Why Sammy’s apple-like Move Won’t Work On Us

Posted Apr 22, 2013 at 3:01 pm in Threads > Opinions

There is not doubt that over the past 2 years samsung has lead the Android charge with its Galaxy series of smartphones. but the the new crop of top-tier androids emerging for 2013 it is becoming obvious (IMO) that Sammy has missed out on a very big opportunity. And by pulling this incremental upgrade, they are giving HTC and LG a chance to catch up.

WTF?? There is no way that is the S4!!
Samsung has the tech worlds full attention leading up to the Galaxy S3 launch last year and they excuited that announcement like not other Android OEM had done before. The S3 has held up great over the past year and and is still one of the best phones out there. But, this years release of the S4 did not live up to its hype. For example, when the leaked photos showed up on the Chinese website several days before the big announcement EVERYONE was in disbelief that that was the final product design. The truth of the matter was, it was the final design and the phone its self was more of an incremental upgrade to the S3.

HTC as taken the lead in design, and build quality.
To me, Samsung should have went ball to the wall on this one. They had everyone watching, everyone waiting, and they (for the most part) dropped the ball. Now they have given other companies like HTC, and even LG a chance to outshine them in design, and quality and take some of their momentum. And lets be honest, The HTC One looks like an incredibly cool device. And the new LG phone… looks pretty sweet

Regardless, we as the consumer benefit from a more level playing field, so I would expect to see some insanely cool devices next year as Samsung tries to make up for lost ground. Samsung definitely needs to know that pulling an apple on us with the S4 launch will not help them. We, as consumers of Android smartphones, having something that apple fans dont have, CHOICE!

Thats all I got on this topic. Seeing at that LG invite today is what sparked my interest to write this post. Feel free to share your opinion!!

  • SGB101

    It is all the proprietary S-software that has killed it for me. Along with the same old tacky plastic.

    • Chris Lewis

      Agreed. My next phone will probably be HTC or LG depending on what the S5 is like next year. and if there is more than 64GB of internal storage, then who the hell needs a micro sd slot??

      • SGB101

        And of cause a decent battery. I had to ditch the one X for the note 2 mainly for the battery.

        I think I come across o’s a Sammy hater on here. I do love my note 2, presides the great battery there isn’t a spec on it that isn’t bettered on other devices, but Sammy sort of went the apple route of offering a great over all package, that gives a great experience.

        The one X seemed to go all out, with an untested package, it was powerful, slim, sexy with a stonkly gorgeous screen, but ran to hot, with poor battery.

        Also I had the 32gb (27gb) one X, and filled it so fast, got the 16gb (11gb) note2 with 16gb card, and they way Sammy implements storage you don’t fill it no where near as quick. I know that makes zero sense but it’s true.

        I’m keeping the note the full contract, then going nexus and probably data only next. So I’m hoping by next but 1 nexus it will be 5.5″ and a HTC again, Nokia may be rolling the die by then, that would be nice.

        If you look thought my profile you can see I lean towards HTC.

        • Chris Lewis

          My only issue with sd cards is that it is not as simple (to the average user) to store everything. With 64 gb of internal storage lack of SD slots are not an issue.

          • MC_Android

            To be honest, the only thing appealing about the GS4 is its removable battery and expandable storage. My mom who now has my GS2 understood the how the sd card worked by herself and she sometimes has troubles opening emails. Point being, the lack of microsd support being pinned to difficulty of use is an awful excuse for manufacturers to save like $2 on the phone’s BOM, and allow them to make it 0.02 mm thinner. Awful trend IMO

          • fenlon

            Going to have to agree with mc_android.

            I always enjoy having the ability to add some extra storage. I spend a lot of time in places where I don’t have wifi or cell service.Being able to store a huge library of music, audiobooks and movies is a must for me.

            Something about having 3 seasons of Mad Men in my pocket gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

  • GE918

    I don’t get off of contract until December so the Note 3 should be out by then

    • SGB101

      I think that is going to suffer the same crapware. And be harder to unlock bootloader.

      The LG op pro, that has just been posted, may be a better device.

      • MC_Android

        I’m afraid that is going to be a big impeding aspect of this new phone; if you’re into custom ROMs, I suggest you to wait and see if cyanogenmod team, aokp …etc still make them for the GS4

  • redraider133

    This is completely different than what apple does. Not only did samsung increase the screen size while making the overall size the same( and smaller in some cases) than the s3, but they also improved on the screen just looking at one thing. If samsung would have made a different body everyone would be praising it as the bees knees but because it looks similar to the s3 people think they are pulling an apple. Samsung has done a lot more than what apple does with their S upgrades.

    • Chris Lewis

      I kinda see where you are coming from but your example is a little off. Slimming the phone down and increasing the screen size is EXACTLY what apple did from the 4s to the 5. And it’s not just that Samsung didn’t make a different body for the s4 it’s the fact that HTC and LG are showing off amazing quality designs while Samsung is basically feeding is the same shit in a slightly different package… Just like apple.

      • tommydaniel

        With the 4S to the 5, a different model. He is referring to Apple going from the 3G to the 3GS, the 4 to the 4S, etc. And LG hasn’t had a quality design in some time. They use plastic and copy off Samsung as much as Samsung did with the original Galaxy S.

      • redraider133

        I was referring to the S upgrades. The 5 was a new model but samsung put a larger screen in without making the phone larger, something even apple couldn’t do.

  • jamal adam

    Looking at all the reviews so far of both the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, I’d say that most are pointing to the One as the best.

    • tommydaniel

      If the design matters, design is also very subjective. The Verge gave the S4 better scores than the One on everything except the design. And it’s simply because he didn’t really like the design.

  • Dee

    “how will they know i upgraded??? :’(”
    lol couldnt resist lol.
    from a cosmetic view this is incrimental but from a hardware it isnt.

  • Sere83

    Yep the S4 is a weak effort at an upgrade no doubt, touchwiz is still ugly, its still full of bloat, still laggy and the design is still plasticky and cheap looking. However it is not horrific or anything just could be better

    HOWEVER, while the HTC one’s hardware is nice for sure, we all know this, probably the best android hardware ever (although by no means perfect) the new sense is a pile of crap. I have used it and no one can tell me otherwise. It looks like android 2.1!, that font on the UI is an abomination and it just looks like crap in general. When I used it in store I was shocked at how bad the design was on the UI, that app drawer is an embaressment, the spacing of the icons, the look of the icons everything just plain wrong.

    While the Nexus 4 has a series of issues namely the toilet camera, the glass back, the sub par battery etc, at least the UI looks and functions well and the hardware while not of HTC one standards still looks batter than sammys plastic junk. Any way you slice it, stock android is still the best looking UI from any manistream manufacturer (Sony and LG skins are also fugly). in fact the only skins that I like the look of are suprisingly from chinese companies namely Xiaomi’s MIUI and Meizu’s Flyme OS, they actually pay a lot more attention to icon and UI design than these mainstream manufacturers do.

    • HowlPendragon

      I personally like Sony’s UI. Looks like stock with a futuristic style to it.
      Sony’s skin is the closest to stock IMO.

      • omar


  • Nate B.

    To be honest besides the choice of build, what was everyone expecting when it came down to it? Just curious. It has all the bells and whistles that any other 1080p phone is coming with this year. Maybe the could have made Wiz a little more less cartoony and a little closer to a Holo look or flat icons? It has a bunch of features. Some of them people may never use. But the quality experience in using the phone is there.

    Comparing it to the HTC One I think people need to remember HTC was forced to go a very dramatic route. For the longest almost all of their past devices looked a like and Sense itself was bloated, sluggish, and they were terrible on marketing. They also, made nothing but rehashes. Yea, they all were built from some premium material but if my last phone looks like the past one, then I wouldn’t feel like I had a new phone regardless of the new Sense every phone had which also haunted them. HTC was forced to overhaul Sense, tone it down again and again, and come up with a brand new build. Since the Thunderbolt or Evo 3D all HTC’s phones have all looked alike or fairly similar. But they have learned from their mistakes. Still a few things they can clean up on, but you now have that pleasure feeling of using the device as well as the feel of it.

    I honestly think people had unrealistic expectations from Samsung. What were people expecting? I honestly think if the physical design changed and came with more premium materials but the same features it holds today everyone would go nuts and praise it. Some still are, but I think it’s a pretty good update. You have a quality camera that records and takes pretty awesome pictures. Nice processor. It may not be Octa but it’s the same one in the beloved HTC One and even clocked higher. Almost no bezel screen that sits at 5 inches and practically the same footprint as the S3. Bigger battery. And a bunch of neat features. HTC One has some features people won’t even use. Every phone has features people won’t really use.

    I’ll admit the design of a phone does take an impact on how a person feels on a phone, but it doesn’t change the impact on how it’s USED. You can’t go Wrong with either is all I’m saying. If anything Sammy could have came with an epic design and change the UI theme.

  • Tim

    You people talking this premium materials bs are the same ones who use huge cases because you refuse to take care of your electronics. Whats the point in buying a phone just because you are told that it looks pretty if youre just going to cover it up?

    • poosh2010

      maybe so, but you use a case on the HTC One to protect it.
      you use a case on the S3 or S4 to HIDE it.

      I really don’t see why samsung fanboys won’t give HTC props for making an amazingly designed phone. Yes, you lose a removable battery and an SD card slot, but that won’t matter for the VAST MAJORITY of people, incuding people that have been using recent Nexus phones.

      In the end, that’s why I love android. It’s not the “one size fits all” mentality that Apple has. Some people will pick the Samsung over the HTC because of the battery and SD card slot (which is just fine), but don’t act like the HTC One is a dumb phone and can’t compete. In fact, many sites have stated that the HTC One feels snappier overall than the S4.

      I am personally leaning to the One because I hate Samsung’s cartoonish Touchwiz UI. Now add in a thousand new software “features” (which I consider gimmicky unless they gain more developer support) and you have a jumbled and confusing mess. Again, that’s just my opinion, and everyone has their own.

      It is clear that Samsung sunk a ton of money into “marketing features” that will rarely be used, rather than spend the cash to build on the already solid S3. I truly feel that Samsung thought it had finally gotten the same brand recognition as Apple, and thus, could pull off an incremental upgrade to the S3. In that respect, Chris is completely right about Samsung pulling an Apple. I can’t even imagine how great of an all around phone the S4 would have been if Sammy sunk a little more money into things the consumers actually cared about (such as build materials) rather than “amazing software features”.

  • lou2cool88

    It’s hard… Both phones come with their set of flaws in my opinion. I don’t like the button set up on the HTC One at all with the home button all the way to the right and a useless HTC logo in the middle. The HTC logo should at least have some functionality. I’ve heard that it can be hacked into being a menu button or multi-task button but it should have come standard. It was a missed opportunity. Honestly, I wish more phones used on-screen navigation buttons like the Nexus line. Unfortunately, even Samsung’s done away with those even on their tabs.

    Meanwhile the S4 is still as plasticky as its predecessors but I do like that it has expandable storage (and battery, though that’s less of a concern for me). Plus, Touchwiz just looks awful. That green and the enormous settings toggles are just awful to look at. I had high hopes for Touchwiz back on my original Galaxy Tab 10.1 because the honeycomb version was much more subtle in comparison to what they’ve gone with now.

    However, I think if I had to pick one, I’d probably go with the One. It’s just so nice-looking!

    • SGB101

      I held the one (silver) and the s4 (white/blue) yesterday, and I actually like the styling of the s4 better.

      I never expected the pattern that the s4 has, didn’t like the chrome bezel.

      The silver one, I didn’t like at all, but the screen is killer.

      What I did bring from my visit to the phone store was the blackberry had the nicest styling for my tastes, let down by BB tho. Probable the latest Sony was a close 2nd to the BB, but was put of Sony with the first experia.

      This has been the first time in an age, that the new releases haven’t made me envious, they all seem flawed, or to be fair, not a massive leap over last year’s offerings.

      I’ll take the styling of the One X over the one, and the size of the note2 over the sgs4. And cm over any skin.

  • CJ LaFleur

    if the nexus device bearing Key Lime Pie is solid, no matter who the manufacturer is i’m getting it. Unless the GS5 has an unlocked bootloader, i won’t even consider it. i like my Cyanogenmod far too much to give it up for crappy S software. I don’t know about HTC phones and locked vs. unlocked bootloaders. If there is a CM key lime pie for the flagship HTC device i will gladly consider it. It would also need to have a removable back for putting in an SD card. However, i think LG is making the strongest push from behind right now. Locking the S4 bootloader feels like a sell-out Apple move on Samsung’s part. so hopefully the S4 tanks, and Samsung gets their act together for all us modders out there. The S4 is essentially the S3, but it has a great CPU. Samsung needs to step their game up, and avoid becoming tyrannical like Apple