series with pure Goog inside, I’d definitely want one!

  • Pjamies

    Sony !!!!
    I like the look of what they have been doing over the last yr or so..
    If they can work an unlocked Nexus device into their plans then I might
    just become interested …

    Next would be HTC, followed by Motorola or visa-versa …

  • jerrbomb

    I definitely where yu are going.. And I think they could do a good job

  • heynomi4u

    I want HTC to build the next Nexus, but with a good battery.

    • jamal adam

      I would love for HTC to bring it’s beautiful design, build quality and beautiful screen to the next Nexus along with a power processor, perhaps the Terga 4 and definitely a better battery life too.

  • jerrbomb

    Yes!! Another htc supporter…

  • jerrbomb

    Ummmm…. haha?

  • jerrbomb

    To even say apple should be forbidden…

  • MisterLee

    Im down with an HTC Nexus… i had the OG EVO for a long time and then had the EVO LTE for a little. Both were amazing phones and I was very happy with them.

  • kazahani

    Moto or Sony. They haven’t had a chance yet.

    OMG if Moto made a Nexus with a MAXX battery… whoa I just peed a bit.

    • jerrbomb

      Lol… insane… lol

  • HowlPendragon

    Motorola, hands down.

    There have been rumors of Google wanting to make a Moto Nexus now that they acquired Motorola Mobility.

  • da9el

    motorola nexus! good software and good hardware combined!

  • yankeesusa

    Although samsung makes a great nexus I would love to see htc come out with one again. I have always liked their hardware especially like the new dna.

  • jerrbomb

    Looks like htc and moto are head to head in this thread

  • Dr.Carpy

    I would pick Sony, cause they have good cameras, premium builds, and good looking hardware. Then in 2nd HTC (I still have my Nexus One), Motorola would be great (I have the Razr HD LTE). But here’s where I’d go of the board. The Lumia Nexus would save Nokia. Seeing that they just laid off 300 more employees, they should get this thing going sooner rather than later. I also think Google should start the Excelsior line. This would be bleeding edge with high end specs. Right now, the Nexus is simply not this. As my man Stan Lee would say Excelsior (ever upwards in Latin)

  • jerrbomb

    Lol.. Nokia has to much pride to save it self… that would mean admitting they were wrong… Nokia bring exclusive to a company who had to percent market share last Q3 falling 5th place behind Symbian (the irony of it) will eventually either kill Nokia or force them to give.. I would love to see a Nokia Nexus.. and Android Nokia period, but we all have wishful thinking. A higher end Google product would be awesome… but Googs is in it to be pocket friendly with somewhat awesome specs… im not knocking anything your says.. im totally down with your concept… that’s the point of this thread.. I just though that id give my opinion.. lol

  • RX-78-7

    I love the quality build of htc, so I would love to see htc build it(amazing screen SLCD3, beautiful design, great quality materials).

    The one thing they would have to resolve is the battery size, if moto can build a phone that’s 8.9 thin, with a smaller screen(4.3″) and still pack a 3,300mah then there’s no reason for htc to build a phone that’s thicker, wider, longer and still manage to have a wimpy battery 2,020mah.

    I would love to see the Butterfly with a tegra 4 or an exynos5 and at least 3,000mah battery. This phones can be considered phablets, why not pack a big battery.

  • Fiasko

    I would love to see a ASUS phone roll out with Nexus branding. They are pulling strong in the tablet market and I love their build quality. I say bring it on!

    Biggest thing I want from the next Nexus device is VERY minimal bezels. Why move to on screen buttons but leave the huge bezels on the top on bottom of the Nexus 4. The bezels on the side aren’t too big but they could still be cut down. Probably what I am look for most in my next phone, besides it having a large developer following!

    • jamal adam

      I like this idea. As an owner of the Nexus 7, I wouldn’t mind seeing an Asus Nexus. It’s something that not many have thought of. Kudos!

  • jamal adam

    Looks like there is a rumor that Motorola and Google will unveil the Motorola X at Google I/O. I wonder how that would play out with the other OEM’s, even if Motorola is now Google.


  • jerrbomb

    You have to think tho.. Google couldve chosen Moto a while ago.. But they didnt.. Even though it was already inevitable.. They had to hold off because of the affect it would have on other OEMs.. Im almost sure Google will pick multiple OEMs for their other Nexus products as well.. But yes you are right…

  • jerrbomb

    Another thing is that the Moto X wont be called a Nexus device according to rumors…

    • jamal adam

      What I find very interesting, when it comes to the rumors of the X phone from Motorola is that it will be used to unveil Key Lime Pie. Or it could be that they are unveiling a set of non-Nexus phones running stock Key Lime Pie as well as a Nexus. But as this is only a rumor, we must take it with a grain of salt and add a little spice to it as well with our own ideas of what this might entail.

      • jerrbomb

        Yeah.. that is true.. and I guess thats the joy of rumors.. We can use our own imaginations.. Lol

  • breckdroid

    I would love for Motorola to do the next Nexus device. Kevlar, Gorilla Glass, SAMOLED, Pure Vanilla, etc. Sign me up. I don’t think its far fetched that they will be the ones to design the Motorola Nexus. With Google owning Motorola, it seems like a perfect match. Either way I’m stoked about this years devices. It doesn’t hurt that I’m eligible for an upgrade in August;)

  • jerrbomb

    I def could imagine that

  • spidremann

    I would love Motorola and Sony both come out with Nexus phones. I’ve never had a phone from either, but have always been impressed with their build quality. No matter what though, I feel like I’m out in the cold being on Sprint. Unfortunately, they offer the best service and plans for my needs.

    • jamal adam

      I think that once the Sprint and Softbank merger is approved, Sprint will be in a good position to fight the competition and also be able to get a Nexus phone or two for their customers.

  • jerrbomb

    Sprint looks like they are busy catching up with the 4g lte world.. Lol no hard feelings.. I love Sprint..

  • MC_Android

    LTE, a superior battery life, a superior camera and it’s never going to happen – Expandable storage (crossing my fingers, X-Phone!)

  • jerrbomb

    Sounds enticing none the less…. Lol

  • sandy105

    i think sony and moto are releasing new top end without nexus branding ..and lg again is going to be the new nexus maker..
    however asus might be an interesting choice ,their padfone 2 is very nice ..

    • jerrbomb

      Yes I think LG will be it again too