Windows 8/RT: Sleeper threat to Android Gaming

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 10:58 pm in Threads > Games

There is big discussion these days on how it is a return to a golden age for PC gaming. The current gen of console systems are long in the tooth and what was once cutting edge hardware has been overshadowed by the improvements in, inexpensive PC components. I’m personally more likely these days to see what’s on Steam then to pop in and check out the releases for my Xbox. It’s just too easy to d/l what I want to play and run it on a better system then my xbox currently is.

With that and Intel based Windows 8 tablets coming out on what appears to be nice looking and usable hardware, and Microsoft’s insidious push to move everyone forward to their new paradigm, could Windows 8/RT tablets actually be a sleeper in gaming development?

I know there has been a lot of inflammatory statements from some CEOs of game companies stating how horrible Windows 8 will be for game development, but Microsoft would easily work with them to ease those problems.

Android has always had the problem of hardware diversity, which means developers couldn’t be certain that their games would work on all, or even most of the devices out there. Microsoft has a very good track record of getting the hardware makers on board on creating robust drivers ensuring that software written for Windows, would work on anything hardware running it.

I’ve already found there to be a lack of higher end games that I want to play on Android, would a solid launch of Windows 8/RT tablets like the surface, dig in even more then iOS into the game development for Android?

  • Taylor Wimberly

    First off Windows 8 and Windows RT are way different operating systems. I think it just comes down to who has the largest install base. Game devs will choose the platform where they can make the most money.

    • Himmat

      Indeed they are, but don’t forget that any game developed for RT will be available on 8.

      The days of the hardcore gamers are over, so we may actually see an influx of casual and semi-hardcore games on PCs. Windows Store will provide an avenue for devs to sell games on the cheap. It is the only one that takes away 20% of the devs revenue (all others pocket home 30%).

      I think in the end companies will just make games in Unity 3D, which allows for native support on basically every single platform.

  • pliu.2014

    Yes and no. Yes because of the new rt to have a killer price but no because the hardcore games are avaible on android. and Windows is a restricted market for apps.

    • theviper21

      Ehh, I am not sure that I completely agree with your second statement. In general, I would say there are not any real “hardcore” games available on either Android or iOS.

      If the RT comes into the market at a competitive price (which looks like ~$200 if they want to compete with the N7 & Fire) and is easy for developers to write for, I think it could be majorly competitive. What devs will have to do is build apps that are compatible with both Win8 & RT.

      The games I see coming to RT that I think will be the most popular are FPSs and MMORPGs. Right now there are not any (what I would call) great FPS or MMORPG games. You have Order & Chaos and NOVA, but they are mediocre clones at best. Windows has been the platform for MMORPGs and I think making them available on RT would be a natural progression as the days of desktops and high performance laptops are going away. As long as the hardware can support the graphics needed, I think RT will be a great platform for games and will really show that you can have quality games on a tablet.