Why I can’t stand Gizmodo lol

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I have left the commenters name out as to not be accused of slander.

In reply to someone else in this article http://gizmodo.com/5960455/?post=55299219:

Not even close. The icon was square, with a microphone. Now, they are obviously using a circle, around a microphone, blinking and highlighting when the user speaks, just like Siri. Before, Google used sound wave imagery for when people talked into the microphone.

LOL that voice search logo was around long before Siri. If anything, it is the other way around.

Really? The circle with the lighting up microphone like in the video? They’ve always used a little microphone, but not with the circle and fluctuations in light when it is receiving input.
Here is Google Voice Search before Siri: [i.imgur.com]
Here it is today: [i.imgur.com]


Im sorry but this is wrong. iOS 5 (introduction of siri) and android 4.0 (which brought the circle) were released 7 days apart in 2011. Not to mention that the logo in Siri is completely identical. This is typical of apple fans, claim you invented it because you added a circle. By that logic, the microphone icon responding to the voice android owns (which it doesn’t since that is a stupid thing to lay claim to).
On another note, that implementation that you show with the waves never actually hit production.
Here it is in android 2.3 with the voice response in the mic itself.
And here in android 4.0
Android 4.0 released at the exact same time as Siri on the iPhone (well from apple anyways)
This is what voice search looked like in iOS 4
Now seriously, who copied who? I think it is pretty clear that Apple copied Google A LOT more than the alternative on this one.

In your first example, the Google Voice search, I used that example above too. BUT when it was analyzing your voice data, it would show sound waves PRIOR to Siri. POST-Siri, it now shows a glowing circle instead of the waves. I’m not so much disputing the microphone use, but the changes made to what surrounds it. It’s a blatant ripoff of Siri now.
And while Google Voice search just searched Google, it changed that after Siri was introduced and is now trying to copy it in every way possible.
THIS is what the Google Voice Search is now, compare it to your first example up there (in Android 2.3) and what it looks like now – it’s the Siri logo and animation except in RED
So yeah, good luck with that buddy. Keep on truckin’

I am sorry but this is just plain wrong. It didn’t use waves, as I illustrated. It used a fill in of the mic itself from the bottom. The waves were never actually implemented. Siri also isn’t an Apple invention, it is an extension of wolfram alfa. It is semantics to argue that it is any different that Google searching Google. I think copying the EXACT logo of the microphone is a much more blatant form of plagiarism than a simple ring around it used to illustrate the acoustic input. You also have to remember that voice actions were around before Siri which, while not as natural, did many of the same things that it does before the iPhone had that capability. You could set alarms, leave notes to yourself, play music, call people, send texts and emails etc. with your voice all the way back to gingerbread. So, if you want to get into plagiarism, functionality wise, Apple copied much more from google than the opposite with voice search.
You have to look at the fact that Google Now is actually a much more in depth service with a great deal more time spent on the back end. Knowledge graph is its base which uses Google’s knowledge of algorithms to find related information to what you are searching and then further information related to that. On top of that, it isn’t just a voice service like Siri, it also presents you with information it knows you will want without you having to ask. This alone makes it a much more robust service. Now also uses natural voice which sounds much better than Siri. In a shootout, it wipes the floor with Siri in its results.

I’m not talking about results or functionality (way to change the subject, nice try bill) so yeah. The icon, a circle that glows/lights up/makes noise when USING IT is a copy of Siri compared to what Google had in place before. And within the box, the sound waves DID show up I’ll never forget that animation using it on my phone so wrong on several counts. Any reply to this will be nullified and dismissed as you are obviously a Android troll/fanboy and are too inept to understand my point. Please read, and if you can’t, go back to school. We’re pulling for ya chief! Keep on truckin’

And there it is….right there….the quality (or lack there-of) of the commenters on gizmodo. The waves were in Froyo, not in Gingerbread, the Gingerbread animation had the microphone itself filling up.

“Any reply to this will be nullified and dismissed as you are obviously a Android troll/fanboy and are too inept to understand my point”

WOW! Not only do you insult my intelligence and my points, you don’t even attempt address any of the points I raised. This is typically the cry from someone who has been proven wrong and cannot admit. Critical thinking 101: Attack the argument, not the arguer. Doing the latter is a mark of poor intelligence. Congratulations.

“Please read, and if you can’t, go back to school”

This really got me. You insult my literary ability yet use incorrect sentence structure to critique it. hahahahahaha.
I’m not pullin’ for ya chief.

You clearly can’t see the writing on the wall. Feel free to ignore my post since you miss the most glaring part of the argument. The icon is what matters, not the stupid circle surrounding it. Before Android, they didn’t even have the microphone at all.

First of all, I work here. I am no commenter.
Second, I am dismissing your comment because it lacks any intelligence whatsoever (you get marks for grammar, but that’s all). Bye!!!

I guess being a blogger gives you so much more credibility than a commenter. hahaha. So, let me get this straight, you still fail to address any of my points and make yet another personal attack and tell me I am unintelligent? You need a lesson in critical thinking bud. Rule one “attack the argument, not the arguer”. Something you fail to possess the ability to do. Unlike you, I posted links to substantiate my claim.

You, my friend, need to give your ego a check and admit when you have been proven wrong. Editor or not. I get that you like Apple, but you basically substantiate the numerous claims that Gizmodo is full of Apple fan boys. This is the same reason why people read these articles and find them entertaining, but generally don’t see them as unbiased or even the slightest bit objective.

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    Lol. keep on truckin’

    • allnetproviders

      I admit with your Blog and I will be back to examine it more in the future so please keep up your work.

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    Great job! It was right of you to point out something that you knew was wrong and had proof to back it up. Generally you know they are wrong and don’t want to lose face when they start personally attacking you. This is a person who wants his or her opinion of a product to be the supreme and only smart choice out there.

    This was not an open dialog. It was one way. You presented facts and proof and they presented the worst in themselves. I urge all Android fans to work this way. Do not argue mindlessly, present facts/proof when you can and most importantly, admit when you are wrong or have been misinformed. DO NOT stoop to the low levels of hate and insults.

  • alexanderharri3

    You see them Apple fanboys trollin.

    Unsubscribed to Giz months ago….

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    I still read it but get annoyed sometimes…there’s especially one idiot there. Had a time when he got bashed around by people for called a commenter retarded. Had to note that it’s not the nicest thing to say–a fact I learned all the way back in 2nd grade when I made my teacher with the down’s syndrome daughter cry by saying that ;p

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    You should see bgr. There is like 3 people who comment on every apple related article and try to bash android and troll the android articles its bad

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    It’s not just their comments either. Their posts are extremely lopsided towards Apple. Why can’t we all just be friends?

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      Read one of the last comments, he wasn’t a commenter, he works there.

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        it was a blogger with the initials JD, wasn’t it?

        • kelltrash14

          That’s the guy who called a commenter retarded, yeah. He comes across as a real piece of work. Bad work.

        • KOBesucker

          No, it wasn’t JD. It was TK.

          • KOBesucker

            That’s a reply to Zagrash btw.

          • gmaninvan

            It was! How did you know that?

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    Yeah, I stopped going to Gizmodo a long time ago.

    • Manroth

      I still skim their posts on my RSS feed. Usually I ignore them. Some of the Android ones are alright. Not stellar, but alright.

      • Nicko01

        I used to watch their RSS feed, but I deleted it due to the number of really bad articles that kept being posted. I hoped that they would get better, but it never happened.

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    Thats a textbook isheep behaviour n mentality….personal attacks without understanding the meaning of the words spoken.

  • gmaninvan

    I have decided screw it. Who wants to know who it was?

  • dino13

    Gizmodo died for me after the Instagram article!


    I don’t know what is going on over there but they are having some serious problems!

    • gmaninvan

      wow! That is ridiculous. I’m sorry, but if person A signed up for a service under the pretense that it was private, you can’t change the game later on because it is a free service as a rationale. Calling people whiny babies is pretty insane too for something that claims to be credible. If I want unbiased, I will typically go to the verge.

      • orangestrat

        They were being whiny babies! They were whining because the terms changed to something BETTER for users. Complain all you like but instagram did something good and got shit on for it.

        • dino13

          Come on, are you kidding me? Should we all just keep out mouths shut and take anything that they throw at us. That is ridicoulus. The medieval age is over!

          • SGB101

            I thought the new terms, actually gave the user more rights as the original t&c’s was very wishy washy and open to interpretation.

            Ie, they could of done what they outlined in terms2 and a lot more if they wanted. It’s only because of stupid blogs, this developed into an issue.

          • orangestrat

            What SGB said. The new terms were better for users. People didn’t read them and got loud and stupid. You dont’ have to take whatever big companies give you, but if you shout them down for doing something right, you’re an idiot.