Who sells phones for one of the major wireless carriers here?

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I will be vested at my current job in February at the age of 33. I am wanting to totally change careers (property tax is my current industry) and would like to try my hand at selling phones for a living since I already spend my spare time reading about them and learning about plans and all of that.

What kind of money can be made? I want to know the best and worst months you guys have had, what type of range of pay and commission to expect, etc.

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    You mean out outside of Craigslist right? Lol. I get what you mean. I live in Florida.. And the market fluctuates depending where you at. You also have to remember the saturation rate for smartphones is now a little less than three months. The seasons for phones varies as well as your consumer because your average person only knows smartphones by two names. The iPhone and the galaxy. As far as pay and commission and crap (because obviously I went way of track) the best months for me July through November. Everything else was mediocre at best. I don’t know where you live so commission can vary but its pretty decent depending on who you were for. Authorized retailers and corporate are two totally different things and third party retailers tend to treat you better when it comes to commission.. If your looking to start your own business I couldn’t answer that as I am in the business of vape liquids. But the money is there to be made. It all depends on what part of the world you are in and how you play your cards. Smart phones are like selling cars at a car dealer ship. And that’s the beat way I can put it.

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      Thanks man!