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Mystique Chapter 1 Walkthrough For Android

After I posted the video intro for Mystique, many people have posted asking for a walkthrough.  Some of you even took the time to email me.  I tried several times to record a video, but the game is too dark and my camera is too cheap.  Instead I decided to write up a guide that will walk you through all the steps needed to complete Chapter 1.

These Guys are Awesome.

These Guys are Awesome.

If you have the game but don’t know how to play, just hit the “Information” button when the game starts.  I’m not here to answer questions that are answered in the game.  If you can’t read, then this guide is not for you either.

For new Android users, Mystique is a horror/puzzle game played from a first person point of view.  This is one of the true 3D games in the market and it also happens to be free for a limited time.  I suggest you try to finish the game on your own.  The fun comes from solving the puzzles and escaping the room.  But if you really get stuck, here is the complete walkthrough.

1.  Grab the flashlight.  If you stand on the pentagram and look at the bottom left side of the tub, you will see something on the floor.  Tap it for a closer look, then grab the flashlight.

2.  Grab the hammer.  On the bottom right side of the tub is the hammer.  Again, you need to be looking down to see it before you can zoom in.

3.  Grab the shaver and the plaster.  Open up the cabinet on the wall to find both items sitting inside.

4. Grab the toothbrush.  Look in the back of the toilet and you will see the dirty toothbrush.

5. Get the key.  Return to the tub and tap the handle to drain it.  After that, select the toothbrush and then tap the shiny object to get the key.

6.  Charge the shaver.  Place the shaver in the charger by the mirror and then remove it after the cut scene is over.

7.  Grab the circular saw.  It is located on the right side under the sink.

8.  Get the screwdriver and pliers.  Look on the left side under the sink to find a locked tool box.  Select the key and use it on the box.  When it opens you will find the two items.

9.  Get the batteries.  Select the shaver and use the screw driver on it.

10.  Turn on the flashlight.  Select the flashlight and use the batteries on it.  Tap the light again to turn it on.

11.  Crush the wall with the hammer.  Stand in front of the wall where it is sparking and use the hammer on the wall.

12.  Get the electrical wiring.  Use the pliers where you smashed the wall to remove the wire.

13.  Fix the circular saw.  First select the saw and then combine the wire with it.  Once the wire is attached, use the plaster to repair the wire.

14.  Escape from the room.  Plug the saw into the outlet by the toilet then use the saw on the door to escape.

Once you have finished the game a couple times, it only takes a few minutes to complete.  I can’t wait to see what Bendroid does for Chapter 2.  The graphics are already better than most of the Android games and I expect to see improvements.  I would also really like to see a time trial mode where you could challenge yourself for the fastest time to finish a level.

If you would like to request any other game guides or hints, leave me a comment.

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