Who will be leader of Android smartphone Market in 2013..??

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Hey All,

I would love to hear from u guys about who u feel is going to be next android smartphone leader for 2013.

Some Contenders –

1. SAMSUNG – no doubt the largest smartphone seller in market today. with its flagship mobiles GS3 and Note 2 , it is dominating current android market. I read about a study which said only Samsung is earning profits by selling android smartphones.

2. HTC – the closest competitor. With Driod DNA / Butterfly, HTC seems to be coming back to game. ALso its entering in medium or low budget phones which can make it any common household mobile for all. High bets on this.

3. GOOGLE – Nexus series are selling like hot cakes in market.Morning its available some hours down the line its gone..!! Phew..!!With direct updates and back up from Google it makes a huge difference.

4.LG – not too much into game, but with Optimus G2 down the line, feel LG is planning big and better.It can be dark horse in this race.

Sony and Moto left on purpose as dont think they have any specific flagship mobiles to boast about.

Whoever wins this , one thing is sure, consumers like us are definitely gonna get better and wonderful stuff in future..!! Lets wait and watch.

  • sivart79

    Samsung all the way!

  • sandy105

    you forgot to mention sony ,the rumored sony “odin” as well as rumours of a even bigger 6″ smartphone with 16mp exmor camera i think sony might be on the rise back now..

    p.s. i seriously hope they change their design language though ,,and bring handsets like arc s rather than their recent series

    • Chris Lewis

      Sony hasn’t been able to put together a winning headset ever. Their design is great on some phone but it’s always lacking in other departments and I have never seen a single advertisement for Sony, besides on sites like this.

      • Chris Lewis

        Oh and where are you getting these roumers of a 6 inch phone???!!! That just sounds made up, it would be kinda cool though lol!

        • sandy105

          umm it was there on many android news site ,actually the article mentioned 4 phones a 4inch ,2 5-inch (one waterproof model) and a 6 inch one ..
          with s4 pro,1080p screen for 5 and 6 inchers

          • Chris Lewis

            A water proof phone would be so amazing! Id taking it surfing everyday. I hope you are right about these rumors!

          • alexanderharri3

            I doubt we’ll see a completely waterproof phone anytime soon – water resistant, sure. They can take a splash or a dunk, but not a prolonged swim. Anything is a good start beyond our water-phobic phones of right now.

          • sandy105

            The article repeated today.. All the four phones. Including xperia 6 and xperia 5R the water proof model

      • decker

        They may not be in the running for 2013, but Sony has and still does make some great phones.

        Also, the sony developers didn’t leave their customers out to dry on support. They even contributed code (actual code) to Open Xperia and CM. They may not have a flagship with substantial success to brag about in the last year, but they do take care of their mobile customers.

        PS. Advertising does not equal success.

        • sandy105

          yes hats off to sony for providing tools to modders like official unlocking of bootloader,tool to restore stock rom ,pushing aosp rom developement…

          on a side note less advertising has hurt htc very bad .
          because i believe htc one x to be superior over s3 ;its such a shame

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      I feel SONY had once the game what was required to be in competition with Arc and Xperia but currently dont feel they have currently any flagship phone to boast about.

      So I Kind of left it out for this comparsion..!!

      • sandy105

        i know that sony is far behind samsung for sure ,,even lg maybe now given optimus g and nexus 4..
        but just mentioned it ,i hope all manufacturers do their best -so we get the best phones and have a win win situation …

      • Smartass

        Totaly agree. Sony has one of the worst UI ever…
        While other manufacs try to implement new features in UI , Sony seems hell bent on removing even the default Android features.
        Sony outta the race fosho…

  • Chris Lewis

    Samsung seems to be on a roll, and for a good reason! I think they will continue to shine next year!

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      feel..they are trying to be the next innovative company ..!!! Kudos to them..!!

  • zacks2art

    What about MOTO??? LOL then again I suppose they could be grouped in with Google. In any case as much as I would like to see Samsung get taken down a notch I think they will hold on. Just to clarify I like Samsung, I have a new Note 2 and LOVE it and have a S3 for R&D, but they need to strong competition to keep them creative. If the rest of the market falls off then Samsung can set the standard. If there is stiff competition, then they will all be constantly one upping eac hother witch ultimately will benefit us end users.

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      personally, I really want more competition from HTC bcoz that I really like that company .
      I own a NOTE2 which I love thoroughly..!!
      MOTO and LG tried to be different but sumwhat didnt work out..!! samsung’s galaxy series clickd..!!!

  • rvetsch

    2013? without doubt samsung.

  • vpnchen

    I think Samsung will take the lead I love the Galaxy S3 :>

  • KOBesucker

    I don’t think it will be Google, as they don’t make any of the phones themselves. Unless of course Motorola gets a Nexus. The only way I see that happening is if Google expands the program and offers more than one phone next year. Then I can definitely see them dominating.

    But my money is on Samsung, no doubt. I’d like to see HTC get back in the game, mainly because their build quality is awesome, but do so without HTC Sense.

  • sandy105

    if i could think about the best phone this year .it would be a combination of
    droid DNA ‘s screen ,
    htc one x body ,
    s3 ‘ camera ,
    internals of lg optimus g/nexus 4
    and battery life of doid razr maxx HD .
    i hope u get the point .competition is good for us :)

    • kr.ray.kaushik


      • kr.ray.kaushik

        u just described Chuck Norris mobile..!!!

        • sandy105

          lol :P

        • da9el

          When Alexander Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris=)

  • Smartass

    Initally Samsung was only playing catch up with Android, only coming ahead coz of their superb screens..
    But with Note 2 they have shown that they are paying equal attention to the software and usability. That’s the winning policy that’s gonna really help them.

    HTC has done well with design and UI but continues to lose on value for money.
    And they lack the sheer fiery publicity power to convince people they are drool worthy.
    Fugget about LG.
    I honestly think Google is holding back. They will no doubt continue to sell like hot cakes. But they want Android to stay popular and will not do anything to kill their competition.

    If Samsung keeps up its innovation, no stopping it!!
    But if HTC pulls up its game, its got a shot too..

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      totally agree bro..!!!

    • pol biswas


  • nicotinemind

    A safe bet would be Samsung,even if they dont kick out a Galaxy SIV in 2013…

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      I read they were going to in Jan ..but delayed it due to dere heavy involvement in Smart TV..!! :(

  • pol biswas

    Undoubtedly sumsang will be the leader of android market in 2013.they are best so far and remains best for a long time.

  • MC_Android

    It will be Samsung but I want it to be HTC if they switch their ideology on expandable storage. HTC designs are just jaw dropping (ie. DNA, One S)

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      dere build is so awesome..!!! but just some drawbacks and it wll rock our world even more..!!!

  • digvijaya07

    HTC Is d best competitor n can Be a Leader in 2013…
    but Sony have some best & better Phones coming in …

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      Dude think sony got lottttzz of path to cover b4 they can get into real percentage game..!!!

    • dino13

      Well HTC is not that good, they had a poor year and I don’t see tham changing it any time soon.

  • heynomi4u

    It’s difficult to overtake Samsung this year, may be in 2014.

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      All my bets are on HTC ….

  • jonstle

    I think samsung will lead for through the next year. They have several great products and seem to be getting the “me too” because of their name recognition. It could take some time for others to overcome that. I hope wr get a few other guys in the mix though. HTC makes great phones, and I think sony may surprise us.

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      need to consider Huawei as well…dey r dng some serious R n D .!!

  • kelltrash14

    Samsung will retain the lead, but by a lesser margin as other manufacturers are getting close again on quality/features. Their reputation will keep them on top at this point, unless badness occurrs.

  • rahul81437

    can u teel me how did u add this thread !!! thanku !!!

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      You can go to threads and add urs as well ..!! u will be deducted of 20 points for each thread u post..!!

  • nobile

    Google + Motorola = Nexus 5 :)

  • redraider133

    I think with samsung being so well known and all the advertising that they are doing, they are going to continue to lead. I mean more and more people are talking about the galaxy s3 than any other android phone to date. Samsung has done a great job getting their products out there and making a great product. Hopefully the other manufacturers can also continue making great products so that they all don’t get stale and not release anything new

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      there was a study showing samsung spends more on advertising than what HTC gets with its sale of mobiles..!!!

  • Kaote

    I’d love to see HTC make a major comeback this year. So far the ONE series phones have had great build quality, they are however lacking in a few other areas such as memory (expandable/on-board) and removable battery.

    With that said my One S has an amazing battery life. If HTC can fix a few of the issues, and perhaps they will be on top.

    On a side note an HTC Nexus would be amazing.

    • sandy105

      yup agreed the one series is remarkable for build quality nd specs ..camera and screen is also top notch..but sadly they didnt get popular..

      p.s. there was the htc nexus one..

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      a removalble battery is what drew me to samsung even more..!! HTC have the capability but they need to think from consumer perspective as well.!!

  • LucenNox

    While not at the beginning, I could see Chinese makers having a significant market share by the end. With phones like the Oppo Find 5 coming out, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the cheaper, high quality phones take over.

    For most of 2013, though, I’d say Samsung, unless HTC stops the exclusives.

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      HTC sensed a big medium market due to heavy demand in china..!! ths why they are getting more into d medium segment phones which can make it a household name..!!

  • dino13

    If you look at the current development, Samsung will lead by a large margin and after that everything else comes. I don’t even see a true competitor for Samsung at least not whein it comes to flagship phones. Love LG and what they did with ICS but just can’t imagine them going anywhere near the top. Sony brings more to the game then HTC in my opinion.

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      lotzz of hope with HTC..!!

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    Honestly I would like to see other manufacturers apart from Samsung doing well in the coming year.

  • klcow92

    i would love to see Google product top notch phones now that they have motorola

  • alab

    no doubt ,it will be sony,they are going to unveil quad core high end phones yuga and odin in 2013,and check this out ,sony’s dual core phones are more advanced than samsungs and htc’s quad core …………

    check out this link


  • masterpfa

    Personally I think it will be Samsung, just because of their market share.
    Who will produce the best, now that is a harder choice. I can see Google and Moto really starting to ramp things up in 2013

  • nikhilverma

    Samsung to be the best but I think HTC will close gap through the rumoured M7.

  • da9el

    i think samsung will stay the number one. htc will probably still struggle in 2013. sony will catch up a bit and of course we will hear from zte and huawei. brace yourself, the chinese are coming:)

  • gp126904

    Samsung surely will still dominate this year but I feel that Motorola will be a contender because we have seen the last phones from the old guard and now Google-rola will surely make a least one great phone this year. Pure android, great radios, massive batteries, and great build quality is what will make Motorola great this year.

  • Bryan Stoner

    If Asus had more of the limelight, they would be king. Excellent build quality, quick updates, well thought out accessories (i’m looking at you padfone/transformer dock), solid performance, and a great price. Boy I love them XD

    Realistically: Samsung.
    Wishfully thinking: Motorola (could the x-phone/tablet a winner?).

  • kr.ray.kaushik

    I think HTC catching up fast on many segments and with billion dollar publicity and Robert Downey Jr ..we can expect more amrket share for HTC