Windows 8 vs Android

Posted May 09, 2012 at 3:33 pm in Threads > Opinions

I assume some of you are previewing Windows 8 already. What do you think of the Metro interface as compared to Android? Right now it looks as though Microsoft has a lot of ground to make up.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I think it’s something fresh and different looking but meh. It doesn’t seem as friendly as Android. It’s customizable but not as much. At first glance it (the interface) looks like EVERY other widows phone.

    I’ll stick with Android.

  • redraider133

    I have used an htc trophy and also am currently running the windows 8 preview on my pc and to me it seemed almost apple like with how things had to stay and it was that way the entire time. Yes it was smooth but to me it just seemed like something was lacking and was not really feeling the whole live tile look and especially on my pc I def liked the look and feel of windows 7 more.

  • wild

    The bigest problem of the Metro UI is that it’s made by Microsoft …
    In android, if you bored or don’t like your home screen just install another launcher, or customize it how you want (apex/nova). In linux you can install gnome ,kde ,xfce e.t.c. and for each of them there is bunch of themes. With microsoft profucts, like wp7 and win8 you just stick with this metro where practically nothing is possible to customize and no alternative “launchers”. It’s just so microsoft style, use what we want you to use or delete our OS …

  • jaduino

    The metro UI looks nice but I cannot see myself using it on a desktop. I have installed windows 8 on my computer and i tend to just use the desktop view and forget about the tiles. I much prefer the metro ui on window phones. I haven’t spent much time around windows phones but I got bored of it really fast. It looks nice with its “colors” and animations but it just didn’t seem special to me. The whole reason I like Android is because of all of the customization I can do.

    • Moosa Mahsoom

      on my desktop, I use the metro UI. after reading the help a bit, i got around it.

  • tmihai20

    I recently saw an image (courtesy of I think Google has a few new things up their sleeve. I will not upgrade to Windows 8, since Windows 7 is running like an OS should. On a tablet, things will be different, now I still prefer Android, Windows 8 tablet prices could have a positive impact.

  • Yonas

    Windows 8,more productivity but everything good comes with its price.

  • bin artyte

    I think metro’s interface fits the specificated ui design more than a universal ui like android.