Would You Buy a Nokia Android Device?

Posted Apr 18, 2013 at 3:38 am in Threads > Opinions

As we all know, Nokia has chosen to go with and stick with Windows Phone. Some may believe they made a bad choice but remember that Nokia’s popularity (and stock) decreased dramatically when they failed to enter the Android market when it was in its first iterations back in 2008.

In a market dominated by Apple on the iPhone side and Samsung, HTC and Motorola on the Android side Nokia made the wise (in my opinion) decision to choose to back Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 7. By doing so they have dominated the Windows 7/Windows 8 market, even if it is only on about 4% of smartphones today. This move will help Nokia build up some money and resources in order to dish out a massive production of a new Android device, should that happen.

If such a miracle were to happen, would you buy it? Most Nokia phones reign supreme when it comes to camera quality. Even the 2MP Nokia Nuron outdid my 5MP HTC Aria back in 2011.
But amazing camera quality aside, what other specs would convince you to buy a Nokia Android device? Would you like to see a Symbian-esque Android skin on it? Would you prefer a metal build over a plastic build (I would)? Anything else I’m missing?

I personally would most likely buy it instantly. :p

  • SGB101

    My last Nokia phone was the N95,and that was a great device for its day.

    My wife got the follow up N97 (iirc) she kept it less than a week, and returned it for an iPhone 3g,i had the G1.

    Thet 97 was horrendous, capacitive screen and the complicated Symbian.

    Saying all that, I would be interested, and check one out at my local store.

  • chestont

    Yes, if I could find a Lumia 920 running Android. I would absolutely consider it for the pure black screen, build quality and incredible camera. I wish it was a touch thinner, but still a beautiful phone.

  • thymeless

    Nokia could certainly build an Android phone I might like. I’m not against them as a brand. Wonder if their Windows phone contract might prohibit that for now though.

    • HowlPendragon

      Back in January Stephen Elop commented that “We are always thinking about what’s coming next…anything is possible” when asked if Nokia has been working on an Android device.

      While not a “yes” it sounds very promising!

      • ashok pai

        Elop needs to be booted if Nokia ever made an android device! elop ran the company to the ground

  • bear831

    I would be really interested in a Nokia phone about the size of the N9 or a little taller (no wider) with a 720p screen and modern high end specs on Verizon. I don’t really mind the thickness on the Lumia phones but I do prefer a smaller width to my devices. Sadly I find the iPhone to fit in my hand the best.

  • tdesai4

    if it came with stock Android, i would consider it….Nokia hardware with stock Android would be outstanding device

  • t3chfr34k

    If Nokia made an aluminium Lumia 920-style device n put stock Android on it like my Nexus 4, it would be utterly incredible! I’d pay almost any amount for it lol. I am an enormous Nokia fan, I have owned 17 of em over the past 10yrs. But a Nokia Nexus would be a whole new level of excitement IMHO. I’ve never wanted a phone as much as I wud want a Nokia Nexus

  • t3chfr34k

    If Nokia made an aluminium Lumia 920-style device n put stock Android on it like my Nexus 4, it would be utterly incredible! I’d pay almost any amount for it lol. I am an enormous Nokia fan, I have owned 17 of em over the past 10yrs. But a Nokia Nexus would be a whole new level of excitement IMHO. I’ve never wanted a phone as much as I wud want a Nokia Nexus. Gimme an amen if u agree

    • HowlPendragon

      Amen :)
      I really feel Nokia would be able to outdo Samsung if they came to Android.
      I’m sure they know full well how badly thousands of Android users would buy a Nokia Android, probably regardless if it came with mid-range specs.

  • Doan

    You could replace “Nokia” with any manufacturer, and my answer would be yes; so long as it were to have the hardware/software features I desired most compared to other devices.

    • HowlPendragon

      Well that’s sort of the point of sticking “Nokia” in the question. Do you think they’d be able to deliver on all your hopes and dreams better than today’s top manufacturers? I know there isn’t much to go on but it’s all in fun.

      And although you make a good point, I doubt any manufacturer out there would dish out the camera quality Nokia has put out time and again.

  • CaptainDoug

    I would definitely consider it. They make some great looking hardware but there seems to be an abundance of bezel. If they streamlined the device a bit more, gave it decent internals, I’d give it fair shot.

  • surethom

    YES love Nokia cameras phones even better with xenon flash.

    • SGB101

      Totally agree, the 5mp with Carl zies lense that was on the N95 had only just been bettered in by the one X and galaxy devices. I may even say high speed shots wad better on the Nokia.

      When I went to the G1 from the n95 the camera was a big comedown.

  • Edson Ishida

    My last Nokia device was an E71 that survived until last year… In my opinion, that was the most amazing device ever… With a great keyboard and amazing battery life…

    I was a Nokia fan till then, I had Nokia devices since early 90s when I left my Motorola Ultratac for a 6120 …

    Now I decided for an Android device and I’m completely in love with the OS, the only problem is that we don’t have a solid state design for android devices, all of them look so “plastic” and cheap…

    I would not change back to Nokia because of its WP OS but a Nokia quality device with Android OS would be the best…

  • GE918

    I’m on the fence, but my brother would jump on it in a heart beat.

  • MC_Android

    Don’t skin it and run it with stock Android with an outstanding camera (I really mean it should stand out over other flagships), great battery life (note 2-esque) and microsd then I will sign up too.

    • HowlPendragon

      Sounds like a great Nokia Nexus :p

      • MC_Android

        I agree but don’t count on that ever happening; Nexus and microsd can’t coexist in the same sentence without a negative word

  • ashok pai

    I would buy a Nokia Android device without blinking! had they gone ahead with android on their phones and not windows, they would have essentially been on even terms with samsung by now. they literally “pissed” away an opportunity, and maybe on their pants too (remembering that famous quote of their executive).

    microsoft has been nothing but a bag of trouble for them. their customer base was essentially completely removed from microsoft. Nokia held microsoft away for the longest time, imagine selling you **** from the same company to that very same user base.

    basically, the board and the ceo were too afraid of the new unknown competition – apple/ android – and pretty arrogant and unrealistic.

    Nokia’s hardware is it’s strong point – they’ve always made good sturdy phones, they still continue to do so. but they’ve got something worse than symbian in it now – and it’s not selling well at all. Nokia – just try packing both android AND windows phone in the successor to 920 – I’ll be damned if the nokia android phone does not trounce the nokia wp phone by a factor of 1 to 10.

    • HowlPendragon

      I agree with Nokia being arrogant, but its not entirely unwarranted xP

      I kind of hope the new Blackberry 10 lineup replaces Windows Phone as the 3rd most used mobile OS. That would most likely force Nokia’s hand.

  • RhynosAndroid

    I would definitely give it a run!

    Call it nostalgia, but Nokia has never done me wrong and I have fond memories of the many different models I’ve sported. Our history not withstanding, they’ve proven their worth as a handset manufacturer.

    Ok, so maybe they went w/a “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it attitude,” and stopped advancing their handsets and technology only to fall horribly behind in an area they had globally dominated for so long…

    Sure they were lulled into a false sense of security, that they were untouchable and got into a rut. Yeah, they decided to put money on the lame horse (Windows) after theirs was put out to pasture (Symbian)…

    But can we hold this against them? Well, maybe, but only a bit. Maybe we got let down a few times by the decisions they made, but should they make a move to Android, all they can do is strengthen the community.

    At least we can hope, I know I would accept them w/open arms. At least until they betrayed me w/2nd rate equipment, in which case I’d be the first to light up a torch, grab up my pitchfork and run ‘em outta town!!!


  • Jeff

    Yes my first phone in 2001 was a nokia. Highest quality phones. Android 5 would be icing on the cake…

  • yes

    yes lancoo

  • yes

    mother fucker..nokia is number 1 on the world before,,,so android is suck like blackberry

  • da9el

    personally i don’t like the design of nokia but i’m sure that android running on nokia devices would be the best thing they could do.

  • lou2cool88

    I would love a Nokia Nexus… That’s my dream phone. Lumia design and Jelly Bean interface. Yes, please!

  • tommydaniel

    I potentially would. I like the looks of the 920, but not the thickness. I like the features, mics, etc. of the 928, but not the design as much. Maybe if it was a 928 with a fun bold color.

  • Dr.Carpy

    Absolutely….I couldn’t see why anyone wouldn’t. Nokia is all a quality phone builder, their software has been the only question mark as of late.

  • Vikas lade

    Pls tell me nokia android phone less than 8000

  • a

    I just saw the Lumia 521 and would have bought it if it was running a new stock Android. A little more memory would be helpful too.

  • tmsu

    i bought Nokia Lumia 620 last week but sold the next day coz it can’t able to install even flash player, google chrome & other applications….
    go for other Andhroid mobile phones…. Nokia Lumia WP8 sucks

  • g

    1520 with android-YEAH