Will Mobile Gaming overpower Console Gaming?

Posted Aug 18, 2012 at 12:13 pm in Threads > Games

Is playing on your Android phone overcoming those dust collecting Consoles?

I find it more appealing to play on my phone then my xbox. Why? I can play on the go, there are big titled games (the AMazing Spiderman, NBA Jam, Minecraft, etc.), there is a small multiplayer functionality and i can hook it up to the tv. I keep my xbox for the sole purpose of netflix and hulu and soon i might replace it with Google tv.

Even having the ability to play Emulators on my phone makes my xbox a huge paper weight because i not only have the Android gaming but also games from GBA, NES and SNES. With the ability to sync a bluetooth remote is just icing on the cake.

There is little going for my xbox right now and alot for my phone. As the processors and graphics increase on mobile platforms i think they soon will prevail over home game consoles.

So people, tell me what you play on or would rather play on if you had the choice, Mobile Gaming or Console Gaming?

  • rsanchez1

    For me, I don’t think mobile will be displacing console any time soon. I am looking forward to the WiiU, and it promises to offer an experience you can’t get on mobile alone. You have the familiar tablet-like interface, but Nintendo is doing cool things with how the remote is used in games.

    I also hope Nintendo does something between the WiiU and 3DS similar to what Sony is doing with the Vita and cross play. That gives you the advantage of playing on the go, and also of playing on a much more powerful machine at home. When you’re on your PS3 but you run out of time before you need to go, on compatible games you can pick up the action on your Vita.

    I guess another reason why mobile gaming won’t displace console gaming is because Sony is dragging its feet. The XPeria Play looked like it could be a great gaming phone, but Sony crippled it so that it wouldn’t compete with the PSP or now with the Vita. A phone with PS Vita internals would be pretty awesome for gaming, but it looks like we have to wait a few months to a year to see comparable internals coming out for mobile.