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BarTor 1.0. First Android Torrent Application Hits The Market

Justin has just sent me word, that the first official release of BarTor(formerly ScanTorrent) is headed to Market.  BarTor was born when we launched our Android Bounty contest last month.  There was a lot of buzz when we first previewed Torrent Droid, but this is the first time a torrent appication is on the Market for download.

When asked to describe the development process Justin shared this with us:

“Again, I want to express my appreciation for the inspiration and support that AndroidAndMe has provided throughout this product. It has been a great learning experience and has allowed me to grow my knowledge of Android as a platform. I’ve never done mobile development, nor have i done Java development, and quite frankly had never intended to until Android came along. Plans for the future include frequent (hopefully) updates to BarTor as new features are requested, as well as additional projects as they arise. I’ve a lot of ideas, and I’m sure that there are plenty of ideas floating around on the web. I’m always looking for a good challenge. And you can bet I’ll be waiting for the next Bounty.”

Some of the new features include:

  • uTorrent & Vuse support
  • Load By URL, Load By File
  • KTorrent – PHP and HTML Interfaces
  • Sort By Publish Date or By Seeds and Leechers (Default)
  • Purchase opportunities upon Barcode Lookup – Long Click result to open Browser.
  • Failed Submissions to the Client are retried automatically at application open and exit.
  • Choose maximum number of Torrent Search results (25 [Default], 50, 100, 250)
Scan To Download BarTor

Scan To Download BarTor

If you would like to download and checkout BarTor, it can be found in the Market under applications.  Retail price is $2.99.  Justin is a very talented developer and offers quality support for his products.  If you would like to see new features, please purchase and support his app.

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