Sep 18 AT 9:44 PM Nick Sarafolean 6 Comments

Android L will keep your device more secure by enabling encryption out of the box

In a world where government snooping is becoming normal, companies are finding new ways to combat the invasion of privacy. One of the simplest ways to do this is by offering encryption for the contents of a device. Google has been offering encryption on some Android devices since 2011, but it’s always been shut off ... Read More »

Android L Preview Nexus 7 (JPG, Resized)

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Sep 18 AT 4:18 PM Nick Sarafolean 12 Comments

Google’s insane new requirement forces app developers to list a physical address

In a new mandate, Google is requiring developers of paid apps or apps with in-app purchases to list a physical address on their app details page. Jared Rummler, of JRummy Apps, pointed out the change in a new Google+ post today. He included a screenshot of the new requirement informing developers that, as of September ... Read More »

google logo generic Image via: Robert Scoble with Creative Commons