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Android History

Everyone here loves Android, am I right!!! XDD Well I thought up of a little idea for everyone to divulge their Android history.

Maybe you started off with regular old cell phone. Maybe you started off with a bad ass flagship smartphone. It would be great to hear everyone’s past, present, and even future of their android device library~!

Are there any devices that stood out for you? Any devices that made you say, “AAwww hell NO!” to a manufacturer?

I’ll start off by saying I was quite resistant to the Android game for financial and parental reasons. So at first I had a nifty little cell phone from Nokia on virgin mobile (see×240.jpg).

After that I moved onto a Motorola phone on verizon which was a huge step up for me. It kinda looked like a fat Razr. All of you know the UI from 5 or so years ago?

Then I moved on to one of my all time favorite cell phones, the Samsung Trance (see Micro SD card slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack. That phone was a killer slide phone! It had a very sleak piano black finish and a very thin chrome trim.

After that about 2 years ago I had my first android phone substitute: The Galaxy Player 4.0 (Yp-Gb1). It was a birthday present from my parents that was imported from Korea. It started on froyo and boy that is a great device. Long story short it was upgraded to gingerbread about a year later and has excellent battery life. I still use it today as my main media player and at times crunchy roll and casual gaming.

Then I purchased an Asus Transformer a short while later. All together it is a wonderful device. I encountered a little trouble with custom roms (Google did not release HC source code + I was a beginner). But again I still use it today and it couldn’t be more perfect! XD Although my mom has it right now cause she wants to perfect her high score in Word Pop~ I miss my baby!

I finally jumped on the smartphone market with the Galaxy Nexus. I got this bad boy as a present with the promise of paying $200 upfront for the data plan~ Since then I’ve been flashing Roms galore (Liquid Smooth seems to be my favorite). The camera definitely matches, maybe even outperforms, a dedicated 8mp camera from Samsung that I own. The almost lag free shutter is a huge plus. Overall it’s a wonderful phone that has surely changed my view of how a smartphone should be.

For the future I might just stick with it for a view more generations on the tablet side and wait for and Asus device with the Tegra 4 ;) As for smartphones, heck, I might just go for Samsung again~ But maybe the future generations of the Asus padphone will be a strong contender?

some dumb phones, galaxy player 4.0, asus transformer, galaxy nexus

  • TopherM21

    I was in at the beginning with the G1.
    Followed that with a MyTouch Slide, then a (used) G2.
    Finally, I kissed the hardware keyboard goodbye with my current phone, the Samsung Galaxy S II (still on T-mo) which I love!
    Still haven’t jumped on the Tablet-wagon yet, but really itching to!

  • seaps

    Are you diggin’ your Transformer? I’m eagerly awaiting some kind of release for the Padfone as I feel that it really will be the perfect device for me.

    My history started with a Nokia dumbphone, then an LG slider, then a SLVR (Loved that phone for what it was). Then came my smartphone years. Unfortunately it started with a Samsung Blackjack. I still loathe that phone to this day, but it was my first phone where I could look at the internet and get email, so I thought it was fancy. Then 2007 came and the iPhone was announced and I fell in love. For all it’s downfalls, it really changed the mobile world in my opinion (mostly because it had a touchscreen that actually worked extremely well with your finger). I stayed with the iPhone line until the iPhone 4 where I was growing tired of the lack of innovation on Apple’s software. Then started my lust for Android. I just got my first Android device in November of last year, the Galaxy S II Skyrocket. And like I said in the beginning, now I’m waiting to check out the Padfone. Fingers crossed for an awesome device.

    • Bryan Stoner

      Blackjack looks pretty nice for the time @[email protected]

      The transformer, in my opinion, is one of the best tablets for it’s generation. Great price, pretty solid build quality (my unit only suffered from a small dent and a creaky back on one said (to be fair you have to press down pretty hard)), and an excellent firmware cycle. It’s performance is really wonderful too. And when it got ICS, boy that thing became a SUPER beast!

      Padphone is gonna be awesome XD Their page is live for the phone right now! You should check it out if you haven’t already done so~

  • Theolonious

    I started accidentally, truly. I was an avid Zune fan, and was going to buy the Kin Two on Verizon. When I went to the store to check it out, I didn’t like how clunky and slow it felt. The rep there suggested the Droid, so I cluelessly grabbed it.

    Needless to say, I was blown away by the phone.

    It was everything I had heard the mythical iPhone to be, and so much more. From playing Pokemon to taking notes in class, it was a fantastic device. I won the Droid X in a development contest at my college a few weeks later, and fell in love again, although missing Vanilla Android.

    My desire for a cleaner experience and Froyo pushed me into the hacking community. My base in programming and general computer knowledge helped me out a lot, and soon I was flashing daily. Quite a fun process.

    Since then, I’ve ran a Nook Color, Kindle Fire, HP Touchpad, and am now loving my Galaxy Nexus!

  • Bpear96

    My first android device was a HTC G1, that i was using with no data on AT&T on a family plan, i thought it was pretty awesome and it was :D i remember android 1.5 on it, then updating it to 1.6 :D, then i remember looking into it more, and finding early customroms, and i still remember the day i loaded up cyanogenmod :D i think it was cyanogenmod 4 when i first flashed it. and i remember i spent like 4hours maybe more, because i kept softbricking my phone or something, but i finally got it and i was so happy and excited lol, and it was so much faster and better :D but sadly my g1 had a problem, it did from the day i got it ( it was given to me) the screen would randomly turn black, and i would have to pull the batter out like a million times, restart, mess around with it, intill i got the screen working again it was probably a loose connection or something, but i never attempted to fix it, it got so bad that i could barely keep it working for long. i ended up selling it on ebay as is for like $50 bucks i think, promising myself i would get a new android phone as soon as i could :D. I was actually stuck with a nokia bar phone for awhile. Then my mom canceled our at&t family plan and we switched to tmobile everything plus, i got some samsung slider keyboard “dumb” phone, it was alright but I MISSED android and needed it in mylife :D, i ended up getting a ipod touch for my birthday around the time my g1 died btw… it was ok, but i liked android on my g1 sooo much more :D. When the virgin mobile $25 unlimited everything except minutes which where limited to 250 came out, i switched to that, and got a lg rumor touch, for Christmas, this was a great step up from my samsung phone, and i actually liked it, but still no where near android. It was pretty limited, VM didnt allow any apps installed besides the ones the offered which where few.. but then on howard forums someone discovered a loophole that allowed java apps to be installed like most feature phones. So i ended up installing quite a bit of those, and eventually making my site Then, then!! VM released the samsung intercept!! an android phone that i would soon realize was utter crap ( i still appreciated it though as a gift :) ) i got it for my birthday, and could use it on the $25 vm plan of course, which did have unlimited data ( i actually had data this time, unlike my g1) i got it, it was ok, started installing apps, it started bogging down, many games wouldnt play because it lacked a dedicated gpu ( all process was done on cpu), so many things lagged, i ended up rooting it and installing a custom rom called ubuntdroid on it, which improved alot of things, but it was still slow because of its lack of a gpu, and it was basically like that its whole life with me. When VM released the optimus V i really wanted it but felt weird since i got my intercept not to long before, but after awhile i got sick of my intercept and had to tell my mom that im sorry but this phone sucks. So i put my intercept up on ebay and to my surprise i got like $100 for it, which i got the optimus v for around $110 at radioshack thanks to a coupon i found. so i was incredibly happy :D as soon as i got it installed CM7 on it, i was sooo happy that i finally could!!, and it felt like the phone was FLYING!!, the optimus does have a 600mhz qualcomm SoC vs the intercepts 800mhz marvel SoC but with the qualcomms gpu and probably just better more efficent chip in general it was miles ahead of the intercept, plus with cm7, and i ended up OCing it to around 700mhz i think. I loved it, most games played fine, and there was not much lag at all. Great phone for the price.. But i wanted more!! lol VM data speeds where not so great, and it was around the time new dual core phones where coming out, the htc sensation was announced etc, i wanted the sensation !! i wanted it lol. And my site was kicking up in popularity and my adsense account got approved, and i actually starting bringing in around $200 a month from the ads on my site.. so i saved up that money and i bought myself i sensation and a simple mobile sim card, the plan was more but i told my mom id pay for some of it monthly (she was paying for my $25 plan) , and i was happy with it , but then i realized how spotty tmobile was in my area, i would be at myhouse and get like 7mbps hspa+ then walk through town and have 2g 20 kbps.. i was just getting so annoyed, i looked for alternatives, and found the Straight talk sim loophole which this was before the started selling sim cards themselfs, you could buy a nokia e71 from straight talk and use that sim in a at&t compatible phone, and it would work fine and use at&ts network.. for $45 a month, so i sold my sensation and got a unlocked SGS2 i9100 and put it on straight talk, I WAS IN LOVE!!!, it was sooo fast ( sensation was ok, but it had no roms when i had it and locked BL so i was stuck with sense which bogged it down imo) and the amoled screen was amazing compared to anything i used before.. It was just amazing and i told myself this is enough you are using this for awhile no more switching:D i was finally satisfied… and grow to love android more and more every day..

    Oh and somewhere in the middle of all this the ipad 2 was announced, and i actually wanted it, now that i look back at it i think to myself “WHY” i really dont like apple now of days, but then i was more open about them, so i saved up my vmtouch money again and bought the ipad 2 16gb wifi, it was ok but i just felt so limited to it and just wished it was honeycomb, but i knew that android tablets werent there yet (original xoom was only option and honeycomb was buggy), but when the transformer prime was announced i sold my ipad 2 and got it ASAP, i love it now with ICS it is exactly what i wanted. So atm i have a SGS2 i9100 and a Transformer Prime, which both live happily together :D

    • Bpear96

      HOLY CRAPP!! i did not realize how long that was…

    • Bryan Stoner

      Most interesting history yet~ Congratulations on all your website/selling/purchasing/modding successes!

      • Bpear96

        Thanks man :D i started writing and i got really into it lol

  • SGB101

    Got my first phone in 1998, you know we now have micro Sims, this took a mega sim, credit card size, and it stuck out the bottom of the device.

    fast forward a decade and mostly Nokia’s and I got the G1 on release in the UK, version 1.1, it never even had a tasty name :-(, and tbh, it didn’t deserve one lol.

    I went for android as I didn’t want an iPhone. about a week after getting the G1 I looked at the wife’s iPhone 3g, and thought ‘bugger’ (i never told her this tho) over the next 6 month 1.2 then 1.3 and finally cupcake arrived, and android had arrived. since cupcake I’ve never looked back.

    after my G1 , I got the HTC Desire and now just got the One X. In this time a fair few device have made ther way through my house. Hero, Wildfire, galaxy s, desire hd, expira x, sensation xe and probably a couple more I can’t remember now.

    also in tbs time my wife went from a iPhone 3g to a galaxy s, she decide she didn’t like it, so got an iPhone 4, two weeks after decided she would rather have android and returned to the galaxy s and sold the iphone4. she is due an update soon and will probably the one s, as the sgs3 is likely to be to big for her.

    that is my android history to this date. with only having my x for 3 weeks I could predict my next phone, at a guess it will be 24 cores at 2.5GHz and will be mounted on a contact lens. ;-)

  • Thomas Biard

    I’m on my first Android phone still…the Droid X. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I have no regrets what-so-ever buying it the day it came out.
    Previous to that I had the Motorola Q (thinnest smartphone) and then the Samsung i760 (stylus and resistive touch screen with slide out keyboard). Those were Windows Mobile phones because they didn’t have Android available when I got them. Neither phone plan had data and the i760 was my first phone to have Wifi. So when I switched to my DX with unlimited data, 8mp camera, and a processor 3 times as fast as one of the desktops at our house (Pentium II 266), I couldn’t imagine it getting any better.
    I’m looking forward to trying LTE and instant-shot camera capabilities now.

  • Lane Chapman

    My first phone was the Nokia 6102I, handed down to me from my mother. it lasted a while, you all know how Nokias are…

    Next I moved on to the BB pearls 8110, one of my favorite phones to use of all time (? I know right, weird). It is for the most part a fully functioning phone and my fallback device just in case.

    Now comes the dark days…. I recieved my first iPhone 3GS on Christmas of 2009, broken by April. Fixed it, Jailbroke it, blew out the screen (glass and digitalizer) fell back on my BB until I got a replacement, which was stolen on a ski trip in 2010. Used my aunt’s old 3G for a while, got fed up with iOS and moved on to my first true love.

    The nexus S had just come to AT&T and I really wanted it. I had to buy it off-contract with money I had earned. not cool. Anyway, I picked it up in late July and am a proud Android owner ever since!!

  • mac morrison

    G1 on day one (I even queued up at 5am in the uk)

    Then a Dev 1 from android developers market
    Then a Nexus one from android developers market
    Then another nexus one free from google (pre arriving at Google I/O 2010)
    Then an EVO 4G free at Google I/O 2010 – had to sell on ebay as it doen’t work in the UK
    Then a Nexus S – on contract
    Then a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (free at Google I/O 2011)
    Then a HTC one X – on contract

    • SGB101

      was there just the two of you in the line :-p

      i to got one on day one, was the first to buy from my local tmobile store, it was about 12pm iirc.

      was so exited to get it, but until 1.5 release it was a dog tbh lol. it should of launched as an Alpha product :o)

      o have we moved the G1 scored 152 (about) in the quadrant score my (and your) One X scores almost 5k

  • kwills88

    I feel in love with modding when I got my T-Mobile Shadow… I end up becoming friends with Brandon of where I was a mod on his, from there I heard about the Android project and immediately said I am jumping ship and getting the G1 3months after release.. Thanks the xda devs I’ve flashed so many roms down tonight favorite htc hero rom.. It kept my phone going up until cm6 where it just slowly gave up on living I finally got a new phone my galaxy SII t-Mobile version.. Have it 5months now and I love it and can proudly brag to my friends… My next phone will hopefully be the SIII as for tablet I am still hoping to win one from android and me lol.

    • kwills88

      Note to self: proof read before you post… Sorry for the typos.

      • SGB101

        lol, i could do this a note like that. was posting via phone last night, and when i read over the post(s) they wasnt good. lol.

        its all part of the non editing function, it keeps us real.

  • ajskies

    I stared with a G1 rooted it and put cm4 then went to a mytouch 3g then went to a mytouch 3g slide with cm6 then went to a G2 with cm7 then to a samsung vibrant with miui then to a sidekick 4g with debloated stock rom then to a mytouch Q by lg then to a mytouch 4g slide with Bulletproof rom but now back to my G2 because its my favorite phone. I have a acer a500 but didn’t have much use for it. In the future ill be getting the galaxy note when tmobile comes out with it. I have an iphone 4 and an itouch but those things are boring to me. Team android forever

  • xray49er

    Started with the g1. Became crazy with modding thanks to jesus freke and cyanogen. I left t mobile for big red and got the incredible on release date. A beast of a phone at the time. Got a transformer prime this past january then in February moved over to the galaxy nexus now I am ics on all my decices

    • Bryan Stoner

      Do you still have your incredible?

      My friend has one and he is considering my proposition of root/flash. Any ROM recommendations if you still have that bad boy?

  • Lightning7

    My first device was a Samsung Juke for my birthday -fastforward- LG Dare for Christmas -fastforward- around this time last year, I got NY first Android phone, the HTC Thunderbolt. What really enticed me was the 4G, because all of my other friends had iPhones, do I knew I’d be getting something that they don’t have! My first impression with the phone one I held it in my hands for the very first time was “Damn, this thing is huge!” May 1st was the date I believe, and I remember the day because bin Laden was caught that day, and I’m still rocking it to this day. I might get the SGS3 or the new Nexus since my upgrade is in January.

  • pr0thizzle

    White G1 – White MyTouch3G – Motorola Cliq – Nexus One – HTC Sensation 4G – Galaxy Nexus next phone will be the next Nexus

  • tsanikgr

    G1 > desire > gs2 (cm9 currently) > galaxy tab 10.1 (cm9 since 20 minutes after I got it in my hands)

  • tsanikgr

    G1 since day 1> desire > gs2 (cm9 currently) > galaxy tab 10.1 (cm9 since 20 minutes after I got it in my hands)

  • Carlos icee0711

    Nothing else seems to matter before I got my G1. Stalked that phone from the minute leaks and info started popping up and got it asap. Probably the best keyboard I’ve ever had on a phone and I wish I still had one to hammer out texts on. I held onto that phone forever until I got the nexus one which blew my mind back then. I never was dissatisfied with it but when my contract ended I moved to sprint because I was sick of T-Mobile and I got the evo 3d. Would have gotten the gs2 but I didn’t like the screen resolution. I work with phones now so I can switch at any time and will be using the galaxy nexus starting next week until the evo 4g lte comes out.

  • tnnm

    Is it me or does that doughnut at the top of the thread look really appetizing? I feel like Homer Simpson…

  • jonbelle2010

    First machine is an LG Optimus S. Hate it. But I really like my Transformer prime!

  • orangestrat

    Im from canada and dont watch TV (and also live under a rock) so I first heard about the Droid when xkcd mentioned it. I read every review and article on the internet (probably A&M’s review if they did one) and fell in love with the design, but was sad to discover that it only existed in the states. Over the summer, the milestone came out, but only forntelus and unlocked versions were crazy expensive on ebay. At the end of 2010, I found a guy on kijiji that was selling two telus “droids” that he had tried to root and had bricked. I figured out that he had tried to root them the same way you root the American Droid, which is actually very different than the canadian milestone, and bought them for cheap and got them both working, one of them was unlocked, so I had my dream phone, rooted with CM6 and on my favorite network. The honeymoon was rather short lived. Motorola never updated the canadian version to froyo and never fixed a lot of the bugs that the international version had, but because the bootloader was locked, we were stuck with thier kernel. A single missing line of code in the kernel caused the interface between the CPU, display and flash storage to crash and reboot the phone a few times per day. The dev had to write a ridiculously complicated hack to try and fix it, hundreds of lines ofncode, and as far as I know, the problem still exists today. Part way through the summer, I decided to sell my old desktop and came across a guy looking to sell his atrix, buy a desktop and switch back to blackberry. So I drove him across town to a guy selling a blackberry, and then traded the old computer for a phone that was actually more powerful. Blur was a bit of a mess, but my milestone was really showing its age, and I can’t stand unfixable bugs, and now that the bootloader was unlocked, cm7 was inevitable. cM eventually came out but it was kinda buggy and when I saw a video of the nexus S running pre-release ICS and another of it with CM7 running circles around my atrix I decided to trade the atrix in for a nexus, and I got mine the same week as the ICS announcement. I will never buy a non nexus ever again. When my upgrade came this January, I marched into a bell store and asked for a galaxy nexus before they could finish asking what i wanted. It was running cm9 by the end of the night and it still is today :-) I love this gizmo a lot, but every once in awhile I take my milestone out of the drawer and boot it up to play around with it

    • Bryan Stoner

      Awesome story ;) Definitely one filled with a long, arduous journey~! Welcome to the world of Nexus XDD

      And dammnnn!!!, “traded the old computer for a phone that was actually more powerful”.

      • orangestrat

        Pentium D + 512mb RAM << Tegra 2 + 1GB RAM, the Atrix was a beast. The guy really hated the touch keyboard.

        • Bryan Stoner

          wow O_O

  • DrkDysOfDre

    Im still rocking my sprint htc hero (yes i know)… iv had experiences with the sprint epic 4g, evo 4g slide, mytouch 3g slide (rooted for a friend), mytouch 3g (rooted for same friend), and G1 (rooted for the same friend also. I got to use those phones for a while. I still have and use my Hero and have been waiting for a phone like HTC EVO 4G LTE (wow lol)… I definitively feel it is time for an upgrade… because of development i was able to enjoy my hero the best i could for so long… i plan on enjoying my phone for a few month and once development kicks into gear for the New Evo i will be rooting it and joining the development fray..


    Started off with a piece of crap Samsung flip phone in 2006, then I had a Moto Razr in 2007. Some where in that time I purchased the Moto W490. Then I took my first jump into smart phones with the Sidekick 2008 in 2008 lol. Then I took my first jump into the Android Game by purchasing easily one of the least supported and easily passed up phone the Motorola CLiQ in the fall of 2009 let u mind u this was the year of the Moto Droid 1 which surpassed my phone on so many levels and the HTC Nexus One which came out only a year or 2 later. Sad lol. Then I went to the Nexus S a little more than a year later in December of 2010 then sold it and got a HTC Sensation 4G in June and now I have the White t-Mobile Galaxy S II for about 3 weeks now its the best phone ive ever had

  • SCJaredJ

    My first cell phone was way back in 1998, so I’m not going to do a history of all of my phones….

    But I was rocking the blackberry pearl for work when I took the android plunge in 2009. I did all sorts of research on trying to pick the best phones when my wife and I were switching from a legacy/grandfathered plan to the TMO EM+ plan. I took the plunge with the Behold 2 based on its awesome specs and the fact that they said it would be upgraded soon. What a way to start out. Overall, here’s my android history…

    1. Behold 2 (Thanksgiving 2009)
    2. Galaxy S Vibrant (June 2010)
    3. LG G2x (June 2011)
    4. HTC MyTouch Slide (October 2011)
    5. Galaxy Nexus (January 2012)

    You could also throw in the OG Nook Color (Feb 2011) which I have dual booting for my wife with CM, and also a 16GB Toshiba Thrive 10″ (December 2011) if you’re interested in tablets.

    The Nexus is by far the best android phone I’ve used, however the Vibrant running on some custom roms blew everything else out of the water until the Nexus.

  • bin artyte

    I’m honored to be an owner of htc dream during android 1.0 days. I’ve upgraded it 2 times, 1.0 -> 1.5 -> 1.6. My htc dream’s screen cracked when i dropped the phone by accident due to my inability to hold as I was injured. But… I still kept it. Lol.

    I then changed to the first galaxy s without trading in. It was 2.1 that time. And it was the first time I got into android modding community, particularly xda. I upgraded slowly to 2.2 and later on to 2.3′s various versions, like 2.3.4, 2.3.6. I even made my own framework textures and shared them with the modding community though i’ve stopped now. I enjoyed the days in galaxy s xda community because I saw many bright developers like supercurio make astonishing breakthroughs which later on Samsung used to improve the flaws of galaxy s that brought about s2. Since Samsung’s announcement about not giving galaxy s ics, which I totally agree in a marketing view and a computer scientific explanation, I decided to upgrade to cm9 myself a few weeks ago and compromised certain features that I barely use for extra ram such as market updater apk.

    Now I’m waiting for a new android smartphone to appear that is able to fulfill the purpose that I want for the smartphone, and that is to replace my laptop’s general usage but not the complicated programs such as cs5 or games like crysis. Current android smartphones don’t meet the standard that I want because they all lack ram. Only 1 smartphone caught my attention which could probably replace my laptop’s general usage, and that is LG Optimus LTE2, but I’m afraid for the probable small modding community for this smartphone and LG’s incompetence in providing great performance through excellent choice of filesystem and kernel that would make the phone that much snappier. I just hope I can choose a smartphone before jelly bean is introduced.