Why such hate for the GS5?

Posted Apr 26, 2014 at 12:56 am in Threads > Opinions

Reading around the interwebs, I see a lot of hate for the Samsung Galaxy S 5.

I’m genuinely curious as to why many people are creating negative comments about the phone. It has top-end specs and is made by a trusted company.

  • GE918

    I’ve wondered the same thing.

  • Adrian Sousa

    The honest truth about it is, most people dont see the Galaxy S5 as a significant upgrade from the Galaxy S4. The screen still isnt a 4k resolution screen, it’s only .1″ larger, and uses the same basic software as the Galaxy S4 (Android 4.4.2)

    It truly is a significant upgrade though once people look at it. 16mp camera, 2.5GHz quad processor, tri band communications for faster internet browsing, as well as combining your wifi and 4G LTE signals for faster browsing, higher resolution screen, fingerprint reader, heart rate monitor (ok this one is a gimick) and a bunch of other cool features (like ip67 dust proof and water resistant casing)

  • Basit Ijaz

    I believe Samsung craze is over. People are like fed up by their plastic phones, monotonous UI and Samsung’s designs do not attract them as much as they have been couple of years back.

  • nfluentz

    I hate my gs5… it’s the most buggy phone I’ve ever owner and I am strongly debating getting my gs3 out.. the camera is not better by any means.. it often looks distorted and odd.. the senors that detect to turn the screen off are funky, I often hangup on my caller (I’ve had a smart phone since the very first iPhone, so trust me, it ain’t the user) it reminds me of an old HTC I had when the battery gets low it starts freaking out, freezing and what not… there are only two reasons I like this phone actually.. thumb print unlock and the widget call notification is golden.. everything else is truly fuckin garbage

  • devu5321

    The thing is not just hating Galaxy S5, it’s about Samsung decision making stuff. Truly after the launch of Note 3, Samsung designers seems to be confused and that confusion can be clearly seen in Galaxy s5. Galaxy S5 is good, but it’s not up to the expectations at what we want Samsung to perform in this competitive world.

    Instead of trying some innovations with GS5, they should have gone with psychology of bumping up the specs and providing features, which only look good on paper, not in practical life.