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Posted Mar 10, 2014 at 5:11 pm in Threads > Opinions

You might have heard of this Chinese company called Goophone. These guys are the ones making phones that look just like other popular phones which is pretty common for China, but they are different because they actually have decent specs and still keep their prices low. A lot of people have complained about them just copying the way other phones look, but to me the specs and price are what matter most so I don’t really care about that.

The fact that these phones have similar specs at less than half the price makes me think about how overpriced other manufacturers are. I’m sure R&D costs some money, but I’m sure it is not $300 per phone. There is also the quality of the parts being used. I’ve never used one of their phones myself so I can’t say anything about the quality (hopefuly someone can share their experience). The thing is that some of their phones test even better on benchmarks than the $600-$700 phones. Like their N3 using the 1.7GHz MTK MT6592 octa-core processor scoring 29,600 on Antutu.

Has anyone actually tried these phones?

  • Paul

    Sorry, we have explained this for many times, our paypal account was frozen, we can;t use it any more,please contact the paypal for the refund issue.
    Trinity – Customer Supporting Team

    This excuse after returning a faulty item, dont reply to emails, says cant refund but they still accept paypal, nice phone when it works – avoid

    • Paul

      paypal cant help as now over 45 days old,

  • Lourdes

    I´ve had the same problem and the same response. I have to denunce them. My time, my money, my mood…..1 year warranty, ja, ja ja

  • SGB101

    buy a Moto G instead