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Android Arcade – MAME Emulator for Android on G1

MAME is an emulator designed to recreate classic arcade systems.  The goal like many emulators is to keep gaming history alive by preserving old games.  The desktop version for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator supports over 4000 games, but the current Android Arcade only supports select Capcom, Cave, and Neo Geo games.

The Punisher on Android Arcade

The Punisher on Android Arcade

Our friend shinobiwan23 has posted another video demonstration of this emulator for Android.  The game is not available in the Android Market, but can be downloaded from the web and installed with an app like AppsInstaller.  Please visit the code site to download the latest apk file for installation:  http://g-arcade.appspot.com/

Check out the video for instructions on setting up the controls and loading the roms.  A short preview of Final Fight and Metal Slug is included.  Please visit shinobiwan23′s YouTube channel if you would like more videos of Android games.

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