Why can’t I comment on today’s #25 Days of Tegra?

Posted Dec 21, 2012 at 6:34 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

In my rush, I completely missed the ONE YEAR AND one month old.

Guess my bday on the screen was just a tease…

  • Anthony Massingham

    I think your account needs to be a *year* and a month old – you have to have had an account since before LAST YEAR’S tegra comp.

    My account is old enough, but not enough rep ! Cest la vie!

  • Jeff Pan

    The criteria is Rank 60+ and those people who joined before Dec 1st 2011, not 2012.

    I am not eligible either.

  • RhynosAndroid

    Yeah, just re-read it w/a little bit of patience and voila, the answer was right there… Que sarah, sarah. Thanks for looking out guys.

  • Scottm

    I have the year and a month covered but am about 5 points shy of a possible jawbone win.

    Sucks for me…

    • http://genesischess.com/ MJM128

      8 Points for me, my points haven’t been changing even though I’ve been participating in threads.

      • Fiasko

        Yea not sure how often these get updated. Just keep participating and it will one day just jump. Only problem is that day will most likely be after the contest is over lol. Speaking from experience!

        I should have just not been so proud and joined in on that quick rank up thread.

        • freddiefan

          Yes me too

  • Charlong666

    Just gave everyone an up vote so they can be more eligible for contests. The only criteria is please stay around the community :).

    We aren’t all RichardYarrels. Haha.

    • Dradien


      What this person says. Even upvoting promotes a nice enviroment, which is good for the site all around.

    • LadyDi

      I followed your lead Charlong666

  • RhynosAndroid

    I’m all about it. Consider you all +1, I have to appreciate so many looking to help out. Pay it forward ppl, and stay around and help make the community strong!

    I see no problem w/upvoting, it encourages ppl to comment and to stick around. And once invested and known, it’s just comfortable and familiar.