Will the GS3′s bootloader be locked on VZW?

Posted Jun 23, 2012 at 1:01 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Anyone who keeps up with news about vzw phones knows that they have a bit of a rep for locking down the bootloaders on their phones. Coming from the DX2 it has been tourher knowing that my phone is capable of so much, but will always be crippled by its encrypted bootloader.

Being that I want to keep my unlimited data I will be updating to a 4g phone and most likely it will be the S3. What do you guys think though? will the bootloader be locked down?

  • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

    Much of that has actually been Motorola’s doing, but as Verizon is probably the largest purveyor of Motorola phones (in the U.S. anyway) that is essentially saying the same thing.

    As we haven’t seen any extreme lockdown on the SGS3s from the other three it would seem highly unlikely that Verizon would have specifically forced Samsung to take those steps with theirs.

    I’ll be rolling the dice with you on that being the case as I’m upgrading to the SGS3 myself to take one last subsidy while retaining my unlimited plan.

  • redraider133

    No. Samsung does not lock down their phones like moto does. No phone on verizon from samsung has had a locked bootloader( fascinate, charge, continuum, nexus) Moto is the culprit since they lock and encrypt all their devices not just on verizon.

  • Nick Glott

    Then why dose the Verizon Galaxy s III have a Locked bootloader with it being protected from flashing unsigned/modified boot.img. But yes lets take something that is supposed to be open source and make it locked. I dont know why google puts up with this shi*!…….

  • Tony DeMartino

    I agree 100% with Nick. Had I known I was going to be coming from a S*&#!Y locked down Razr (OG RAzr. NOT the good one. Thanks Moto.) to the freaking Superman of cell phones and have it be locked down also, I would have waited for the next Nexus. For VZW to just jack customers around like this with not even a footnote of a mention of Qualcomm Secureboot being enabled (btw there is a link with a convo from a level II Samsung tech that flat-out admitted VZW ASKED Samsung to lock it down, and advised someone to buy any of the other carriers for a freed up version.) is basically a nice big #@$* you from VZW to it’s subscribers. Samsung didn’t have to grant the request. Honestly, they could have just told VZW, “Listen, if you don’t want our phone that will sell a borderline retarded amount of phones in re-ups and new subscribers we’ll be happy to just let your competition have it.”. I wish they would have. Hopefully the bootloader isn’t encrypted. If it is maybe they can come up with a Mattlgroff type utility for it to root. God I hope so. I am pissed.