Who’s buying the “Google Experience” Galaxy S4?

Posted May 15, 2013 at 2:23 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I want one but I’m on Verizon so it’s not even an option for me. I wish more companies would do this, though!

Anyway, I’m just curious to see if anyone would definitely get this over a Nexus 4 or a successor. Or is that $649 price too high?

  • goldenboyrb

    just got my Nexus 4 last month, and couldn’t be happier. so not me for sure

  • thymeless

    It’s a good first step and I’m glad to see it on the market. Price seems high for 16 gigs. Seems you can buy it outright from AT&T for $599, then just root and ROM it. And I’d prefer more storage too.

    • mojeda

      You can expand the storage in the s4 can’t you though, with a microSD card?

      • redraider133

        yes it has a micro sd card slot

        • thymeless

          I love the sd card slot and removable battery of the S4. It’s just many apps don’t behave well on the SD card so having some extra storage to start with is nice.

          • lou2cool88

            Hopefully there’ll be more space available than on the Touchwiz edition of the S4 since there isn’t as much bloat.

  • tommydaniel

    I might. I might also wait to see how much easier the GE S4 makes it for the Tmo Touchwiz Version and just get it, root it, rom it. bam.

  • redraider133

    This may make me buy the verizon version. I am going to wait a few months and maybe pick one up used(to keep unlimited data) and if they are able to use this to port it to the other carrier models, it will definitely make me purchase the verizon version since those of us on verizon don’t get this version.

    • lou2cool88

      Yeah, I’d love for this to help development along on the other carriers. One of the problems with the ATT version–almost certainly is going to be an issue with Verizon–is the locked bootloader. Hopefully someone cracks that and fast so those of us on CDMA who want an S4 can get AOSP on it as soon as possible.

  • SGB101

    The good thing for the s4 community is the CM team will be back on board with this device.

    Good news for people that can’t afford 650 or 280(nexus4)out right, can get a matching model* then route and rom.

    *I say matching as I’m unsure if there are international differences. I’ve not had an interest in the s4 until now.

  • Gui Saba

    I’m from Brazil and am going to the states by Fall, just in time to snag one of these heheh

  • Dr.Carpy

    I’d consider an HTC One Google Experience phone. After My OG Note and Note 2 broke twice (defective battery, then the glass broke on a 3 foot drop.) I’m officially ABS. Anything but Samsung.

    • lou2cool88

      I felt that way after I was an early adopter of the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 and then they stopped updating it after the first ICS update. It should at least have been updated to 4.1.2. However, I love my Galaxy Nexus and I have friends and family with other Galaxy S phones and they haven’t had those issues. My girlfriend’s GS2 got updated to Jelly Bean recently, which is surprising but awesome.

  • Ryan Gails

    If I had the extra money, I would consider it. More internal storage would be great though. I was really hoping for an upgraded version of the Nexus 4 at I/O and was going to jump on that train. Either way, I need to find a replacement for my SGSII that I can use with TMO or some other pre paid after my contract is up in March

    • Ryan Gails

      On that note, I would probably prefer GE HTC One

  • lou2cool88

    I think the only people who don’t think a GE HTC One is a good idea are HTC executives. I guess they’re really set on everyone having blinkfeed and Zoes.