Why is Motorola the only who seems to get it and seems the to be the only one so far that has done? Opinion/complaint

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Oh other manufacturers why does it seem so hard??? While im not here today to praise Motorola to be the best manufacturer in fact they are far from it. Im here to talk about one thing in particular Moto has done right. Thats right you guessed it battery life.

Batteries in general

Now for several years most of the batteries in our phones range from 1500mah to around or about 1850mah give or take. For some reason htc phones always seemed to carry these lighter batteries even as their phones got bigger and bigger(although they seem to be doing better now) and they were infamous for terrible battery life. But before 4g and all the other advances we have today 3g wasnt that taxing on our batteries today and your could still get somewhat close to a full day with most phones. Fast foward today and many phones while the experience can verfiy only get anywhere from 4-8 hours and can barely make it thru a work day. If you want more juice you have to shell out anywhere from 25-50 dollars for an extended battery which makes alot of phones look like bloated road kill. To top that off as mentioned many times before battery life technology has not advanced almost at all. So what could be done.

Motos answer

So again im not a super fan of moto but i certainly dont hate them. The razr maxx is the one phone in the case of battery life and body of the phone that tops all other phones. They were able to squeeze a 3300mah battery into a 8.99mm thin phone. Now my droid bionic without an extended battery is still bigger than the razr max. Yet i bought an extended battery that has 2650mah of juice in it and now my phone is 2x or even 2.5x bigger than the max and i still have less juice in it.Whats up with that??? And there is no phone out there(please correct me if im wrong in the comments) that currently matches it or beats it. The galaxy note is the only phone that comes close that i can think of right off the top of my head with a 2500mah battery but the galaxy note IS HUGE. It is a full inch bigger than the razr maxx yet it cant fit a 3300mah battery like the maxx.


With all that said what i want to know is why is motorola the only one that seems to be able to do this??? Why does this seem so hard. Manufacturers seem to taking away removeable batteries so if your going to do that at least put a battery in there that will last. So my question to you guys is this: Why is moto the only one who’s done this? Is it patent related? Is moto the only one who gets it? Why has no other manufacturer done this? Let me know in the comments below

  • NotRelevent

    This is something I too have wondered. It’s that reason alone that the Razr Maxx makes little sense to me.

    I’m thinking (and have thought since the maxx was released) that if Moto could do a large battery and stll and cram it into a formfactor as thin as the razr then so can others. I would think it’d been even easier to do so in devices that much thicker, say a Galaxy Nexus.

  • bolanrox

    isn’t the battery on the Razr Maxx attached directly to the circuit board though? That will free up a good bit of space at the cost of ease of replacement, if the battery tanks on you.