Why I’ve decided I want the Galaxy SIII

Posted May 14, 2012 at 2:34 pm in Threads > Opinions

The great debate about this phone so far has been about its lackluster design quality and basically nothing else, people are so blinded by it not looking how they wanted it to look that they’ve seriously over look the most important thing a phone should have, and that’s great software/performance.

Choosing a phone merely on looks, is like dating a really hot girl, but the more time you spend with her, you realize how dull and boring she is when it comes down to having a convo with her, she’s also pretty Meh in bed. While it would be nice to have both a great looking phone and great hardware, we can’t have it all, now can we.

The HTC One X is a beaut, yes, but it’s 2012 and that battery just makes you say “seriously”. I am sure they’ll figure a way to milk more hours out of it, but why not just go with making the battery bigger? No removable battery, this is android, I like my choices, I like knowing I could buy a bigger battery, htc keeps locking their phones. But let me end it there before this become a rant about htc instead of why I want the SIII.

I can’t be too judgmental on a phone whose US variants hasn’t even been shown yet, the US versions usually never looks like the Euro version with the exception of AT&T.

The new features of the SIII has me in awe to the point where I don’t mind not rooting it and keeping it stock, that’s huge for me to say since the longest I’ve ever used stock in 4 years is a combined 3days.

The phone looks beyond smooth and Sammy seems like they put a lot of thought into their features. Take S-Beam, they updated android beam to the point where I see more use for it, you can share just about any and everything, and S-Voice just might be the best thing ever, I don’t like using voice actions but I put some thought into it and was like yess I’ll certainly be using that, at times you just don’t feel like touching your phone and typing and S-Voice helps you with that, waking your phone up just by calling its name and telling it what to do right away, take you sleeping in the middle of the night and you don’t wanna touch your phone because of its bright ass light, you can simply wake up it by calling its name and ask what time it is, it tells you and you go and you go back to sleep without you looking at the phone, how grand is that? And drivers can basically interact with their devices without even touching it.. And let’s talk about memory, 64gb model and you can also use a 64gb sd card, I basically can keep all my files and media content without having to sacrifice them because I need more space, then you add that with added cloud storage with box/dropbox. You’ll even have a pen accessory to add to that.

There’s absolutely no reason for me to not wanna get the SIII and if I let looks fool me, I might be disappointed, but for some reason I see me not being let down by this new software Samsung came up with.

  • aranea

    You make it sound so amazing.

    I loved your comment about the hot girl.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I’m on board with the S3, assuming it’s not $800 off contract with Verizon. Please, please, PLEASE be under $700!

    • redraider133

      Most likely will be $649 which seems what all their high end devices are. I just hope they used better radios in this than what they used in the nexus, that is the only real complaint I had with my nexus.

  • CJ LaFleur

    I like the device a lot. however, if the US variant comes with a dual core snapdragon s4 i’ll refrain from getting it. i’m not willing to spend a ton on an international version. if this happens i’ll get the huawei ascend d quad xl as it seems to be an amazing device. It’s got all of the specs of the S3 with less of a cost. i like S voice but S beam, while it could be useful, is confined to only S3 devices which kinda defeats the purpose of it. I honestly don’t need lte and i’d prefer a quad core CPU anyway. I’ll have to wait and see cause I think the S3 comes out first of the two so it’ll be interesting tor see where this goes. maybe Samsung will get with the program and use an exynos 5 or at least their quad core exynos 4 with lte in the US. both would surprise me though. imagine, a quad core processor AND LTE!

  • Joel

    FINALLY!! Good post – Kwills I pray that alot of people on this site read this and give you as many comments as they did for the S3 bashing/nitpicking. They bitch and moan about the physical homekey as if ALL THE INTERNATIONAL S PREDECESSORS DIDNT HAVE ONE >_>

    The S series has always seen some kind of improvement with the US variants – whether in appearance or in stats. They’ll be kicking themselves in due time – believe me.

  • Bo

    Any news on the GPS? Samsung has $hit GPS on all their phones….Only thing that worries me, as I use GPS multiple times a day.

  • Go Blue

    I only care about 2 phones that I pray come to Sprint.. The S3 and the Galaxy Note.

  • Anjie Cai

    These manufactures need to lower the prices. I like where google went with the 400 dollar off contract galaxy nexus. If i had enough money, i’d definitely get the gs3, but until then i’ll stick with my single core 3.2 inch g1 xD

  • TraceYaromi

    The only thing I’m wondering about is going for the s3 or for the new LG that is coming out, also has 2 gigs of ram and quad core goodness. however never sure about LG. I usually like going for the under dog but in this case I just don’t know. suggestions?

  • jian9007

    I’m not concerned with the looks. I like the removable/upgradable battery and removable storage. The reason I don’t want it is the fact that it is last-gen exynos using A9 architecture, and last-gen plain old SAMOLED with pentile. It should have their SAMOLED Plus HD and ARM-A15 Exynos 5250. Dual-core 5250 would be fine as I don’t need 4 cores. If it was a PC would you rather have a quad-core Nehalem processor or dual-core Ivy Bridge Processor? Also it’s mid-2012 and SAMOLED has been out for a few years already. The GS1 had it. The GS2 had SAMOLED Plus without pentile. Now the GS3 is back to SAMOLED pentile. So no GS3 for me. I’ll wait for the upcoming Nexus devices and see what will be announced at Google I/O.

  • dh33r4j

    Now this GSIII is what Galaxy Nexus should have been. The next Nexus should be what GSIII should have been and so on.

    Because G Nex should have had a quad core A9, but it has dual core A9. GSIII should have had Dual Core A15 but it has Dual Core A9. By the time of next nexus, we’ll see other quad core Kraits ( similar to A15) with Adreno 320. But the Nexus will have Exynos 5250 with Mali T604. The GSIV will have Exynos 5450 with Mali T658.

    We expect Samsung to be ahead of competition with the in-house hardware they have. But seeing this, they are not so ahead.

    • dh33r4j

      GSIII should have had Dual Core A15 but it has Quad Core A9*

  • CJ LaFleur

    This absolutely baffles me as the Exynos 5250 is ready and in mass production.

  • txbluesman

    By the time the GSIII comes to the U.S., I will already be drooling for the (hopefully) 5 manufacturers developing the new Nexus devices to be rolled out. A guy can have hopes you know.