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Lock 2.0 Reviewed For Android

One of the criticisms of Android based devices that has often been leveled by corporate IT departments is security. With only pattern based security, by default, the number of possible pattern security combinations is fairly small. The chance of someone being able to replicate a default security pattern by watching an Android user unlock his or her phone is perceived by IT departments to be quite good.

Lock 2.0 is a step in the direction of providing PIN based security for the Android based phones, including the T-Mobile G1 with Google.  Although the current version of Lock 2.0 limits a user to a four digit numeric PIN, when properly shielded from view, it is more difficult for a casual observer to see a recognizable pattern.

Beyond simple security, Lock 2.0 is cool in the way the iPhone unlock mechanism is cool. In fact, it goes beyond the iPhone unlock mechanism and offers a good number of skins for both the slider mechanism and the battery level indicator. Downloading the skins is easy. Download the skins from the Lock 2.0 app and they are saved to your SD card as compressed .zip files. Installing the files from your card automatically unzips them and installs them in your phone’s memory.

The background of the unlock screen can be set to either be a battery indicator or any image on the SD card. The skins all come with very nice default images, but having the flexibility to select any image to match the slider is very nice.

Although still not strong security, it is a step up from the default Android security. In defense of the default security, unlocking the phone while driving is a breeze. Lock 2.0’s security is a little more difficult, and I personally wouldn’t want to unlock a phone with a strong password while driving.

Lock 2.0 is available as a free version and as a $1.99 donate version. I downloaded the free version and was so impressed by the look and feel that I turned right around and downloaded the $1.99 version, which was the source of these captures.

If you are looking for a fun, very cool way to unlock your phone that supports a large number of skins and available customizations, Lock 2.0 is for you.  By combining this app with one of the desktop replacements, like aHome, Open Home or dxTop, almost every aspect of your Android based phone can be customized.

Lock 2.0 for Android
Version: 1.7
Developed By: Android Apps
Price: FREE or $1.99 for latest version
Filesize: 90.00KB
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