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Move Cache for Root Users

Over the past couple of weeks, a number of people have asked me how I’ve moved the cache for my browser, the cache for the Android Market, GMaps’s cache, my Street View cache, the cache for my gMail account and the cache for Steel to the SD card in my T-Mobile G1 with Google. The answer is easy, I use Move Cache for Root Users, by Costa Mikhael. The app is called TA Utility on the G1.

Move Cache for Root Users is available at no cost in the Android Market. As the title says, your phone must be rooted for this app to work. We have a fantastic guide here on for rooting your phone and installing Jesusfreke’s Android 1.5. I’m running it now, and I am very happy. I followed our procedure for rooting my phone, and it worked very well.

You can revert the changes after they are made.

All changes can be reverted except for Steel.

One of the advantages of moving all of the caches on your phone to the SD card is that it creates more free space for apps. I gained 8-9MB of free space when I moved all caches to my SD card. The downside of moving the cache is that applications are a little slower. Not a lot, a little. Other than noticing a slight delay on the loading of my gMail cache, I’ve been very happy with the move.

Another thing that I’ve noticed, but haven’t been able to trace, since rooting my phone and moving the caches to the SD card is that incoming emails and SMS messages stop whatever music is playing. I speculate that this is due to bandwidth limitations to the SD card, but really haven’t had time to explore the cause. Be aware, though, that if you move your caches to the SD card, you might experience similar problems. If you regularly use your phone as an MP3 player, moving the cache might not be a good idea.

A backup option is available.

A backup option is available.

Using Move Cache for Root Users is simple.  Touch the app entry on the app’s screen. The entry acts as a toggle. If the cache is in the phone’s memory, touching it will move the cache to the SD card. If the cache is already on the SD card, touching the entry will move the cache back to the phone’s memory.

Move Cache for Root Users also provides a handy way to back up SMS databases to the SD card. It can also backup your apps to the SD card.

Because of its requirement for root, Move Cache for Root Users isn’t for everyone. However, for people who want to create some extra free space in the phone’s built in memory, it’s a handy way to create enough room to install other apps.

Move Cache for Root Users for Android
Version: 1.4
Developed By: Costa Mikhael
Price: FREE Download Now
Filesize: 133KB
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