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7 Complaints About Android Gmail

Gmail is the most used feature on my Android phone.  For years I have wanted instant access to my email, but this is the first phone I have used that supports Gmail.  At first, I was put off by the interface because it was different from my desktop.  After I used it for a few months, it began to grow on me.  Now that I am comfortable with all the features offered, there are a few things missing I need to point out.

1.  No Multiple From Field.  I use my main Gmail account to manager several others.  I often receive emails from my other accounts that I wish to reply to, but I’m only offered the default email.  This is major annoying and I hope a high priority.

Limited Sync Options

Limited Sync Options

2. Select Multiple Emails.  In the web version of Gmail, you can select multiple emails at once to perform a single action on them.  For example, I sometimes mark a group of emails as read or move several emails to a folder at the same time.  This would not be hard to implement in Android and I want to see it.

3. Improved Home Screen.  I have a lot of custom filters and folders setup on my web Gmail.  When I login, I can instantly see what new emails are waiting for me in different folders and accounts.  On Android, I have to hit menu to browse lables and then drill down.  It would be nice to have an improved home screen that display more information.  A simple top row that display stats would be great.

4. Fix Sync Problems.  Often when I view my folders, it says I have “-1″ or “1″ unread emails when there is nothing new in the folder.  Emails sometimes get stuck in the draft folder.  Other times, emails will not send at all.  I have a lot of problems when I attempt to send an email to myself.  I’m also dissappointed with the sync options for each folder; its either 4 days or all.

5. Download Attachments.  Why can’t I download certain attachments?  If I can download the file on my pc, then I want to be able to download it on my Android.  I do not want any restrictions place on my downloads.

Gmail Labels

Gmail Labels

6. Attachments Preview.  Also related to attacments are document previews.  Most documents will not preview on Android.  If you attempt to preview certain docs, then Gmail will force close.  I would like to see the same functionality of the web client.

7. Label Options.  When you have a lot of email to keep track of, labels are very useful.  I tag most of my emails and I like that Android will allow you to select multiple tags.  We are still missing some options though such as the ability to create, rename, or remove a label.

What bugs annoy you most?  Are there any features you found lacking?  What fix is your top priority?

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