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Show Me Your Android Home Screen – Win $375 In Prizes

We are way overdue for some contests, so we decided to do a fun one to hold you over for our new site launch.  From the day I started this blog, I wanted random contests to be a regular part of the site.  As the site traffic grows we will begin offering better prizes.  Of course, you can always contact me if you would like to sponsor a contest.

Contest Details

We want to see what your Android home screen looks like.  Yes, all you have to do to enter this contest is show us your home screen.  At the end of one week, we will select 5 winners.  The following week after that, we will select an additional 5 winners.

Update: We have now added a 3rd week to the contest that will include 5 additional winners.

How do I take a screen shot of my Android phone?  If you have root access, you can use the app Screenshot.  For those without root access, you can install the Android SDK and capture screens.  If you have Open Home, the latest version supports capturing screens.  If all else fails, ask a question and someone will try to help.

Now that Rogers launched Android phones in Canada, we wanted to do a contest for multiple countries.  For this contest, we will open it up to the US, UK, and Canada.  As time goes on, we will continue to expand.

Contest Rules

I realize it is probably impossible to prevent cheating, but we have several requirements in order to participate.  We ask that you place your phone into airplane mode so the icon appears in your notification bar.  This can easily be done by holding down the off button.  In addition, we are asking to include a second shot that shows the date and time.  All of this could be faked, but at least it might slow down some people.

You can upload your screen shots anywhere, as long as you post a link to them.  Once we begin to receive submissions, we will upload them to our Flickr account so everyone can see them.  If possible, include a short description of what apps, widgets, themes, etc you have pictured in the shot.  Feel free to upload as many screen as you want, but we will only pick one as a winner.

  • Open to residents of USA, UK, and Canada
  • Phone must be in Airplane mode and have the icon displayed in the notification area
  • Include a second screen shot that shows the date and time
  • Post a comment on this page that links to the screens (or email)
  • Include a short description of the theme, apps, and widget you have installed

How to Submit

We are trying to be as flexible as possible with submitting your screens.  Feel free to place them anywhere we can access them. Please leave a comment on this page so that we can find them or you will not win a prize.

  • Leave a comment on this page that links to the images


We will be giving out 15 $25 gift cards to Amazon.com(.ca, .co.uk).  What can you do with your $25?  Grab an extra battery for your G1, get a spare charger for home and the car, or honestly anything you want.  Look around in our store for G1 accessories.

Update: Check out the Flickr gallery for all week 1 submissions.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  1. Miguel | SimplyBlogGuest 6 years ago


    I’m on a Macbook. My Android isn’t rooted, so the app is out of the question. How do I go about capturing a screenshot? Thx!


    • Ah, that is great! Just what we are looking for.

    • Dr.JeckylGuest 6 years ago

      I really like how you have your icons. How do you do that? Are they just custom icons that have been changed with a home replacement app?Is there an icon pack available?

  2. Andres CalveteGuest 6 years ago

    Look @ my Homescreen….simple but it is me!!!…Let me know what you guys think!!!



  3. Dr.JeckylGuest 6 years ago


    Using for wallpaper:
    (capped it from Nesoid emulator)

  4. Dr.JeckylGuest 6 years ago

    Forgot my date and time one:

  5. Dr.JeckylGuest 6 years ago

    I really like how you have your icons. How do you do that? Are they just custom icons that have been changed with a home replacement app?Is there an icon pack available?
    BTW I love your blog!

  6. TimGuest 6 years ago

    Thanks for another contest!

    Since this was posted on the 18th, is it correct to assume that the first winners will be announced no the 25th?

  7. KyleGuest 6 years ago

    Similiar Question to Dr. Jeckyl, how do you customize icons?

  8. TutekenGuest 6 years ago
  9. j_nortonGuest 6 years ago

    Yay!! I love screenshots! I’ve been picking through everyone’s and they’re so awesome! Way to be folks, you’re really making great use of your home screens!

    Here’s mine:

    I included each screen from left to right, with a second of the center that includes a widget I use to show the date and time. I only uploaded two sets for now, I may decide to throw a few more on there but really they’ll just be extra b/g pics. I pretty much keep my icons settled.

    Great idea for a contest! I had a lot of fun taking these!

  10. foebeaGuest 6 years ago

    there be mine via twitter #aamcontest1

    • Thank you for your submission, but it does not meet the requirements.

      The spirit of the contest was to have people share their current desktops and to take screen shots. Your images were uploaded back in February, do not have the Airplane mode on, and were taken with a digital camera.

      Feel free if you would like to resubmit. :)

  11. foebeaGuest 6 years ago

    Just caught wind of the requirements. Feel free to delete my previous entry. Here’s a new image to match the anticheat rules.


  12. WINGNUTTGuest 6 years ago

    I emailed mine to contest@androidandme.com? That’s the correct adress right?

  13. nEx.SoftwareGuest 6 years ago

    I’m really not a fan of clutter…
    So, I am going for most minimalistic here…

  14. CorwinHGuest 6 years ago

    My entry via twitter: http://tr.im/p9ew
    - Widgets: BatteryLife, Twidget Lite, JS Weather, SMS Unread Count
    - CyanogenMod 1.5r2 v3.4.1rom with HTC Hero v1.3.5 Theme

  15. c11adaGuest 6 years ago

    heres my screens its really simple, but i can do almost everything without having to mess around


  16. monsieurgrand02Guest 6 years ago

    What is the name of the weather widget in the picture with the green background and skull?

  17. SeanGuest 6 years ago

    Can anyone tell me what, if any, third-party software was used to make the three home screen examples at the top of this post? I especially like the one in the middle, with the weather widget, the battery widget, and the skin for the analog clock.

    • The first Simpsons theme was made with Sweeter Home.

      I’ll add the descriptions to the screens when they go up on Flickr. We will post a new Flickr stream on this page when it is ready.

      • SeanGuest 6 years ago

        The ones I’m talking about aren’t the ones that have been submitted, but the three shown in the image that was included with the original blog posting.

  18. joseGuest 6 years ago

    hey i open home but it take the screen shots but the notification bar wont appear in the pic can any1 help me???please

  19. teagoneGuest 6 years ago
  20. jose A .Guest 6 years ago

    ok hey man thanks alot ////ill be posting my link to my pictures here in a while

  21. teagoneGuest 6 years ago

    Hash tagged one of my tweets! Sweetly.

  22. jose A.Guest 6 years ago

    all your screenshots are kool . guys cant wait to see more of your screenshots

  23. teagoneGuest 6 years ago

    Also, one way to check to see if someone cheated by manipulating their screenshot is to open the image file (doesn’t matter what format) into Photoshop.

    Once the image loads, click on ‘File’ then select ‘File Info.’ Once the File Info window is brought up, on the left hand side, select ‘Advanced’ all the way at the bottom. This should bring up several items for you to expand info on the right hand side.

    If an image HASN’T been altered in any way, ‘TIFF Properties’ should be the very last item listed, and when you expand TIFF Properties, it should only show ‘tiffDateTime : xxxxxxxxxxxxx etc., etc.’ and nothing else.

    However, if the image HAS had any manipulation done to it, it should list another item after TIFF Properties called ‘EXIF Properties’ under the same Advanced section. Now if the image has indeed been altered with, and EXIF Properties are tied to the File Info under Advanced, expanding the TIFF properties again this time will show information regarding what program the image was edited in and as well as the date and time it was edited.

    Hope this helps in making this contest more legit!


  24. KeithamusGuest 6 years ago

    Heres my set:


    Using sweeterhome. Just found out about how cool sweeterhome is today, so I installed it and have been playing around with it all day. This is what I landed on.

  25. Jeremy LoganGuest 6 years ago

    Here’s my home screen: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fixedd/3648668675/

    Here’s my D/T: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fixedd/3649491308/

    I have:
    Portland Transit (and Portland Transit Lite) for bus times in Portland, OR.
    Flashlight for obvious reasons
    Fast Bright for quickly changing backlight brightness
    Bedside for use as a night-clock
    Snap Photo for taking better photos than the stock Camera app
    All the others are standard.

  26. PhillGuest 6 years ago

    My home screen is rather minimal because I find it to be a little faster and tidier.
    Here is my open home screen and regular home screen (I shift them about weekly)

    If you look at my other folder (titled G1), those were the ones I took this morning without airplane mode on.

    Thanks for this chance! I love what some of these people do with their home screens. If I win, I’m definitely buying a card so I can get the current edition of Open Home or SweeterHome!

  27. “What Happened To Your Site?” | Android and MeGuest 6 years ago

    [...] missed a few.  To make up the downtime, we will be adding a 3rd week with 5 more winners to our home screen contest. var addthis_pub="androidanme"; Vertical1239234 = false; ShowAdHereBanner1239234 = true; [...]

  28. kingskidd268Guest 6 years ago

    I got one it under lajawil11212

  29. AndroidawgGuest 6 years ago


    No desktop theme software. This was all done with Alt-W.

    2 shots of my right panel to show off Launcher Dock, which is pretty cool.

  30. Julez456Guest 6 years ago

    Does anyone know what the name of the bloody theme from the 3 example screens at the top of this page is?

  31. Thats-BSGuest 6 years ago

    Strongbad theme. Nuff said.


    If you have root and would like it, let me know I’ll give you the link. ;-)

  32. Miguel WickertGuest 6 years ago

    Okay, here’s my screenshots. No home apps used. My phone isn’t rooted. Anyhow, check it out.


  33. AndroidawgGuest 6 years ago

    Miquel, I really dig that clock/calendar widget you have. How did you do that?

  34. RichGuest 6 years ago

    I modified Lemon’s Matricks theme for Sweeter Home to use springboards for my main screen. I like that I can keep it nice and simple, as well as group my apps however I want with the springboards.

    Thanks so much to Lemon and Sweeter Home for creating all these great themes as an inspiration to us all!!!


  35. DavidGuest 6 years ago


    This screeny includes all 4 of my screens.
    Im using dxTop, and the widget is anicalender.

    I hope you guys like it!

  36. MaliekGuest 6 years ago

    Here’s my desktop. I have the power of kittens!!!


    Date and time: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37788676@N04/3661162201/in/photostream/

    I’m using the battery status widget. Do you need to see all three screens or just the center one? The other two of mine are cluttered with icons!

  37. FirehawkGuest 6 years ago

    I call it the useful iconless homescreen:
    Using JF 1.50 with HTC Hero 1.3.5 theme and Open home.

  38. Yoav RaccahGuest 6 years ago


    I know its nothing special but i like my nes controller background

  39. Win $MONEY$ in Android Home Screen Contest | DroidWebGuest 6 years ago

    [...] the screenshot anywhere, just make sure to provide a link to it on Android and Me’s page which can be found here:  Show Me Your Android Home [...]

  40. M. HolgerGuest 6 years ago

    I wasn’t satisfied with just the HTC Hero theme, so this is the full HTC Hero ROM from Haykuro.

    Home: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mholger/3663451873/
    Mighty Twitter Widget: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mholger/3664252946/
    Calendar w/date andtime: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mholger/3663451897/

    And some variations on the calendar, weather, clock and twitter widgets:

  41. jose AGuest 6 years ago

    hey can you tell me how to install the HTC hero rom???please or any1>>>??

  42. be0neGuest 6 years ago

    I live in France so, I know and I don’t fill the requirements but I just wanted to participate :D

    Left : http://beonermgt.free.fr/G2/Screenshots/20090627_01Left.png
    Center : http://beonermgt.free.fr/G2/Screenshots/20090627_02Center.png
    Right : http://beonermgt.free.fr/G2/Screenshots/20090627_03Right.png

  43. Ok, just finished uploading all the current shots to our Flickr page.

    Round 1 entries – http://www.flickr.com/photos/androidandme/sets/72157620495809943/

    I will post the first 5 winners later today.

  44. Android and MeGuest 6 years ago

    [...] week ago, we asked you to share your home screen with us and we got quite a few entries.  I gathered all the images and uploaded them to our Flickr [...]

  45. LemonGuest 6 years ago

    OK, here’s another one from me. Live in Aussie so don’t worry about the prize, let’s just all share our junk!


  46. plain janeGuest 6 years ago

    How do you make your g1 screens like that?!
    With the icons changed and stuff??

    I’m new to the G1 android thing. ://

  47. SupreethGuest 6 years ago


    here’s my submission … i know it’s kinda late, but anyways let me give it a try …
    I’m using Battery, Weather, AndroidAndMe RSS, Date and TuneWiki widgets … And have created a custom wallpaper … This has been my homescreen since a long time, kept it clean n simple :) …

  48. DDRBoxmanGuest 6 years ago
  49. mendivilGuest 6 years ago
  50. Android and MeGuest 6 years ago

    [...] 4th @ 03:42 pm › Taylor Wimberly ↓ Skip to comments Two weeks ago, we asked you to share your home screen with us and the submissions keep coming in.  I gathered all the images and uploaded them to our [...]

  51. AaronGuest 6 years ago

    Here’s my home screen.
    Pretty basic. Retro clock and date widget.
    I wrote the battery widget myself to kinda match the look of the clock and time.
    The rest are apps I use most often and the Apps folder are for stuff I don’t use on a daily basis but I want shortcuts to.

  52. Dan SGuest 6 years ago

    Here is my screen shot.
    G1 Homescreen on Rooted TMO G1, JF1.5 firmware, AHOME theme app running “Realize Style” Theme.


  53. Joe GGuest 6 years ago


    theres the link to my picasa page (hope it works haha)…but my home screen is all about doing the things i do most the fastest (such as playing music and searching the web)….and i dont really like using the pull up menu bc i am always installing/uninstalling apps that i cant quickly find where they went (haha i know they are in alphabetical order, just too slow)

    So i have different folders

    Using Open home with ahomes openSUSE theme(could not see taskbar! tho i was in airplane mode…will take a pic of phone status if i have too tho)

  54. k0ngGuest 6 years ago

    JF1.5 with Open Home and Prodigal Sun Skin.
    Let’s see…



  55. DroidHeadGuest 6 years ago

    Hey Taylor here is my screen shots for the contest I hope this is what you are looking for :)


  56. AaronGuest 6 years ago

    Posting again because I forgot to put my phone into airplane mode last time.

    Retro clock time/date widget.
    Wrote my own battery widget.
    Rest are apps I use on a daily basis and the folder has apps that I use semi regularly.

  57. DavidGuest 6 years ago

    do i have to resubmit my submission?

    if so…

  58. RchatburnGuest 6 years ago

    My entry




    for some reason open home wont take a a screen of my status bar.

    open home, with glaskart icons using better cut
    hero style toggle widgets, and weather widget with a custom bg to match the icons
    anitime world clock to ad some colour. along with battery widget and word of the day to improve my vocab

  59. LewisGuest 6 years ago

    here you go guys :) Plain and simple


  60. Miguel | SimplyBlogGuest 6 years ago

    Here they are: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mwickert/ Thanks…


  61. Android and MeGuest 6 years ago

    [...] @ 05:48 pm › Taylor Wimberly ↓ Skip to comments Three weeks ago, we asked you to share your home screen with us and the response was great.  I gathered all the images and uploaded them to our Flickr [...]

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