Would a Galaxy S4 failure be good for Android?

Posted Apr 04, 2013 at 11:34 pm in Threads > Opinions

We all know it’s coming. The Samsung Galaxy S4 event is right around the corner. The Galaxy faithful are chomping at the bit, while the rest of the world waits in curious anticipation. We’ve already told you how this could be nothing but a failed fireworks show, but what if it just falls flat? What implications does a failed Galaxy S4 have for Android? It could be good… but it could also be a disaster.

Why it would be bad
Failure is never an option, but this fervor surrounding the Galaxy S4 is perhaps too much to live up to. At this point, we expect it to make coffee for us in the morning. We want for too much, and expect even more. We need to slow down a bit to accept what the device is. We’re not doing ourselves, or Android, any favors by going wild with anticipation.

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  • cadic451

    that’s not good

    • Sameer

      So what do you think?

  • SGB101

    If I remember correctly, the #
    S3 was hyped to death, and on its announcement, it never lived up to the hype, but never stopped it being a huge success.

    I’m staying with my note2 until HTC can offer similar battery life, then it be heading back to HTC.

    The note is my first Sammy, and it’s great, but I do not like the direction Sammy are going with locking down and their crap ware.

    • Sameer

      I also agree with you. But matter of discussion is, will it really benefit android if S4 fail?

      • SGB101

        I’m undecided, as the amount if crapware Sammy is pushing on its users, it being a dominate success could actually be bad for android.

        So a success for the s4 may be detrimental for android.

        • Sameer

          Hardware benefits are leveled off today. so its interesting to see either Samsung make its own way or go with android

          • SGB101

            I’m in total agreement, I can see by sgs6 there being no installed Play store, or Google log in.

            They have it all in place on my note2,(and wife’s sgs3), with both their own app store and the Samsung user account.

            Add to that the whispers of a tighter lock down, Dev support may not be as great as it’s been.

            For them reasons I think a knock out Samsung s4,may not be good for android.

            But may be good for the smaller guys to come through the ranks.

            As you said, hardware is not as big as a deal as it once was, in 12 months the budget Chinese devices will pack enough power for most peeps, so it’s them guys I see gaining if Samsung goes the way of the kindle.

            So a knock out Samsung, may be good for android.

            It can be argued both ways. But I’d rather not have one OEM, getting to strong. Maybe it’s time for them to forge their own derivative of android.

            Quite deep thinking for 9.30 Saturday morning (with hangover).

  • redraider133

    I think no matter how much hype no phone will live up to it. I mean with all the leaks/rumors/everything else now before an event they almost have it down to what it will be or way off the wall. The phone will still sell like crazy and actually IMO the galaxy line is what android needs to keep pace with IOS and iphones simply because of the sheer number samsung sells and other manufacturers just cant match it. I don’t want just one OEM for android but right now samsung is the apple of android and with having choice among others makes it good all around for android.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    I can say in confident that it will be a disaster. The reason is simple — just look around in the general public’s market (not Android fans’.) If S4 fail miserably, chances are most of the sales will go to the iPhone instead of other Android phones. It’s sad, but answer it honestly — this is more or less a fact. A friend of mine just came back from HK and Taiwan, and when I mentioned the HTC One, his reaction was so strong. He basically told me “No one is using HTC any more over there.” We are talking about Taiwan here, the mother land of HTC! My friend and his friends aren’t tech-savvy people like us. They are just ordinary people. Basically, at this moment, their choices are down to: Apple, or Samsung.

    So, until there is one or two replacement Android King to dethrone Samsung, S4 cannot fail, for the sake of the Android ecosystem.

    Ideally, I hope another OEM can at least catch up with Samsung, and be a strong no.2. At that point, then we can begin to wish a failure of Samsung will directly propel another Android maker to take up its position.

    • Sameer

      Yes correctly pointed out, that no one using HTC because are not tech savvy generally, They just go by trends. This dependency of android on Samsung may cause trouble for android. So android should proactive on this issue. and they should start searching alternative of Samsung

  • pjamies

    There is only 1 reason for Samsung to want as much recognition/following for their phones. It’s called jumping ship.
    If you are not aware of this yet, then you better get ready for it!
    Samsung has been (some what) quitely been working on another OS for it’s future phones.
    Android is just a stepping stone for what is coming down the road in sammy’s future.


    Samsung will jump the Android ship, when?? that is the question you should really be asking!!

    Samsung is just looking for enough interest in their phones to make it’s millions of followers, drink it’s new brand of koolaid ..

    Will the S4 fail? it better not, Samsung’s next version of OS is banking on it!

  • pjamies

    Here is another article on it …

    Guys, you have to do your homework to know what is actually going on in the mobile
    industry today. Ask Why, things are like they are ….?

    • SGB101

      All what you say us true, that is why they are diluting android, on their devices, not mentioning Google hardly, once they move away from the play to Sammy app store, then a few revs later tizen replace android. And many millions of *normal* users would never even notice. As long as there isn’t a massive fail within tizen.

      But they will iron all the bugs out with the tizen phones first off. Then when all the chips are lined up, they will make the switch, and probably run android and tizen lines side by side, then one day drop Google.

      All speculation, but in my empty mind, it makes sense.

    • ashok pai

      samsung as it stands is totally dependent on android. the more sales they have, the more they rely on android. samsung has done phenomenally well in the US, the US customers will not shift to tizen, because they’d have to invest on apps, books and content they bought from google play. I wonder how that will play out. tizen is a nice os, but it’s success initially at least will be limited to asia where apps are pirated more than bought.

      • SGB101

        By the reports I’ve read, Android apps will work fine on tizan, if they can find a way to transfer you paid apps to the Sammy app account, seamlessly, the end user ‘could’ never know.

        I could see all the big boys doing sumit similar, so we (here) will have the choice of nexus, (moto) or chi- phones, for an android experience.

  • www.phonewbie.com

    Didn’t realize how deep and interesting the question was ’til I read the comments. +1 to everybody. Here’s my take:

    I agree with most of the comments on when/if Sammy jumps ship they may confuse and even take some customers with them. That is why I think it is important for us to get over the G2x fiasco and embrace LG. They are really going hard for Android and competing openly and aggressively against Sammy. I believe Google is aware of Sammy’s ambitions, that is why they are most likely teaming up with LG again to not only bring another solid Nexus device but also to let people know that Android is not dependent on one manufacturer to carry it.

    Personally, I want Google to embrace Sony who has great potential in this space. Asus, probably the best tablet manufacturer may need to jump into the phone area. Their brand recognition is growing slowly but surely. We all know how important HTC’s launch of the ONE is. And if Huawei straighten out there legal issues they have potential as well.

    LG, Sony, HTC and Asus??…That is enough, in my opinion, to stem the tide.

    • www.phonewbie.com

      I erroneously left out Motorola and their new low cost initiative with Google and the X phone.

  • MC_Android

    Firstly, let’s understand that the Galaxy S4 is not going to be a failure. It’s still going to ship millions. Where is this influx of new customers coming from? In a closed market, the market distribution of sales is between the companies themselves; the simple answer is iOS users. Look at Samsung’s notorious advertising campaign. Who was the target audience? iPhone users. As Apple markets share falls, Samsung’s increase. Many of the S2, S3, and ultimately – S4 – owners are first time Android users. If by “good for Android”, you mean promoting the operating system, then the S4 failure will be horrible for Android. My opinion is that Samsung might be advertising for their Galaxy line but in turn, the target audience will likely discover other Android devices available in the process.

    Secondly, a common response I have read before that aligns with SGB101′s comment is that Samsung will be so successful that they will move away from Android? Unfortunately I can’t agree to this at all. There’s a lot of reasons for that:

    Cost. It takes a lot of money to development Android. Google doesn’t hire any CompSci student who graduates. These are some of the most competent and outstanding programmers who build Android. Samsung is not going to break away from Android and develop their own linux-based operating system from the ground up. They differentiate them-self by developing cosmetic overlays – TouchWiz. Fundamentally it is still Android. Even the app ecosystem is based around Google’s. Hypothetically Samsung built an entirely new OS, where the apps aren’t compatible with Android, who well do you think it will thrive? Googe has a tough enough time convincing developers to port iOS apps to Android, how much better will Samsung do enticing them to port their product to another OS?

    On the note of OS differences, consider how often does a phone really get an official software update? If you own that year’s flagship phone, you might see an upgrade to the next big Android update (ex. ICS to JB, JB to KLP…etc). The S2 will likely be more than capable of running Android 5.0 but it will probably never get a Samsung update; S3 is arguable. Unlike iOS where the software layout hasn’t really changed since the original iPhone, Android has made huge jumps. You take an original iPhone user and make him/her use the new iOS version, he/she will easily be able to navigate about. Now, compare Froyo or Eclair with Jellybean…big difference. My point is the every big Android version is almost a new OS in a sense but Samsung will definitely not make develop Touchwiz from the ground up, independently of Android kernels.


  • pliu.2014

    s4 has domitation in asia because iphone is not that dominant. This causes some contrversy because other like htc, ZTE and lg would prosper