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Samsung Milk Music to move to in-app ad model, $4 a month ad-free service

We’ll forgive you if you’ve entirely forgotten about Samsung Milk Music. Milk Music is Samsung’s music streaming service that’s only available for some Galaxy devices, previously for free and ad-free. I have expressed my enjoyment for the service, as it’s legitimately pretty nice, but even I forgot about it entirely. However, there are some changes ... Read More »

Samsung Milk Music
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UPDATE: Verizon rolling out minor update to HTC One (M8), includes extreme power savings mode

The HTC One (M8) was missing one thing here in the States, and that was extreme power savings mode. For whatever reason, the feature was taken out of the devices here but were promised to be put back in. Following in Sprint’s footsteps, Verizon is now rolling out an update for the HTC One with ... Read More »

HTC One (M8) update Verizon

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